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Higher Vibrations
by V
Citation:   V. "Higher Vibrations: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp63282)". May 1, 2018.

2 caps oral Mushrooms (dried)
    oral Mushrooms (dried)
    oral Mushrooms (dried)


On my 17th birthday I went to my good friendís house and he delivered on his promise and had some mushrooms for me as a gift(as well as for a friend of his, whoís birthday was close to mine and he had the same deal). I was curious about them since pot was starting to be the same-old same-old and mushrooms were a distinctly new, natural psychedelic.

I started light put 2 caps and a few stems on a pizza and we walked down to the private lake in his neighborhood. Same amount as everybody else.

Just waiting for them to kick in ,watching the night sky reflecting on the lake.

I think their starting to kick in maybeÖwait no. so we go back to his house and to finish the bag.

He gives me another cap and stem. About 15 minutes latter Iím starting to feel funny.






It was my minds ear was hearing the echo of my higher vibration. The vibrations of space. Of reality .of time.
I started to hum to play with the sounds a bit. I could feel the vibrations illuminate my whole body. I was grinning.

ďGive me more man.Ē
ďI donít know man I donít want you to have a bad trip.Ē
ďI wonít dude!Ē
ďFine split the bag with TĒ

so we split the rest.

Starts to feel like Iím standing on the highest peak of the world, with the sun sending rays of energy to me. Iím traveling at the speed of reality. Iím everywhere I want to be.
In everyway Iíve always wanted. Itís all choice. (But I canít really articulate that feeling, only experience it.)

I come down form that feeling great after glow and goto sleep.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 63282
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: May 1, 2018Views: 657
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Mushrooms (39) : General (1), First Times (2), Glowing Experiences (4), Unknown Context (20)

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