Unimind and Morphs
Citation:   Onglamesh. "Unimind and Morphs: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp63355)". Erowid.org. Sep 12, 2008. erowid.org/exp/63355

T+ 0:00
1.75 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 1:30 0.6 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
I had tried magic mushrooms twice before, but hadn't reacted as expected in the past. The first time I ate a very small amount, maybe less than a half-eighth, and felt nearly nothing other than a bit of a floaty sensation, as if there were another world out there and I could barely comprehend its possibility. My guide and I then smoked a bowl of some pot and that overrode whatever mushroom effects I nearly felt.

The second time, I smoked a few bowls of mushrooms with some friends. It tasted pretty bad, but not so much that it wasn't bearable. My friend had eaten nearly an eighth of the mushrooms before I showed up and smoked with him (he had purchased them at a rave), so he was tripping balls, while I knew I felt something different from a normal marijuana high. Once again we later smoked cannabis and that overpowered the mushroom sensation for me. My friend and I are often known to make strange music on the spot, and this night was no exception. I got my guitar out and played and sang, while my friend sang, drummed and rapped to the beat. Two girls had smoked the weed with us, but not the mushrooms, and they sat and watched our show. Everybody was in a great mood, the music sounded awesome.

We sat on the stage of a small outdoor amphitheatre made of stone, and I imagined a few times that the seats were filled with thousands of people watching our little show, though the theatre could probably just fit a few hundred people at most, and it really only contained the four of us. At one point I stopped in midsong to tell a joke, and then my friend and I forgot about the music. We picked up some sticks from the fireplace in the middle of the amphitheatre and proceeded to swordfight clumsily while jumping up and down the rows of stone seats. After much horseplay and running about which seemed to last a half hour, we remembered about the music and returned to the stage. We jumped back into the musical trance from the same point where we had left off as if it had never been interrupted. That truly impressed us all, and the music was then that much more euphoric and powerful. I would recommend smoking mushrooms, but it is nothing like eating them.


This third time was different. My friend (W) had fifty dollars and wished to put it to good use. My brother (R) and I had been discussing mushrooms for months and all three of us were eager to try them. We met someone who had some to sell, so we planned to drive down the mountain to his house and buy them. R stayed home and slept while W and I left at around 9:00pm. We returned to my house with a quarter-ounce at about 10:30pm, woke R up, and divided the shrooms into four equal shares: one for each of the three of us, and one for a friend we were supposed to look for that night.

R ate his half-eighth straight, while W and I cut ours up and put them in cereal. Couldn't taste the mushrooms at all, a good thing since we didn't like the taste of them alone. We finished the shrooms at about 11:00, and left my house at about 11:30 (T+00:30). By this point I was already feeling that light sensation I'd felt the first time I ate them, and my vision was a bit distorted. Colors seemed more defined and porch lights from the houses we passed seemed brighter than usual, meaning my pupils must have been dilated. I was the only one feeling anything at the time, and because of this I was beginning to wonder if I was just imagining the feeling.

We stopped at W's friend's house at T+00:45 and told her we were shrooming. She (D) knew exactly what to do--she went back inside and retrieved her rave lights, and the four of us walked across the street to entertain ourselves while the shrooms began to do their magic. D, who had tripped before, told us what to expect in our trip, such as some incoherency, directional stupidity, short attention span, and nausea. We all watched, fascinated, as she spun her lights about and made beautiful patterns and orbs with her photons. I began to see more pronounced tracers from her lights, and couldn't help but say 'whoa' and 'wow' as the sight became more and more trippy. For the first time I felt that I understood the art of light shows, and felt compelled to join in with a pair of finger lights I had in my pockets. I twisted and turned my hands and wrists in ways I might not have thought to do under normal circumstances, and the lights stayed in my vision for many seconds after I would stop moving them.

