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Pushing the Limits?
Tea & Nootropics
by Mentat
Citation:   Mentat. "Pushing the Limits?: An Experience with Tea & Nootropics (exp61732)". Apr 13, 2018.

  oral Piracetam
    oral Smarts - Oxiracetam
    oral Huperzine
    oral Idebenone
    oral Meclofenoxate
    oral Picamilon
    oral Aniracetam
    oral Vitamins / Supplements
    repeated oral Tea


I have ingested 3200 mgs of piracetam, 3200 mgs of oxiracetam, 3200 mgs of pyrinitol, 3200 mgs of aniracetam, 1gram of centrophenoxine, 1gram of l huperzine a, 2500 mgs of idebenone, 1 gram of Picamillon.

Ingested 3 scoops of idenebone. After ingesting 3 scoops of idenbone I just found out a “scoop” = 500mgs, much higher than intended. I decided I’ve overdosed myself on it but I figured I might as well push the limit and take 5 scoops like I planned.

T+15 ingesting scoops in chai tea…taste is horrible...trying not to puke...and already noticing effects from pills I had taken 15 minutes ago.

T+22 Feeling a little sick from all the pills I have ingested, noticing lack in coordination I don’t think it’s a placebo effect.

My plans where to clean my room after ingesting nootropics but now I'm not sure how possible that is, my internet is down and I'm feeling a little isolated right now…deciding I’ll listen to some music to improve my mood and hopefully find some kind of heightened meaning in it from effects of nootropics…came upon Alice in chains drug of choice. Dont know if it’s the best selection but to randomize it I chose the first song that appeared. I never actually liked that song so it is a good candidate. Definite euphoria from song…this means the chems are already working…have this subsiding fear its all placebo effects though.

T+ 31 I'm currently drinking green tea. I am going to be up all night alone and my choices are watching very unfunny Saturday night live or type this report…so it looks like this is going to be one extensive report. Am thinking about taking more centrophenoxine due to paranoia that I didn’t ingest enough acetylcholine to match the amount of racetams I took...

T+34 decided to mellow out the mood a bit with 3 Libras by a perfect circle…am thinking I should clean my room but this nausea reminds me of what I ingested.

Since I have nothing better to do I'll talk about my previous experiences with nootropics I’m dyslexic and was having difficulty with school so I took piracetam and dmae to relieve my dyslexic symptoms and it was like a wonder drug for my dyslexia. But during the year I took it I noticed my speech process was greatly effected.
I took piracetam and dmae to relieve my dyslexic symptoms and it was like a wonder drug for my dyslexia. But during the year I took it I noticed my speech process was greatly effected.
I could barely talk let alone hold a conversation. I had increased concentration and didn’t have all those annoying dyslexic fucks ups and could read with ease but I decided it wasn’t worth not being able to talk to anyone. I felt secluded for the entire year. I stopped taking piracetam for about a year and now I am grudgingly returning to it since I'm going to start school again but I'm hoping this new dose will fix the previous problems and allow me to hold a regular conversation with the human race. I'm hoping with this combination I will be able to speak clearly but since there is no one around for me to talk to it seems that experiment won’t work tonight.

T+38 lights seemed to be enhanced but I'm light sensitive/dyslexic as is so it could be increasing this aspect of my brain chemistry.

T+45 I'm feeling more relaxed due to music and I think the picamillon is now it is a stress reliever…deciding to take a bath and see how much higher these effects can be increased...nausea is starting to subside by the way.

T+1hour 17min- feeling focused, relaxed and feeling like I wanna read a book...not exactly energetic though.

I fell asleep on the couch woke up and through out the day was feeling very energetic almost stimulant like...I felt my ability to recall was much improved in conversations and I felt like I wanted to do something but I also needed to sleep so it gave me a bit of insomnia after I took a the 3 hour power nap.

I decided to try a second dose this time cutting everything down since I knew an attack dose would no longer be needed.

My second dose was approximately 1600 mgs of priacetam, 1600 mgs of oxiracetam, 1600 mgs of aniracetam, 1600 mgs of pyritinol 1gram of centrophenoxine, 1 gram of L-huperzine A, 1 gram of Idebenone, 1 gram of Picamillon with chai tea.

After taking the dose and giving it 30 minutes to kick in I feel much more focused and my thoughts feel more fluid, it feels slightly stimulant like and I feel slightly euphoric, sort of like a mental cleansing and being extremely focused. I actually enjoy this dose a lot. I drink chai tea all the time and consume caffeine regularly and I can definitely tell this increased level of focus isn’t from the caffeine often caffeine makes me less focused.

Anyways all in all this is a good dose for focus and concentration I'll soon be trying this dose with selegiline and hydergine so ill be sure to add a report on what that does but this definitely was a lot stronger than when I just added piracetam with dmae and it seems I’ve eliminated the speech problem because I was able to hold more than a few conversations with ease and was able to project thoughts more clearer than ever

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 61732
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 13, 2018Views: 873
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