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Big Bowl of Carrots
Citation:   Morrison Hotel. "Big Bowl of Carrots: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp63287)". Erowid.org. Sep 30, 2019. erowid.org/exp/63287

3 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
    oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
Yesterday, I took one of the most enjoyable and enlightening mushroom trips I have ever had. In my experience, mushrooms are more about enjoyment than mind expansion. I generally choose LSD or LSA as a mind expanding device, however, these shrooms led me to some amazing places.

First off, I (and my friend, S, as I will refer to her) trip just about every other weekend. So we thought nothing of it to trip at our high school prom. The events unfolded as follows:

T+0: We eat the mushies. I eat roughly three grams straight, chewing thoroughly. The mushrooms are sensational, dark red almost ruby caps with blue stems. S eats herís in a hamburger.

T+30: We get on the bus to head to the dance.

T+45: Feeling mild body high and euphoria, still on the bus.

T+1:00: We get to the function hall. I throw on my sunglasses, because my pupils have begun to dilate. I feel pretty nervous about all the teachers around, and thereís also a cop there. I feel like it might have been a mistake to eat three grams.

T+1:15: Confused as fuck. Irritated that the lights are still on. We have to wait for everyone to eat snacks and shit before we really get started. Very nervous, and S is feeling really anxious and wanting to dance. My pupils are now heavily dilated.

T+1:45: I have to get up and walk into the dining room, where all the teachers are eating, INCREDIBLY uncomfortable. The normal things are being served, pasta meatballs etc. and then in the middle of one of the table is giant fucking bowl of hot carrots. I nearly break out laughing. This seems so ridiculous to me, just a giant bowl of steaming carrots in the middle of a dinner table. I resist the urge to mention this to S, and throw some vegetables on my plate and hurry back to the table with my friends.

T+2:00: While we are sitting at the table I can finally discuss the big ass bowl of carrots with S. We both are amazed by the insanity of a HUGE bowl of carrots. We sit laughing for a while as I try to eat some of the carrots and some lettuce, not because I want to, but because I know that I havenít eaten all day, and will likely not be eating again tonight. The walls begin to change shapes, and the mirrors on the walls make me jumpy and anxious.

S points out a chandelier to me. The fixture is large and seems to be at some completely different angle, as if gravity is pulling at some odd angle. It resembles the shape of a human heart, and I see if pulsing and beating like a heart. I still feel nervous about the lights being on, because I canít take off my glasses, and cant decide which is more conspicuous, huge pupils or wearing sunglasses.

T+2:15: They finally start playing music. The first dance is a slow song. S and I head out to the dance floor to share our first dance together. I start talking about how weird this seems. 'Ok lets just get in a mass of people and sway. Just sway. Big ass bowl of carrots.' We had started to see the symbolism of the bowl of carrots. An unexpected oddity, representing the stupid materialistic society and conformity. Standing in a mass of people in couples swaying.

T+2:20: All hell breaks loose. We finally get to really dance. The dancing is fast and an intense feeling of euphoria rushes over me. I feel so close to S, as I always do, but right now I get to experience the physical closeness as well as the emotional attachment that I have. I can sometimes see people give us looks because we are clearly enjoying this dance way more than the sober people. We move over to our friends, who are rolling pretty hard on ecstasy, and our other friends who are drunk and on Klonopin. The group of us is in the middle, and everything is flowing over me. I donít even really hear the music, I just feel the motion. I am following Sís movements and I eventually bury my face in her hair and absorb the essence of the her and in turn the alternate reality of the mushroom trip.

T+2:30: The trip overcomes me. S has moved slightly away, and I have neglected to follow. I stop dancing. I stand in the middle of the dance floor motionless. I stand staring at the colorful lights and feel the universe shifting around me. I feel like the fibers of the room, every atom in the volume of space around me is expanding retracting and stretching in an insane symphony. And I realize people are staring at me. I catch up to S and continue dancing.

T+2:50: S is tired so we go back to our table and sit down. I feel fine, probably because Iím in much better shape than S, and Iím a more experienced and durable tripper. I have some I water, over the course of the night I am constantly seeking out any liquid to quench my killer dry mouth, and soothe my rather uncomfortable stomach. Iím not nauseous, my stomach stays in constant discomfort regardless of what Iím doing, whether Iím sitting standing or dancing. S is still moving around quite a bit.

T+3:00-5:00: I stay pretty much at a steady rate of tripping, I go back and forth between dancing with S and sitting at the table. When both of us are sitting at the table, we talk about what has happened and what we are feeling. For at least twenty minutes, we discuss the possibility that our friend D isnít real. We base this on the fact that he doesnít really know anyone else, and that heís wearing all white. We compare him to the imaginary people in the movie, 'A Beautiful Mind'. S actually shouted out at one 'Dís not real!' and drew some rather unwanted attention, but it amounted to nothing. We kept making comparisions between anything unusual or senseless to the big bowl of carrots we had seen at the beginning of the night. I had a surprisingly difficult time keeping my balance when I wasnít holding on to S, which usually never happens to me on shrooms. I also made the discovery that ice is an amazing thing to have while tripping. It prevents you from grinding your teeth, and also helps with dry mouth and dehydration. So I would go in cycles between dancing, losing S, sitting at the table to eat ice and waiting for S to return so I could dance some more. Even though I knew other girls there, I didnít feel comfortable dancing with them because I wasnít able to judge other peoples feeling toward me. I couldnít remember what was fantasy and what was reality. For example, I couldnít remember whether a certain girl liked me, or if I just wanted her to like me. By the time we left the dance, I felt pretty much fine, and I had a very enlightening conversation about the nights events on the ride home with S.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]
T+5:45: Driving is no problem. I drive with S to a friends house. We sit out back of his house with a few friends (the ones who had done the X and Klonopin earlier). We smoked a bowl, and basically sat around the fire and talked for a while.

T+6:45: S and I remembered we had more mushrooms. We proceeded to split the two and half or so grams left, and awaited the inevitable. We then decided to go up to the woods/ park near the house we were at, and we stood out in a grassy field talking. My friends were drinking beer and smoking cigarettes, but I declined, except for two sips of Southern Comfort.

T+7:00: One of my friends thought he saw something in the woods. He was pretty far gone between the X and other drugs, but I decided to follow him. I picked up a large stick and intended to use it as a spear. My friend eventually gave up, and I decided to sit in the woods alone and think.

T+8:30: I closed my eyes and felt myself travelling through time and space. I felt that my thoughts transended any language. I had the epiphany that my thoughts were transcending reason, I realized that it was in fact possible for something defying any reason, logic, or possiblity of any, even other worldly, explaination could be factually and valid. I called the spot that I found in the woods the Time Rift. Eventually one of my friends came looking for me and brought me back to the others.

T+10:00: After everyone except myself, S, and the friend whose house we were at had left, we went inside and watched 'The Doors' movie. Midway through the movie, I realized that I couldnít tell if I was tripping anymore. I had lost touch with my body and my mind. I just sat and watched the movie and tried to stop thinking.

T+11:00: After the movie, we watch a little TV, and I start to not be so mad at S, (I had gotten frustrated with her lack of affection for me) and fell asleep on the couch. Actually sleep signalled to me that was definetly back to baseline. I slept roughly half and hour, and then drove home, dropping off S. I got home and slept for a few hours, got up, and wrote this.
This was the best mushroom experience I have ever had.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 63287
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 30, 2019Views: 668
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Mushrooms (39) : General (1), Glowing Experiences (4), Various (28)

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