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The Ghost of Christmas Future Was Wrong!
Mushrooms - P. cubensis
by Magic Mushrooms
Citation:   Magic Mushrooms. "The Ghost of Christmas Future Was Wrong!: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis (exp63080)". Dec 23, 2019.

2 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (dried)
    smoked Tobacco  


I have had experiences with many drugs including LSD, Salvia divinorum, DXM, marijuana, and various amounts of uppers-downers,screamers-laughers...etc...Through my personal experiences, mushrooms were the best. No questions asked..I had the greatest experience in my life. In my experienced opinion, the most common factor that leads to a bad trip are the people whom I am with. People who are loud, or look at me funny, talk to me abnormally, stare at me, or try to scare me are the type of people who will create negative vibes. So, I always try to have a sitter I can trust to help make your experience enjoyable and peaceful.

The Trip:

8:00 PM Dropped of at Pizza Hut to meet my friend A. Drink soda but try to keep stomach empty for consuming shrooms later. Friend A drives us to pick up friend B, who will be sitting for us. We get to A's house and wait for friend C to get dropped of by his parents.(friend C is really chill, a really really good trip sitter.)

9:00 pm Friends B and C begin taking shots of tequila so that they can also have fun(probably what made B such an asshole the rest of the night but, whatever). Me and friend A debate how we are going eat the shrooms. We divide them in half and decide to put them on some of our leftover pizza. The shrooms go down pretty easy with the pizza, and we start to watch tv.

9:15 pm
I get up to take a piss, nothing unusual, maybe slight nausea.

9:30 pm
Starting to come up maybe.. Numbness in toes and arms..unusual.
Then I remember something, orange juice. People told me that orange juice and vitamin c increase the strength of your trip. Friend A and I venture into the kitchen on a quest for OJ.
As friend A opens the refrigerator, I am suddenly startled by a loud 'SHIT!' coming from him. He tells me that they dont have anymore oranje juice but I tell him that it doesnt even matter. But now that I think about it, it probably would have helped.

9:45 pm
Ok so I am back in friend A's room zoning out on the patterns forming on the roof. The sweet melodic sound of Pink Floyd-Dogs rings distantly in my ear, when I focus, it slowly gets louder and drags me deeper and deeper into this insane, euphoric, alternate reality. I have not told anyone that I am tripping yet, I think friends B and C expected it to take a little longer..... I begin to wonder if friend A is tripping yet, but decide not to disturb him.

I sit up and lean back into the couch, put my head back and just trip out to the incredible instrumentals of pink floyd. Friend B(asshole one) stands up to take a piss... Friend C(still doesnt think I'm trippin) asks us if we want to build a fire. I say something incredibly stupid like ' yar lets go built uh fure' and he looks at me and says ' your trippin balls, arent you', and I respond just by nodding stupidly, each time I breathe, the wall behind him seems to breathe with me, and his face is zooming in and out. Friend B (still in the bathroom) hears are conversation. He comes out quite drunk and says 'YOURE TRIPPIN!!' I try to ignore him but he keeps askin me all these questions: 'whats it like' and 'are u hallucinating' and shit like that. Well I'm getting extremely annoyed and I put my face in the couch on my stomach and try to relax, ignoring B. I feel soo good! As I relax my muscles, my body slowly morphes into the couch and I become one with it. Friend B's voice echoing somewhere, out there, in a distant world through some portal that still exists between me, and reality.

As I am of floating in the vast universe of the couch, friend B's voice gets louder as I start to focus on it more and more. This is when he starts to scare me. He turns into some kind of demon who has come to tell me about my sad and depressing future. He begins by telling me that he is 'The Ghost of Christmas Future' (which doesn't make any sense whatsoever because this happened sometime in september), anyways he starts talking about my future and how I will have a wife who is addicted to meth and how she is fat and ugly and all this terrible shit. Then he tells me that I will fuck her and get every single STD that is known to mankind. He tells me that she will get pregnant, and I will lose my job as a plumber (why a plumber, why??) and be forced to pay child support after divorcing her and losing half of my yearly income. I plead with him to stop, trying to tell him that he is destroying my trip, and he seems to stop. He mutters something like 'whatever', and goes to bug friend A who is in his hammock tripping balls. I lie on the couch with my face in the pillow for another 5 minutes or so, and I start to hear some more of friend B's voice and come out of my universe in the couch to get a glimpse of whats going on. Friend B (Remember he is extremely drunk) is on the floor with friend A ....DRY HUMPING HIM!! Fuckin faggot... Any ways I observe this for a few minutes and end up laughing my ass of after realizing whats going on. Friend A was tripping balls in his hammock and Friend B started touching him on the arm. This annoyed friend A so he told him to stop touching him like a fuccking queer and this angered friend B. Friend B says'faggot??' 'Ill show you faggot' and starts humping him. If Friend A were sober, I am sure he would have kicked his ass, but seeing as how he was trippin on shrooms like me, he was helpless. So after 5 minutes of watching Friend B make Friend A's trip a bad experience, B FINALLY gets ahold of himself and we go outside to make a fire (extremely difficult, might I add).