At T+01:00 I had to take a piss and D had to go home and sleep. She told us not to go to the creek and get wet or we would forget that we were wet and cold and might get sick. She also advised us against going into the woods, because we could easily get lost on mushrooms. With that we parted ways with D, and though she was no longer with us, we thought of her as our guide. She had told us earlier to try hopping up and down or running, which we now did. Hopping felt more exhilerating and fun than doing so on a trampoline, to me it felt as if the ground were bending slightly under my weight and pushing me back up for the next jump. By now R and W were feeling the same floating sensation I had described, and we all ran up the road toward the direction of the waterfalls. Running was even more exciting than hopping. We ran so fast, the world seemed to just fly by us. My legs didn't exist for a few moments as I floated up the road behind my brother and my friend, watching the bright porch lights drift by.

We all felt very happy and were discussing in detail what we were feeling. We often forgot that we were standing on a public road in front of houses after midnight, and our voices would get louder and louder until we'd realize once more that we were disturbing the peace. Each time this happened, we ran further up the road to avoid bothering the people who must have been sleeping in the houses near us. We kept moving further up the road in this way until we reached the end of the houses and the beginning of the road to the tourist area, not far from the creek and the waterfalls. We debated for a while the idea of continuing our accidental journey to the places we had been warned not to go, and eventually our impulses got the best of us and we went on our way to the tourist area. From here on the time was unknown and I am guessing when things happened.

T+01:30ish - We reached the tourist area and marveled at the unusually large size of the empty parking lot. The stars appeared to me as a spacey purple color, and they twinkled like never before! We ran around in the parking lot for a while, then found a massive pile of wood chips next to the parking lot. These wood chips had been mulched from the dead foliage collected by the forestry service weeks before, and were shaped into a large path that allowed access of a bulldozer, which sat dormant near us. We explored the bulldozer and found that the front part was an excellent place to lie down and watch the trees move. W decided that he was not going to be able to find his other friend that night, so we then ate the rest of the mushrooms (mostly stems) there in the bulldozer bowl.

As I ate more mushrooms, I felt a sort of electric jolt in my mouth whenever the taste felt strongest. It seemed to come and go in waves, truly amazing. By now we were all tripping hard and laughing loudly at many things which normally aren't that funny. Everything was funny to us. Even the idea that these could be bad mushrooms and we might just be poisoned (which we later realized we weren't) seemed hilarious. Rather than worrying about the idea that we could die, we contemplated it and laughed it off easily.

T+1:45ish - Still sitting in the bulldozer's bowl, we had finished the mushrooms and were now wondering what would be most fun to do next. I looked at two trees about 50 feet or so away from us, and noticed that they were moving a lot despite the still air. They looked to me like two people making out, and I decided not to say that out loud in case it might sound weird. I simply stated that they looked like people, and R also noticed they were making out. W was apparently seeing the same thing, and we marveled at the fact that we all saw the same distortion simultaneously.

T+02:00ish - By now the only real people that existed were the three of us and D, and we constantly referred to her warnings and advice as if she were still with us. Throughout most of the night, we even forgot her name and simply knew her as She or Her. If one person would say 'Remember when She told us...,' the other two would know exactly who he was talking about without question. W and I began walking toward the creek, and R said in a silly voice, 'Now isn't this exactly what She told us not to do?' W and I blew it off with some giggles and R joined us, and we decided to make our way to the waterfalls. We were finishing each other's sentences constantly--one person would lose train of thought in mid-sentence and another would just pick up where he left off as if we all shared a mind. We came to call this the Unimind.

The psychedelic effects would come and go in waves like the taste of the mushrooms did for me, and each time someone would stop tripping they'd say 'Whoa, back to reality...' The presence of this 'reality' was a somewhat depressing idea, as we wanted the trip to come back. We'd keep discussing the difference between the trip and reality until the trip climbed back into force again. This happened several times and eventually we figured out that the word 'Reality' was a sort of trigger that seemed to keep the trip at bay. One would accidentally use that word (which came up frequently) and the other two would instinctively shout 'Don't say reality!' It gradually progressed to a point where we would all ejaculate that word at random intervals, which remains an inside joke to this day.

