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Phychadelic Fungus
Mushrooms & Cannabis
by No one you know
Citation:   No one you know. "Phychadelic Fungus: An Experience with Mushrooms & Cannabis (exp58863)". Erowid.org. Mar 31, 2007. erowid.org/exp/58863

T+ 0:00
2.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 0:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 1:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)


This is the story of my first experience with psychedelic fungus. It was the weekend before Thanksgiving. Me and my friends Lunchbox and Jon decided that while ganja was the shit, we wanted to try something much crazier. We live in a small town in NH, so things like acid are almost impossible to get. I guess mushrooms are hard to get too, but we happened to have someone to hook us up. This hookup was Lunchbox’s brother and his friend Chris. They were a couple years older than us and had a pimp-ass van. This is important later. We got them on a Monday night, so we had all week to anticipate our Friday night trip.

So Friday night rolls around and all that day we were counting down to 8:00, the time we thought we’d be taking them. At about 8, me and Dylan called Jon and Lunchbox and we met up and went to Dylan’s house. We were crushing up the shrooms and breaking out the peanut butter and crackers. They were the crackers with Rachel Ray on them, ironically intended to be eaten with her mushroom dip. But moments before we could chow down, Dylan’s parents pulled in. SHIT! We stashed everything in a duffle bag and escaped in my car before they saw us.

We were pissed, cause now we had nowhere safe to stay. So in our infinite wisdom, we decided to park at the bottom of Jon’s driveway without alerting his parents and trip in my car. Jon lives in what I guess you could call a “suburb” of the little town were live in, a nice residential neighborhood that is fun for walking around drunk. We figured we would be fine walking around all night while tripping. This wasn’t what ended up happening, and I’m glad. If we were outside all night, we would have been fucked.

9:00 We had a hell of a time trying to eat our powdered mushies in a dark, messy, crowded car while simultaneously smoking a bowl. The whole peanut butter cracker thing wasn’t working out for me, so I just dumped a little over half the bag in my mouth and washed down with Sprite. The taste wasn’t really anything to complain about, like unsalted sunflower seeds. So we each ended up eating about the same amount, 2.5-3 grams, and finished the bowl. For some reason we were all bitching at each other in a matter of moments, and I was feeling very stressed and irritable.

We all agreed a walk and a cigarette would be the best thing, so as not to wake the parents with slamming doors and dome lights, we all crawled out the windows, NASCAR-style. We were walking and smoking when Jon got a call from these three girls who we are friends with, my girlfriend at the time being one of them. One of the girls, Lorraine was experienced with mushrooms and said we can’t be walking around outside all night, but we could stay at her place until midnight, at which point we’d figure out a way to get back to my car to go to sleep. They would come soon to pick us up soon.

After that, we got a call from the guys who got us the mushrooms, asking how they were. We told them our situation, and they said they’d be there to pick us up because we’d probably freak the girls out of something. (My girlfriend, Nancy is not at all approving of innocent drugs use).

9:30 While we were waiting for our rides, we all began to notice the psilocybin kicking in. I was very confused about our plans that night, and I felt a little drunk and high. I walked down the dark street, feeling wobbly. I looked up at the stars and spun around, thinking it would be trippy. It was ok. We were all having a good time getting used to the new weirdness of the world around us and I forgot about our potential rides. Just then both the pimp-ass van and Nancy’s car pulled up, and I though “We’re saved!” We decided to go in the van cause the girls can be bitchy when they know we’re fucked up. And just the thought of people who weren’t down with the whole shroom thing freaked me out. We told the girls we might come by later though, and left in the van to go smoke some weed. I felt bad for leaving, but Jon made me promise not to let Nancy ruin my trip.

9:45 In the van, Jon was talking to Chris about what to expect from our trip, and I was sitting on the bed in the back just being happy to be on shrooms. We came down the hill into town and I was awestruck by the lights, headlights and streetlights and sighs, and all kinds of cool colors. I was thinking that was pretty awesome until I closed my eyes. Then I was stunned. I instantly saw an image I can barely describe. It was some crazy animated picture, with something reminiscent of a face in the middle of a collage of the most bizarre patterns of shapes and colors, all floating through space. It was like something from Yellow Submarine, only trippier. I couldn’t believe that this had come out my own mind.

I opened my eyes and tried to describe it to my friends, but didn’t bother. I just closed my eyes again and watched the craziest shit I’ve ever seen animate itself into another equally crazy image every few seconds. I opened my eyes again after a while, and saw similar patterns along the ceiling of the van, and above the windshield. The thing with mushroom visuals that I didn’t understand before is that you don’t see things like they’re actually standing there, you just see crazy shit on top of your regular vision, if that makes any sense. “Here, play with this for a while” Chris said, and threw back a latex glove filled with pennies. It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen, all floppy and shapeless, but immensely entertaining to play with. I gave it to Dylan and he was playing with for the rest of the night.

