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Acceleration Should Be Illegal
by b0red5tiff
Citation:   b0red5tiff. "Acceleration Should Be Illegal: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp60874)". Mar 31, 2007.

1.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)


I had gotten about 1,5g - 2g of dried ecuadorians from a friend of a friend, as everyone of course, and I wanted to trip n daylight. Previously I had taken a gram to see my threshold. This was a good idea as I spent the night laughing and exploring my room. But nothing extraordinary, probably resembling being stoned. This time I had a higher dose. I also wanted an another person to be around me when I'm trippin so I would see how I react to them.

I picked a girl I had known for months and with whom I was in good terms. She lived in an apartment and her father was away so we had the place to ourselves and she was interested in mushrooms. So I thought that it would be a learning experience for us both. and indeed it was. I ate the dried shrooms in chocolate pudding but amazingly the shroom taste was still there.

She was behind her computer and I was lying on the couch. We were talking and soon I had forgotten I had even dosed. I followed the advice from a wise shroomer to 'never expect anything and work with what you get WHEN you get it.' I asked myself how do you know when you have begun to trip? As I was talking to her I stared at her wallpaper. It was twirly and with nice texture. Colour was red & orange. As I stared at it I kind of saw it expanding from one place and then moving from another place. I asked myself 'Am I imagening this or is this really happening?'

The longer I stared at the wallpaper the harder it started to warp. Soon I saw that the lines on the wallpaper were really bars and behind it was a huge submerged city, probably atlantis. I stared at that as you would watch TV. It seemed casual and so normal I didn't even say anything to her and just smiled. She looked at me and anxiously asked me what I saw but I sayd 'nothing.'

What I thought was that people that never use LSD or shrooms can't understand what you see. They expext you to see aliens and pink bears coming out of the ceiling but for me it was different: everyday objects were so twisted and new to me like I've never seen them. I didn't realize I was hallucinating - I just saw things.

Soon I stood up and stood up and started looking at the wall. I realized I could lose myself into the wall if I looked long enough. But this time I wanted more than breathing walls. I was somewhat disappointed that breathing walls was all I saw so I ignored it and acted normal to my friend.

As I explored the wallpaper I started down and saw the tiles on her floor. They were wood imitation and jesus christ what I saw made me grin a whole lot. I tapped on my friends shoulder and was serious and sounded cautious: 'You know that scene from FEAR & LOATHING in the lobby with the carpet warping? Well, I hate to tell you that it's happening right now. Do not be alarmed - it's not carying us away.'

She just stared at me blankly and was kind of freaked that I was so out of it. I didn't realize that I was tripping hard and not even peaking. Indeed - I could have sworn with my hand on a bible: the tiles were flowing or accelerating. And I stood on it. I even touched the tiles with my fingers and the visions didn't stop. I told her I'm having a serious time believing that she's lived in the room and never seen what the tiles do.

'Are you aware in what sort of a room you're living in?'

She stared at me like a mental patient. I was conscious enough to see that she didn't know how to react. I didn't think I was hallucinating either. She then asked me calmly about the room and I said 'Jesus, the room seems to be tilted to the right because the tiles are flowing to that corner of the room. And yet I'm standing on it. how can I be hallucinating if I'm standing on it?'

She just started laughing so hard and so did I. I realized I had whispered this to her because if I said these things out loud then I would somehow lose my speech. Then I told her 'I can't say these things out aloud because the vibrations of the walls are so awesome.'

I had to turn away from the walls because they were warping out of the yahoo now. I laughed and said I didn't even have to look at the walls to know what they're doing.' She sat with me and I started talking about everything. I knew I was tripping so I tried to communicate myself as well as possible. I also didn't want to scare her. nothing worse than having the imprint of a crazed dope fiend imprinted on your mind. I calmed down and said 'Okay, I'll just sit here a while and you do your thing.' In reality she was typing everything I did into notepad. That was very thoughtful of her a I now have an observers record of the event as it went along.

And I have to tell you: sitting was never that exhilirating. I described it to her (in earthly terms) as the kind of a feeling that you get when you're sitting behind a red light in a BMW and as the light turns green you accelerate. The BMW goes smoothly but fast into acceleration and your body, for a second, gets pushed gently into the seat. And it was exactly like that. She laughed at this and I said 'This is the easiest way of explaining it: it's hard to describe if you never have been accelerated. You are like an eskimo in a sense that if I would try to describe this to an eskimo you would both look at me like a crazy man. You and the eskimo have never been accelerating so I can't explain it better.'

