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Panic Ensued
Mushrooms - P. cubensis, Alcohol & Cannabis
by Jagermeister
Citation:   Jagermeister. "Panic Ensued: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis, Alcohol & Cannabis (exp61999)". Nov 4, 2009.

T+ 0:00
4 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (dried)
  T+ 0:00   oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  T+ 1:45   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 4:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)


Now Before this dreadful night I’d had numerous experiences with MDMA, Amphetamines, Cocaine, Hash/weed, Opium and various strains of Shrooms and so I guess I had slightly more knowledge of psychedelics than my friends I was to be tripping with.

The night began when I visited my friend 'E's flat, at the top floor of his dads bed and breakfast. I arrived in normal spirits yet hadn’t expected to be eating any mushrooms, only smoking odd joints and certainly a drink or six. I had however, recently been on some strong trips- five or six- the previous month on ‘cyanascens’ a POWERFUL strain which grows naturally from wood chippings here in southern England.

It so happened my friend ‘A’ had acquired several batches of Stropahria cubensis, from a source in the Netherlands. At approx 9pm I was offered a pile weighing 4 Grams which was swiftly washed down with some wine, while my companions, E, J, A and T had already eaten 5 or 6 Grams about 45 minutes before my arrival. The manifesting effects were glitteringly evident in J, A and E who were laughing uncontrollably, and in a tone and manner which was very different from there normal hysterics. This was something that had kind of freaked me out minor on a previous trip, not because it was disturbing (which it was) but because I was often not quite in the same state as them, “Tripping Balls” to quote.

At T+ 1 hour I had began to get that giddy confused rush coupled with a familiar euphoric anticipation. Me and J’ had just stepped out to go and pick up some weed off a source of mine who was somewhat inconvenient. I waited patiently for 35mins with J for a very busy supplier, it being only a few days before Christmas he had many customers so we were forced to wait. J was getting understandably doubtful and occasionally forgetting I was there while tripping over the sight of the scaffolding net.

T+1hr 45 and we’re back smoking nice fruity spliffs inside from the cold. We all were feeling strong effects but weren’t quite peaking yet, with the exception of T who told me that he was only feeling minor effects and was of the opinion that they wouldn’t hit him properly. I sat back in my chair and swilled down mouthfuls of wine trying to convey to him the deceiving character of the mushroom. I was also keenly observing his eyes, which normally sparkled blue in contrast with his ginger hair, but had become black from pupil dilation. Then after passing me a joint he informed me that he had to leave to have a roast dinner with his mum and grandparents…

T+2hrs We are now reaching our peak and conversation had become a random stream of difficult gibberish. I felt I was not in an ideal atmosphere at this point and began to get the ‘restless and confined’ feeling that many seem to get also. T had just left in a highly strung state, feeling very paranoid about going for the meal and had poured wine in his hair to disguise himself as drunk. A was laughing hysterically making me go into creases too. We kind of sloshed around in his very littered flat, occasionally slipping on plates and crashing into furniture E and J were practically incapable of putting any visual entertainment on the computer. We staggered and babbled to and from one another passing a surviving spliff which hilariously resembled a crappy chip as we all were past capable of rolling another.

T+2hrs 45 We were all in a very incoherent way and went through waves of confusion, laughter and soon enough, fear. I was enjoying myself but hadn’t actually taken a single minute to think to myself about where I was mentally, or anything actually, for ages. I spent a couple of quiet minutes on the sofa stoking half a joint and watching in good humour, the condition of my companions. It was very messy. A seemed in an absolute state of hysterics, J was giggling and walking around doing a lot of things I can’t remember and E kept looking at everybody with a couple of blank glazed orbs and saying shit like, “Pardon? What’s happening man? Fuck, did we eat something?”

I was on a wave which told me to sink another beer or two as I was still not managing to keep up with all the madness, when E went crashing into A and fell very heavily into his T.V causing it to crash to the floor alongside him. This made the whole room fall silent, and at first I thought A had knocked him out somehow as I was gazing very distortedly when it happened.

