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Entwined Into the Universe
Mushrooms, Cannabis & Tobacco
by bird
Citation:   bird. "Entwined Into the Universe: An Experience with Mushrooms, Cannabis & Tobacco (exp61814)". Oct 9, 2018.

1 g oral Mushrooms
    smoked Cannabis
    smoked Tobacco


First off, this barley comes close to describing what I felt under the influence of these drugs, but its the best I can get in words.

I ingested the mushrooms at around 9:00 and then smoke a blunt. After about 30 mins I started to feel worried and wondered if maybe I took too much and was not going to like it. This feeling was gone by 10. After that I knew this would be an enjoyable trip. I was tripping with two of my good friends in my basement. We have all had moderate experience with mushrooms but this was like nothing before. This was the most any of us had ever taken and we all agreed that it entered us into a new realm of 'shrooming'.

It started off like all of my previous mushroom trips. A little bit of anxiety that eventually fades after you start laughing at the color of the walls or something. But it did not stay that way for long. We quickly got philosophical (not very unusual) and we concluded things that we had all thought about before i.e. 'Whats the meaning of life' -> conclusion 'Why does it have to have one, it doesn't have one and thats ok.'

By now I was having fairly intense visuals, colors were vibrant and my world seemed quite underground. Very quickly we decided that we needed to take a walk in the cool night not only to see if it seemed 'underground' outside (which it did) but we also felt that if we were outside we would more fully appreciate walls.

We wandered around my neighborhood and came up with a few more conclusions. One being that my neighborhood could be described by the word roosh. By the time we returned to my house I was tripping harder than I ever have. Time seemed to halt and a door knob was baffling. We somehow managed to smoke a bong and turn on the stereo.

It is very hard for me to describe what happened next. I was intermingled into the music and in touch with the universe. I got under a down comforter and it felt like a wave of positive energy entered my body. I felt as though i was no longer laying on the couch but in between the fabrics of the universe itself. With my eyes closed I saw dancing colors moving through each other to form intense patterns.

My magical journey through another world continued for sometime only to be interrupted by the peacefulness of sleep, (what I assume to be) many hours later.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 61814
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 9, 2018Views: 318
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Mushrooms (39) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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