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The Mushroom Spoke to Me
Citation:   Shamartyn. "The Mushroom Spoke to Me: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp61868)". Sep 20, 2008.

  repeated oral Mushrooms (dried)
Initially I did McKenna's Heroic Dose, five dried grams orally masticated, but found this to be too strong to bring back coherent information, it rather served as an initiation for my contact experiences. I had done Psilocybe before, and had experiences of lethargy, as well as strong visual imagination, what I thought seemed to swim before me. The degree my trips were affected by McKenna's theories concerning psilocybin is notable, his thoughts encouraged me to seek out this entity. I found it. All experiences discussed here were conducted alone.

So, I have had about 4 trips, conducted one year ago to date, after the initial initiation. My initiation on new years eve 2005-2006 was phenomenol, but only the opener. I said hello as I felt them come on, and it just said, turn over so I can fuck you. Then I blacked out and proceeded through the most intense horriying events of my life. It showed me everything I was afraid of and then some. It left me alone in hyperspace, where I was found by something that knew I wasn't supposed to be there, and tried to destroy me, I am alive, and I don't know why. I am still struggling to understand this experience even as I write now. I am certain, however, that this horrifying experience was an initiatory hazing, to prepare me for my relationship.

The remaining experiments were conducted with a ginseng tea concoction. I ingest 1-3 grams of psilocybe mushrooms mixed with chopped ginseng in a tea. My theory is the ginseng opens bloods vessels and increases blood flow to the brain, bringing on the trip and making it more intense.

The first was wonderful, my body rose like a beam of light into the atmosphere and off earth. I moved through space, I flew past a hole of some kind, and an entity tried to lure me towards it, but I avoided it and moved on, it was like a trap-door spider. Then I sat inside a Nebula, that was like heaven, except not so monochromatic as traditional visions of heaven. The nebula shone and shimmered a thousand colours, it was spectacular. I returned to earth, and decided to visit this girl, who later became my lover, and we are together as I write this. I came down and her street sort of loaded, components of it coming together in time until it was complete and I was on her lawn. I flew to the window where she was sleeping and woke her up, I didn't go through the window, but just waved and said hello. She experienced this, and called on me the next day! She was dreaming and saw me surrounded by 'little friends' in her room, now, she says I gave her a message, but I suspect it was the mushroom that gave her the message. That was my first trip, the mushroom didn't talk this time.

The second trip came on with chills and sweats. Perplexed, I asked the Mushroom, why are you doing this to me!? It said, 'To create the conditions in your body which I enjoy in life.' Makes sense, warm and humid, gotcha mushroom. Then I asked why it enjoyed those conditions. Away I went, as though answering me, it placed me in orbit around a planet. Solid green atmosphere, no polar caps I can recall, but I won't discount the speculation. Then I was on the surface. It was rocky and the air was THICK enough to walk on (not literally) and somehow I could see strange forms of life slowly moving around, strange slugs, flora that resembled slugs, and very large mushrooms. It told me, 'The microbial oceans which support the ecology on earth, are here suspended in the atmosphere. Microbes float around in the thick atmosphere and land upon these rocks, supporting the ecosystem here. This is where I evolved.' I am still recalling some aspects of this tour, particularly a biological mechanism that shot spores and rock into space, possibly a geyser exploited for this purpose. At any rate, I was back in my body, and it said, 'I have two tickets to outer space!' in a very playful manner. I declined this time, as I could feel the trip receding. It continued giving me fun visuals as it slowly faded.

The third trip was different. I asked to see it, and I began a dream-like journey um, inside it. The landscapes I encountered, whether psychic, or actually physical, or some combination, were very strange. They seemed constructed with intent, but constructed not of inert matter, constructed entirely of the mushrooms self. Whether I had been shrunk down, or just entered a vastly enormous mushroom, this is the impression the landscape gave. Everything was very grandiose, and had a fleshy, living texture. Seemed to give way a little under me, like walking on a water bed. It also seemed vaguely floral, stairways that looked like stamens, or some fungal equivalent, basidium, mycelial veils occasionally. After wandering around for a long while in this wonderland. I asked if I could see aliens. I was whisked away by a guide of some kind and plopped into a strange environment.

I sat atop a creature which appeared like a brontosaurus, with short neck, and no head to speak of. This creature was lumbering, um, quickly, through a jungle. As I watched the jungle, various species stepped from the jungle, and this bronto seemed to relay information about whatever species I gazed upon, at a fantastic pace. I must have seen a thousand races. The most memorable in my mind was an upright standing blue bird-like creature posing with a spear and looking very shaman-like, necklaces and feathers. I knew that I was inside of an archive, and the brontosaurus was the 'librarian'.

Those are my trips. I have put the mushrooms aside for some time now, and chewed over these experiences, sharing them with peers whose input has been frugal, I live in rural Canada, there is no psychedelic culture here, only petty pathetic drug abusers. The internet has been some solace for me, but it is still hard to come together for a cause digitally.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 61868
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 20, 2008Views: 31,980
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