All the while I was just looking around marveling at the patterns I saw. After smoking some pot, we decided to go back to Lorraine’s house to hang out with the girls. We were more used to the shroomy feeling now and thought we could handle it. As we were driving back to town, my visuals decreased slightly, and a more mental high took over. I was trying to grasp the plan, get dropped off at Lorraine’s, get a ride back to my car at 12:00, not hard to understand, but for some reason I couldn’t get it. I was in one of those mental loops. “Well, we’re driving to Lorraine’s and after that we’re driving to Lorraine’s and after that . . .” it went on and on like that. I didn’t get it, so I gave up and just went along with it. We arrived at Lorraine’s in a little bit, we got out of the van and they drove off, leaving us in her drive way, bewildered.

10:30 I paused for a minute, and looked around and realized I wasn’t in the van anymore. What the fuck are we doing here? Why are we at this random-ass house and how did we get here? Jon and Dylan went inside, but me and Lunchbox stood in the road, confused. “Dude, I’m not going in there, lets just walk away” I said to Lunchbox. He agreed. We took a few steps and then the most terrifying moment of my life happened. “Boys. . .” We heard a woman’s voice from behind us. It’s Lorraine’s mom! I thought, and tried to walk away, thinking we were fucked.

But she called a couple more times and I realized it was just a girl I kind of knew from school. Meeting with random people I only vaguely knew was indescribably weird. She led us inside, to what I thought would be a few people. But there were a million fucking people in that house! Not a party, but just a bunch of my straight edge friends I saw earlier that night sitting on the kitchen floor staring and me and Lunchbox. One had a video camera in my face. These people scared the shit out of me, the way they were all staring at me with their shit-eating grins, asking smugly, “How are ya feeling?”

Everyone was either laughing at me or crying, or so I thought. I don’t really know what happened, but they were all in the living room before long, and it was me, Lunchbox and Lorraine in the kitchen. Fine, I could deal with that. She handed me a cup of OJ and started talking to me in the exaggeratedly sympathetic and gentle tone that nurses use when talking to dying people. “I like your sweater” she said. I began searching the depths of my brain for memories of normal social interaction, hoping to find some hint of how to properly converse with someone whose brain isn’t upside down. I’ve got it! I looked around to make sure she was talking to me, “My sweater?” I asked. “Oh, um, thank you”. “I need to go to the bathroom”. She told me where it was, but I didn’t understand, I insisted on using one upstairs to avoid all those damn kids in the living room.

While I was in the bathroom, I stopped to collect myself. Just take a deep breath and calm down. I felt bad for letting my girlfriend see my tripping, I knew she must be pissed. I searched the room over, making sure no one else was there, and then when I deemed it safe, I pissed with surprisingly good aim. All the edges of objects were vibrating and occasionally changing colors. I then began to stare at a strikingly beautiful picture of mermaids on the wall.

I pulled myself away just to be hypnotized by a mirror. I looked at myself closely, my pupils were the size of dimes! This whole time in the bathroom it seemed to be glowing that aquamarine blue color, like I was inside and aquarium. This continued all night. I finally left the bathroom and walked out into a dark hallway. I was lost. Lorraine later told me she came up to check on me cause I had been upstairs a long time, and found me in the pitch dark hallway, staring at a wall. She escorted me downstairs into the crowded living room. Everyone continued to stare and ask weird questions.

I just stared at the Oriental rug and watched all the patterns move. Lunchbox was outside with my girlfriend puking on Lorraine’s lawn. Jon decided it would be best to leave, and called for the guys in the pimp-ass van to pick us up. We were all led outside, I looked at my girlfriend and thought she was crying. I tried to talk to her about Lunchbox, asking how he was feeling, but just apologized and left.

Back in the van, it was like we never got out. This is much better, no sketchy kids bothering me. All of a sudden we were at a gas station, and Lunchbox’s brother was outside filling up. I was suddenly aware of everything going on around me. My mind was clear. I was very relieved. I told them that I had come down and that this whole night had kinda sucked. I said I wished we had some music, but that wasn’t an option. That’s all I can remember of my temporary break from insanity, because before we even left the pump, I was plunged back into a world of craziness.

11:00 From this point on the actual order of events are hazy, as I began peaking and everything just went nuts. I know we began driving back to East Bumfuck to lay lot for an hour while we all were peaking, then we would sleep in the van at Lunchbox’s house. This was the plan, but once again I didn’t understand it. Once again I’d just silently go along for the wild ride. I said “Where are we?” They told me “East Bumfuck” “Ok” I said, not understanding that it was a town. Whenever I tried to think about where we were, I couldn’t understand the concept of separate towns. “I’m going to sleep”. They tell me I went on like this for a long time. I’d ask where we were, they’d tell me, and I’d lie down to sleep. Over and over and over, until when I’d ask where we were, Chris would just say “go to sleep”. I was embarrassed, because I was sure they were all laughing at me, but I couldn’t help but ask where we were. I needed to know but forgot that I asked every time they told me. We tried to smoke a bowl, but with four sixths of the van tripping balls, it was difficult, and someone (I think it was me) lost the bowl, so that was the end of that.

