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Waking Dreams
Brugmansia, Calea zacatechichi & Cannabis
by Sam
Citation:   Sam. "Waking Dreams: An Experience with Brugmansia, Calea zacatechichi & Cannabis (exp57468)". Erowid.org. Feb 1, 2011. erowid.org/exp/57468

  oral Brugmansia (tea)
  2 capsls oral Calea zacatechichi  
    smoked Cannabis  
Recently I acquired 10g of shredded Brugmansia, and having a gap between studies, wanted to try it out. Having experimented with a wide range of chemicals, psychedelics in particular, I was intrigued by what a 'deliriant' hallucinogen had to offer. I had experienced a threshold dose of Datura previous to this a few years ago, but I wanted to push the boat out a bit.

Two good friends would be taking this journey with me. I had very recently turned my friends onto the wonders of psychedelic chemicals: LSD, mescaline and mushrooms, which they had dug a lot. Besides that, we drink, and smoke my home grown ganja fairly often.

To prepare the concoction I simply boiled a kettle, let it sit for a while, and then poured the still hot water into a cup with the shredded Brugmasia flowers (there were just under 3, as I had smoked some of the material previously). This was stirred occasionally, the water was allowed to cool, and then the potion was filtered with kitchen roll. The resulting dark brown liquid was a lot less offensive to the palate than ayahuasca, but here was something evil about it. This was split three ways and rapidly downed. We also took a few caps of dream herb, Calea zacatechichi to aid the dream effects of the Brugmansia.

I wasnít sure what to expect-if anything. After a while of nothing happening, we all realised that we were actually very sizzled, in a weird way. A bit of a stoned feeling, but also like an alcohol intoxication, very different to a psychedelic. Although not the most pleasant sort of intoxication, it really wasnít that bad either. On standing the effects were even more apparent, in that it was hard to walk. After a joint, we retired to bed.

This is when it really started to get weird. Although I felt very tired, I couldnít sleep for a long time. Later, I fell into some kind of dream/hallucitory state. This was strange. I had forgotten I had taken something, and for the life of me couldnít tell whether I was awake or dreaming for the entire night. Things that had been on my mind earlier would surface in my dreams/visions. I had long in depth talks to both of my friends, who sat on the end of my bed. Of course, they were only in my mind. Both my friends reported the same thing on waking.

Iíve been trying to induce lucid dreams recently, and several times I became lucid, realising I was dreaming--but not that I was intoxicated on Brugmansia. Several times I woke up and no idea where I was, or thought I was sleeping at the other end of my bed for some reason.

I had a long lie in and on waking didnít feel bad at all. Both of my friends had also had a strange night, filled with vivid, waking dreams. The vivid dreams continued in the second night. The next day I felt fine, but not sober. My friends were the same. Trying to study was a fruitless exercise. My friend said that when intoxicated his nerves felt excited and energised, and he would like to have hit something. I recall feared warriors somewhere in South America using this plant before battle.

For the next few days a weird side effect was noticed by all of us--we couldnít focus on anything near to our eyes, so reading was made difficult.

I was glad to have a breakthrough experience with the Brugmasia. It was less of an ordeal than I expected it to be from reports, and the dream state was interesting. I donít think I have any desire to repeat the experience though, having done it. Maybe sometime in the future. This plant definitely has a more toxic, threatening vibe than the psychedelics. I can see this plant would change the nature of ayahuasca dramatically if used in preparation.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 57468
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 1, 2011Views: 13,960
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Brugmansia (84), Calea zacatechichi (97), Dreams (85) : Hangover / Days After (46), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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