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A Dance with the Devil's Weed
Datura (Flowers & Leaves)
Citation:   DarkDan. "A Dance with the Devil's Weed: An Experience with Datura (Flowers & Leaves) (exp5795)". Mar 22, 2001.

0.5 cups oral Datura (tea)
A lover of the Native- indian culture and a reader of C.Casteneda's 'Don Juan' tales; I have long been in awe of the Jimson Plant and it's reputed power. Although aware of the plants prolific growth in the local area (S/E UK) for several years before this episode I certainly did not feel ready to approach the plant; in my (troubled) teenage years.

A Decision was made to ingest the mixture last year with a relatively new but trusted and close friend, Spoon; this decision could easily be made out to be a well planned out and implemented one (and could, maybe, have turned out to be one), but it wasn't- that's the nature of the Devil's Weed.

We combined knowledge from a recent reading of the first Don Juan book (recommended) with a combination of accounts from Erowid to suit our *predicted* requirements and dosage. A night-time mission to a large Datura plant locally proved to be the first of many and were memorably fun. The first yielded two huge, bright yellow flowers and some fairly careful trimmings- a few ounces of leaves and plant matter. This was literally steeped in boiled water for a few miniutes (maybe 10?:spoon), the flowers occasionally being lifted and swilled around. Intentionally this was a small dose -but it did not prove certainly did not prove to be at all.

Mine and Spoony's experiences share similarities and have differences, both lasted a day.

Spoony (4yrs younger-!) was picked up by parents bouncing on my mum's bed,duvet=cape trying to fly, vomiting, nearly dies - window,cant actually fly at all. Both had numerous figures sat on our bed, very conversational. Both had Pale figure with red hair, mine had long face, spoon's was squashed!-freaky!. Spoon spoke to eggshells at his house, putting cardboard boxes on lit gas stoves (You may have gathered why we call him spoon). Everything seemed perfectly normal and real for both of us.

After Keal had been carted off home I was dead sluggish + sketchy -tuning in tv with light swithches?, looking for crystals on the stairs, my friend under my pillow! - all REAL at the time man. A freind was living with me at the time and heard me talking to people all night. They just perched on the end of my bed. One was this fine female who just said 'Dan, you've fucked up again haven't u?' -they'd just flick into somone else, real/imaginary. I kept thinking I was smoking imaginary fags then I'd think I'd dropped it in bed and I'd scramble around for it. Spoon had the same shit.

All in all I don't think Datura is a drug you can responsibly recommend to anyone It's not really pleasant or horribly otherwise(at least not for the user). But that's not what it's all about. It's about expecting to lose control - the devil's weed is likened to an evil temptress, if she wants to she will lure you in. That is why I have a Kilo of root drying somewhere - I don't know If I'll ever touch it, but it's there...

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 5795
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 22, 2001Views: 3,012
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Datura (15) : Unknown Context (20), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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