10:15 PM
So we are sitting by the fire for awhile, and we decide to smoke some of this pipe really tasty vanilla pipe tobacco that one of my friends gave us. We had this HUGE plastic bottle of Hawaiian Punch that we had drank, so decide to convert it into a bong. We leave friend A to sit by the fire and wait for usw, he agrees. Me, Friend C, and Friend B go inside to gather the neccesary items to make a 'King Kong Bong' as friend C calls it. So we get everything and head outside....friend B passes out on the couch before we can go back outside (Thank god, that guy is a total buzzkill). So we get back outside with everything in our hands (downstem, lighter, tobacco, etc..). 'Wheres the bong?' I hear freind B ask A. Friend A looks at us and says 'oh..I threw it in the fire..' ........... ........ ..... 'Why the fuck did u do that???' I ask. ' You guys were gone for like three hours so I got tired of holding it and threw it in the fire.'........ I look at him and say 'couldnt you have just set it down???' He looks at me confused for about 10 seconds and says 'oh....yea...I forgot....' He starts laughing histerically and friend C and I just look at him and I say 'Dude...its not fuckin funny..' he stops laughing and I just keep looking at him. On the other side of the back yard, A's cat makes some noise as it starts to eat and it and it frightens him. He looks at us, puts his index finger to his lips and says 'sh. Shh. Shhh!!. You guys...youguys.... Hu hu youguys..shhh.' We look at him and start laughing at him for freaking out at a little noise. 'guys youguys shhhh shhhh guys youguys...... Dont look at me...shhhhh my mom....whAt?? guys...shhhh... Dont look at me... You guys...You guys are so ugly! Hehehe'

11:00 PM - 3:00 AM
Ok so Friend A is tripping balls (as you can probably tell from his dialogue) and I not soo much yet..but its still feels REALLY nice. So the next part of my trip is hard to explain....cant put it into words very well..but ill try my best.I look up and see the moon. I kind of get lost in my own little world for a second as I slowly am dragged in by the moons gravitational pull. I feel like I am slowly moving toward it and my whole body just tingles and jingles as I fall deeper and deeper into my own little 4th, 5th, maybe 6th dimension. I look back down at us ....its only us...just me, and my two friends, laughing, having a great time, its as if we were the only people who existed in the world, our own little world......just us in the little corner around the only fire in the world sitting in the only chairs in the world, conversing with the only people in the world, ourselves. Amazing, euphoric and mind expanding experience. We sit out there for about 3-4 hours, the best couple of hours in my life. I dont know what was up with friend A's trip, he kept calling us ugly.....constantly coming back to that 'shhh...youguys....ugly...' talk. Pretty fuckin funny let me tell you...

Coming down from a shroom trip sucks balls. Not because of pain or nausea, etc. (which there isnt), but because I dont want to leave the world I am in and I feel that you could spend an eternity there. I guess it wasnt that bad, smoking that sweet, tasty tobacco sure made it easier. As for friend A, he had a great time also, strange trip (Ugly Trip), but a trip nonetheless. I woke up around 9:00 AM still feeling a little bit light headed, but no aftermath, hangover, whatever you call it, etc. I fell great and healthy......I feel mind opened to a whole new world of ideas and thoughts.... My mushroom experience changed me as a seems like I can aproach obstacles in life in a different fashion ...a much less stressful and more intellectual manner.... I like it...and I would definately do it again.

Lastly I would like to share with you one of my favorite quotes. Good approach to life... It became my favorite soon after my mushroom experience.

'Every day you may make progress. Every step may be fruitful. Yet there will stretch out before you an ever-lengthening, ever-ascending, ever-improving path. You know you will never get to the end of the journey. But this, far from discouraging, only adds to the joy and glory of the climb.' -Sir Winston Churchill

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 63080
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 23, 2019Views: 502
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Mushrooms - P. cubensis (66) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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