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Love at First Dose
Mushrooms - P. cubensis
by krackslamma
Citation:   krackslamma. "Love at First Dose: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis (exp5893)". Feb 5, 2002.

3.6 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (dried)


I've tried many different drugs in the past. LSD which I love, Marijuana which for some reason is too intense for me, Amphetamines which are cool but not worth the comedown, and DXM which I used every day for about 3 months. Up until last saturday I had never tried shrooms except one time when I bought some bad shrooms off some guy on haight street that didn't fuck me up at all.

I was going home and some girl offered to sell me some mushrooms, she wanted 30 bucks for an eighth but I talked her down to 25 and I gave her like 3 stems out of the bag. I got home and I wanted to eat them right away but my mom insisted on cooking me some dinner so I waited. after a few hours she went to a party and I was free to dose on my own. I was terribly excited as I put the whole eighth in the blender with about a pint of Orange juice and let it blend for about 5 minutes. (it chops them up so they can be easilly absorbed by your stomach and the OJ gets rid of the taste). I drank down the OJ and then filled the blender with water and drank that so I wouldn't waste any. after about ten minutes I felt some mild stomach irritation but it was nothing compared to the stomach pain I get on DXM. I felt a large amount of anticipation, my friends have all told me I'd love shrooms.

Then, 30 minutes later just as I was wondering if I got fucked over by a the dealer for a second time I felt a pleasant little buzz beginning. It was similar to the very beginnings of a first plateau DXM buzz. I went to my computer, put on some trance music (DJ mar and Mystre) and put on a visualization program that makes cool patterns that correspond to the music. Five minutes after feeling it I got the first surge. I was sitting at my computer and all the sudden this wave of pleasure ripped through my body it was so intense that the only possible reaction my body could perform was to burst out laughing. These pleasure surges became more frequent and more intense and I was really beginning to enjoy the trip. Then I began to notice the visual changes, My house is full of paintings made by my father and all of the colors in them intensified and began to slowly gyrate. I decided to go have a cigarette and then suddenly I realized I didn't have any. I tried to get up and realized I was going to have a little trouble walking but I could probably make it to the store Okay.

I walked through the rain and to the store and when I walked through the door, it seemed that everybody in the market stopped what they were doing and looked right at me. It was like the scene in 'fear and loathing in las vegas' when duke enters the hotel and every single cop looks at him. I drunkenly pulled handfulls of pennies out of my pocket (I had spent all my money on the shrooms) and proceded to count out 450 of them. It seemed to take about six hours and I almost fell over at one point. finally though I got the cigarettes and a pack of matches and went back to my house. I stood on my doorstep and proceded to light one as I enjoyed the intense colors, but as soon as the nicotine kicked in on top of the shrooms, standing was no longer an option. I laid down on my doorstep and smoked two cigarettes, somehow I managed not to let any ashes fall onto the ground, every ash I dropped somehow fell right onto my favorite shirt. after the cigarettes I really began peaking every single time the word 'shroom' passed through my mind, I was rewarded by a burst of pleasure almost like the shroom were advertising. 'brought to you by shrooms' my mind heard as the mushrooms positively reinforced me into thinking about them. all I could think about were images of mushrooms and the only word my mind could muster was 'shroom'. It was like in the movie 'being john malkovitch' when they enter the world of malkovitch and start talking in the malkovitch language except my language was shroom.

I saw my cat and I said to him 'shroom shroom shroom, shroom shroom? Shroom!! shroom shroom.' He seemed a little perplexed by my strange behavior and then against my control I started licking his head and grooming him like I was another cat. I eventually stopped myself and pulled the cat-fur out of my tongue.

When I got the bad shrooms that didn't work I ate them before seeing a hockey game with my grandma. all i can say is that I'm glad they were bad. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO FUNCTION OR ACT NORMAL ON MUSHROOMS! I always thought I was good at acting like I wasn't high. I can carry out normal conversations with my parents on 5 hits of acid. BUT IT WOULDN'T WORK WITH SHROOMS. I'm really glad my mom went to the party because I would have gotten caught and sent back to rehab if she was home.

Anyway, shrooms are now my favorite drug. They're more introspective than DXM, more visual than acid and more euphoric than weed. I'm not even going to fuck around with acid anymore because it's bad for your mind. Shrooms are like a bad case of food poisoning at the worst. I have a lot of adult friends who use shrooms in shamanic rituals and they assure me it's one of the most healthy drugs you can do. I LOVE SHROOMS and after just one trip I think I'm gonna start growing them.


Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 5893
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 5, 2002Views: 10,620
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Mushrooms - P. cubensis (66) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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