When I looked at someone, their body and features were outlined with a thin black line that began to vibrate and change colors. The van had indirect lights around the ceiling, and they looked like faces all staring at me. There were also shadows on the walls, and they all looked like the faces of clowns staring at me. I laid back down to sleep.

While trying to sleep, I began to think about the universe. I saw myself as a disembodied consciousness floating through space. The gigantic black universe swirled all around me. But if I just reached out mentally, I could peek into a pure white vastness that dwarfs my previous universe. I realized that as our planet is just a speck in our universe, our universe is just s speck in something that only I could comprehend. God Himself didn’t even understand how great this newly discovered vastness was. But it was all contained inside our minds and mushrooms are the key, the key to unlocking the truth about everything, the key to leaving this plane of existence and breaking on through to the other side. It is all inside our minds. I wanted to explore my mind further, but I snapped out of it.

I was back in the van, but I was looking at a little green orb. This orb was my life, in it was everything I’ve ever done, everyone and everything I’ve ever known. I was staring at my life from the outside, from my vast nothingness. Then I realized it wasn’t just my life I was looking at, it was everything, everything that had ever happened in the course of history. I can’t put it into words, the new perspective from which I was seeing time and existence. The only way to comprehend it is to do shrooms yourself, and hopefully experience this. I’m sure every reader who has tripped before knows what I’m talking about though.

I got scared at this point, and hopelessly depressed at the insignificance of everything we as humans have ever known. It was all meaningless. I could kill myself right now I realized, and nothing would change. My consciousness would stay as it is now, looking in at everything. This is when I truly snapped out of it, “No!” I thought, “Don’t kill yourself, you’re just tripping and suicide would be a very bad idea. Just chill out and talk to the other people”. I tried, but I don’t really remember what I said except that Jon told me he really wanted to steal a cow.

“What the fuck would we do with it” I asked, “put it in the van and drive around?!?” I thought he was serious. I looked at Dylan for a second, and his face was a skull with a Jew fro. Creepy. I began to think about my normal life, school, my parents, other friends, stuff like that. It all seemed like a very distant memory, and none of it seemed real. In this van, tripping with these people seemed like the only thing I had really ever known. I saw a dime on the floor and picked it up, looking at it closely. I wondered why anyone would want these silly little things (money). It made no sense. I think I asked where we were again, and said I was going to sleep. I noticed they made a pipe out of a soda can, and complimented it before laying back down.

My peak occurred then. With my eyes closed, I would see all the inner workings of my mind in the form of complex, colorfully animated gear systems and plumbing, massive systems of tubes and machines and all kinds of crazy stuff. All the while abstract creatures would pop out of a pipe here or there, and other things would be flying around all over the place. Every thought would move the machines, and the thought would seem it animate itself out in some nonsensical way that made sense at the time. I looked up for a second and noticed Dylan freaking out too, yelling crazy shit. Lunchbox had the giggles. Looking at Jon, an alien head with a long neck began to grow out the side of his head, so I just shut my eyes again. This was all more than I could take. It was impossible to make sense of or even control of any of my thoughts, everything I saw or thought was outrageously silly.

I heard someone up front say something like, “Yeah, it’s fuckin’ crazy, but just think it will all be over soon.” I knew he was right, but couldn’t imagine this ever ceasing. I continued laying still and trying in vain to get a handle on my mind. Then all of a sudden, I was clear again. I knew where we were and thought I’d be ok. All night I was thinking I did something really bad earlier that night, like kill someone, but I couldn’t remember. This was the first moment I knew I didn’t do anything. I asked Jon if he still wanted to steal that cow.

1:30 Shortly after I came back to reality, we arrived back at Lunchbox’s house to sleep in the van. We all were reasonably coherent at this point, and began to talk about how crazy this night had been, how shitty we felt and how much we wanted a cigarette. We didn’t have any though. I felt like a skeleton whose skin and muscle has been picked off as I laid back and tried to sleep. All I could say about the night was, “Crazy shit. . .” I think that just about summed it up. I finally slept in a few hours, after my trip had gradually worn off completely. The next day I felt fine, but the van was a mess.
We all were incredibly thankful of Chris and Lunchbox’s brother for picking us up and driving us around all night in their pimp-ass van. Also for getting us the mushrooms in the first place. I found their bowl in the morning too, unbroken.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 58863
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 31, 2007Views: 15,125
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Mushrooms (39) : Combinations (3), Difficult Experiences (5), Guides / Sitters (39), First Times (2), Various (28)

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