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Picking Apples
by eggspurt
Citation:   eggspurt. "Picking Apples: An Experience with Datura (exp60843)". Erowid.org. Feb 20, 2007. erowid.org/exp/60843

30 seeds oral Datura (seeds)


I am old now, but I recall the night (some of it) that I encountered Datura stramonium. I was almost 20, when D—a “friend” long since disassociated with--told me to come over and try this stuff we'd never tried before. D and I had done everything there was to do back then. There is quite a list. D lived just outside of town. I lived further out in the country.

He called them 'Gourd Seeds'. They looked disgusting--all moist and brown in a large baggie--kind of like compost. The spiny portions of the seedpods were there too. There were a lot of them in the bag--maybe two ounces worth.

D didn't know how much to take. So, we started off small. I don't recall his 'dose', but mine was about the size of a silver dollar--a small pile in my palm. We chewed them, swallowed all, and then waited, patiently. We waited for a long time, but we did not take any more. After about an hour, suddenly, I yelled, 'What was that?!!' pointing to the upper corner of his room. It was a dark object. D laughed and yelled, 'It's the gourd seeds!! There working!!'

From that moment on, I was sleepwalking. I remember only brief moments thereafter.
I remember feeling concern that I should go home. Things were happening that were uncomfortable for me. I don’t know how long I was at D’s, but I was LEAVING. I remember getting in my car. D jumped on the hood trying to stop me—screaming at me not to go, but I started driving. Apparently, D jumped off as I left, but I did NOT drive home. I turned toward TOWN!

As you read this. Try and discern what is real and what is not real because they were the same for me.

I remember talking to D in the passenger seat as I drove. He was talking back. We talked for a long time.

It was dark now. I remember walking on railroad tracks—not just over them, but down them. I walked on the tracks for a long time talking to somebody.

I liked to play with non-poisonous snakes when I was younger. I remember seeing green grass snakes poke their heads out of the grass along the right-of-way. I hurried down to catch one, but each time, they were gone—eluded me—not unusual. They are very quick. I kept on walking down the tracks.

As I walked, I had a wicker basket draped over my left arm. I was picking apples—big red ones—right out of the sky. I was putting the apples in the basket.

Before all of this happened, I had been working at a local hardware store stocking merchandise. There was a security guard who worked there who knew me. Coincidentally, he was riding around with the local cops that night when they drove by, and he saw me walking down the railroad tracks. He yelled at me, “Hey R. What are you doing?!” They tell me that I smiled and shot them the peace sign. They whirled around and were on me. They put handcuffs on me. I had never been arrested before.

I remember sitting in a hard wooden chair in the police station. The cops kept asking me about LSD. I told them, “They’re gourd seeds.” They did not know what that was, and they thought I was lying. They called my dad. He was on his way.

I remember waiting for my dad as the cops watched me. I was holding one of my apples. I had bitten it once. For a brief moment, I got my shit together, and I looked down at my hand to see what I was holding. My fingers were positioned in the shape for holding an apple, but there was no apple! I immediately began looking around my chair. The cops said, “What are you looking for?” I said, “I dropped my apple.”

My dad got there. He was very sad—mad as hell—but more hurt than anything. He had to take me to piss. He asked me, “Where is the car?” I said, “Uhhhh. I don’t know”. I didn’t know where the car was!

The cops had no evidence. They let my dad take me to the hospital for sedation and observation and detox.

I woke up straight but very groggy. I got up, put my clothes on, and walked out without saying a word. The hospital staff either didn’t see me or didn’t care. My dad paid for the hospital room, but I’ll never be able to pay him back for the pain I caused him. He found the car parked off the road. It was locked just over the tracks about a quarter mile from where they found me. The bag of gourd seeds was on the back seat. I told him, “I told you it was gourd seeds.” As if I would be vindicated. I WAS NOT vindicated.

Exp Year: 1974ExpID: 60843
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 20, 2007Views: 2,775
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