She laughed so hard again and I felt I should wind down. I noticed that my mind was racing before my speech. Like an echo of an echo of an echo. So I said I can't say what I mean because I hear someone talking. Then I REALIZE that I'm the only one talking and I start LISTENING to what he has to say and then I start mumbling. This was extremely funny as I was caught in it several times.

I stood on the tiles again and this time but wasn't surprised that they were flowing. I explained that this felt like being on the end of a cruiser: you stare at the water foam from the back of the boat and then it seems like the water is moving and that you are standing still.

Then the real trip began.

I asked for a glass of water. Previously I had refused to go to the kitchen because the fridge did a wonderful humming noise. I said that if I ever get to the kitchen I honestly never may come out because I'll stay there forever to listen to the good vibrations. Then she brought me water. As I started to drink I couldn't.

I stared at my hand with the glass and asked her what I was doing. She laughed and said that for ten minutes I have been starting to take a glass of water. I laughed and asked 'Who?'

She said 'You, man. do you want it or not?'

I laughed and asked her who she was talking to: my eyes or the hand that was holding the glass. From there I really got puzzled: if I wanted water then why was my hand holding my glass? And if my mouth said I wanted to drink then why had my hand stopped drinking and why were my eyes seeing my hand and mouth arguing? Then I realized that I had to co-ordinate my mouth, hand, lips, arm and my WHOLE BODY to get a sip of cold tap water. After a half an hour (I literally couldn't concentrate enough to move my hand) I took a sip and I was BLOWN AWAY how the water went down my throat. It was the most amazing thing ever as the cold water poured downwards.

From there on I discovered that I could remove these 'hand/mouth/body' conflict by going on autopilot. Not to think about them and just doing them because every time I was thinking about moving myself my mind blew away at the possibilities.

Well, it's hard to remember everything as I was literally thinking of EVERYTHING. As this has been a bit long of a raport I'll translate some lines from my friends notes. They are scrambled, therefore accurate description of what I was acting like:

Every time I start talking someone else starts talking too. Like an echo of my words before I even say them. Especially the long vocals. Your computer buzzes nicely. I should get some of that white fuzz noise into my computer. It reminds me of angels singing in heaven. Turn it up.

This room should be illegal. Have you looked out the window? Jesus Christ, I know smoke shouldn't act like that but god as my witness that smoke from the chimney is on turbo and getting faster. How can it be? Is this normal?

We should get these shrooms in the summer. Go to a park. Watch a puddle of water or the grass grow.

Hahaha, I got my sweater back on. Thought I'm so tripping I can't even put clothes on, right! Haha, cleverer than you. I'm actually understanding that I'm tripping and that's fine.

Well I see that an arm is holding up this glass of water, but who is holding on the arm? That is the REAL question here *a fit of laughter* (this idea haunted me 'til the end: if the hand is holding the water then WHO is holding up the arm?)

Jesus, shrooms should be illegal indeed. Some punk may start driving a car when tripping and do god knows what. Forget that: THIS ROOM SHOULD BE ILLEGAL *laughter*

A note apperas out of context here: 'I can't see that he is tripping if I didn't know about it before. Acts normal, pupils fine, doesn't stagger. But when he starts talking he sounds so fucked. Starts a sentence and forgets to finish it. Mumbles, stares at the wall for long periods of time and says it's staring him back.'

I'm sitting here and I am NOT hallucinating. YOU're hallucinating. Ever wondered what its like to be tripping on shrooms? Well think about everything what you are able to imagine: flying elephants, pink rainbows, the standard stuff. And the FORGET about it. And after you have forgotten that and you have nothing left your mind will explode and you start seeing how things are. You wouldn't be able to live in this room if you would see whats going on right now.

This is about it. What I mean is this is what I can REMEMBER when coming down. It's been a few hours after I sobered out but the shrooms are still in me.

As for my second trip it was extremely fantastic. My friend says that she was like also trippping and watching me was like being in some weird dream. I would want everyone to experience this experience at least once in their lives.

I'd rate this a level2 trip but what a trip it was. I would do it again in a heartbeat if the conditions and the mood are fit for it.

In the end words aren't enough and I know shroomery is the place that is full of people that grasp that.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 60874
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 31, 2007Views: 15,880
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