E began to jerk and spasm on the carpet for about twenty seconds before stopping. I began loosening his collar and trying to get a grip on things as J had just ran over seizing E’s hand shouting “ Oh my god! Ed! Ed! Ed!!!!!!!! A was also attending to poor Ed and we looked at each other, both holding our heads in shock. I opened one of his eyelids and it was also clear he was still breathing. We momentarily considered an ambulance but I insisted he would come around and we should take it easy. J became quite nasty snapping at me saying “ No, no he’s not alright, how is this fucking alright?! E had been down no longer than three minutes before he came around very shaken but remarkably clear headed in comparison to the previous events which now seemed like a whole other reality.

T+3hrs E is hanging his head down the toilet and is shoving his arm down his throat desperately trying to vomit the poison from his system. A is on the floor in the corridor next to him making sure he doesn’t pass out, choke etc. J appears very pale at this point and any attempt I made at humouring him was met with a lot of coldness. J no longer seemed to want to communicate with me after his freak out, and got even more testy when I suggested we should shrug it off and settle down. “Hey, I’m just trying to get some fucking levity here man” I exclaimed, but J had dropped me. A was kind of in the same 'jumpstart to the system’ state of clarity that I was in but was very quiet. It was then I turned toward J in horror to see him sliding down against a cupboard unconscious but eyes open and sank to the floor in a very alarming way. It really looked like he had just kicked it and died of shock right there in front of us.

E was unaware of this at first and me and A once again stared on in disbelief as we began dropping like flies. At this point panic coursed through me very intensely. However J was quickly coming around and muttering absolute shit, which was quite nerve racking. Me and A both decided that this must be the result of liver poisoning, we both felt flutters of panic as E came back to life, and in a strange monotone began repeatedly saying “CALL AN AMBULANCE, CALL AN AMBULANCE.”

T+ 3hrs 30 We all had all cooled down a lot, the whole event having neutralised our trip to a certain extent. E was still severely freaked and was near tears when A and me humoured him in a way that struck memories with me of a teacher trying to cheer the spirits of a schoolboy that’d fallen and grazed his knee.

“Well it’s a fucking wake up call for me, mate” Said E glumly, sniveling and pulling on a cigarette. I genuinely felt for him a that moment as it was such an innocent emotion he was experiencing, and so I think I gave the bugger a hug. A and myself went and sat with J who was sitting bewildered on the sofa in a deep contemplation. Then A & J began singing a familiar old song of bollocks, announcing with no conviction that they would not be ever using any drugs again. This I found a little annoying as I knew (and was correct) that within weeks they’d be dropping ecstasy and sniffing coke again. I ventured an unwelcome bit of wisdom that with drugs, especially psychedelics, that one should either jump in with both feet or not at all.

T+4hrs I couldn’t leave any sooner, I’d sat stoking the remaining weed with A and J before hitting the road with A I left saying stuff like “No hard feelings huh? But everyone seemed too spaced to respond anyway, and I also know that J was bitter with me for some petty reason, mainly that I shunned his initial overreaction and he may have felt some kind of ego flop. After getting outside I instantly felt ten-times-better, the cold, sobering December air was pleasing, but was left feeling alone and graduated to a sort of spooked reverie. I walked through the train station experiencing some strong alterations in perception and auditory distortions which lifted my spirit’s a little.

T+4hrs 30 I ended up calling on one of my closest friends, Joe, and sank a chain of beers which refreshed my mind to a very good state, and after getting the whole ordeal off my chest and laughing about it I actually felt in a very good way, experiencing an afterglow which afforded a state of mental clarity and an open minded optimism which made me feel very thankful and ‘At peace’.

I’ve not taken psychedelics since (4 months) but have every intention of tripping soon, but in the future will not take with people who I am perhaps uncertain of, and certainly not in the casual way which was done that night, which I feel is very disrespectful of the enormity of the Mushrooms power. I am now considering, but not searching for, a hit of the world famous LSD but in safe and natural conditions of course.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 61999
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 4, 2009Views: 6,205
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Mushrooms - P. cubensis (66) : Difficult Experiences (5), Health Problems (27), Bad Trips (6), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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