Any mention of the stomach or vomiting, even the name Ralph, would make one or all of us feel queasy. So we also tried to forbid any mention of the stomach, which ended up bringing about the same habit of randomly shouting things like 'Hey Ralph!' into the night. Our voices echoed throughout the whole valley, and on several occasions we wondered if the whole town knew we were on mushrooms, though we didn't really care if the whole world knew at this point. A great deal of inhibition was lost, we felt truly free from the confines of society.

T+02:30ish - We reached the waterfalls. Normally this would be a five minute trip from the parking lot, but we were distracted by many things on the way. We followed the path parallel to the creek and came to an obstacle in the path that couldn't be easily overcome in our current state of mind, so we found a place to rest once more. The three of us lay down in the dirt, not far from the smaller waterfalls and attempted to meditate. The feeling was very spiritual and serene, and I couldn't keep myself from describing out loud the absolute beauty of this night. Though I would not be silent, the meditation was greatly enhanced by the mushrooms, and all we had to do was sit there to feel connected to all things in existence.

T+02:45ish - W began to doze off after a while, and we all got up and resumed walking in order to avoid passing out in the cold (it must have been below freezing out, but none of us felt the cold in any negative way). We neared the end of the waterfall area and needed only to cross the creek, and I slipped. My foot fell into the creek and got soaked. Now we had gone into the woods and I had gotten wet, just like D had warned us not to do. I began to worry that I might get frostbite and that worry manifested in the form of some paranoia. I began to feel less comfortable with the trip and wanted to get back indoors. W's house was our closest available destination, about a mile away, and I had to make a bowel movement. I complained about my stomach discomfort, to which R responded with a story about having seen a friend on shrooms go through nasty diarrea in the past. I imagined him squatting and shitting in the woods with R watching as if there were nothing unusual about such a scene, and couldn't think of anything funnier at the moment.

T+03:00ish - The fit of laughter was the last straw, I had to take a crap now. I'd been trying to hold it until we reached W's house, but it just couldn't be done. I dropped my pants behind a bush just in time, though I could have sworn I pissed and shat all over them in my hurry. Upon later inspection, I found that my pants looked and smelled perfectly clean and I must have hallucinated that part. I had nothing with which to wipe (which I didn't consider until after my body had been emptied), and I looked around for anything. I could find nothing but a patch of leftover snow. Take my word for it, there are few things more unpleasant than wiping your ass with snow, but you do what you have to do. I felt like I had completely lost control of myself and began to panic. I needed to be indoors and couldn't think of anything but the fact that we were lost in the woods during the wee hours and cold freeze to death. I was quickly crossing the line from good trip to bad trip, but my friends were able to calm me down by reminding me of the beauty of the stars. I gazed at the stars and forgot about my worries, it was that easy.

T+03:30ish - It turned out we were never lost--we lived in a very small mountain town in which the creek is always parallel to the main road, and we were following the creek. We found the road and made our way down toward W's house, which was empty of people. We could trip there in safety. I was incredibly dizzy, couldn't walk straight or see straight at all. All we had to guide us was starlight, but that was enough to light the way very well for our dilated eyes. On the way down the road we continued to talk loudly and randomly shout out 'Reality,' or 'Hey Ralph!' We concluded that we had left Ralph at the waterfalls, as none of us felt much nausea after my shit fit and we hadn't talked about the nausea for a while. Poor Ralph was all alone at the falls and we'd never see him again. It all seemed so hilarious.

T+04:00ish - W lit up a cigarette, which he and R shared. I had a drag from it, which made me feel sick to my stomach, so I gave up quickly on that idea. We walked down the street smoking that cigarette, and as we passed D's house, it took great effort for us to avoid waking her up. 'It's hilarious: She told us NOT to come back for her, and now we know why. She KNEW we were going to! Let's go to her house, after all, she KNOWS we're going to do it!' Somehow we were reasonable enough not to go back to her house, as she was sleeping. We continued down the road, and I began to realize just how distorted my vision was. The houses we passed grew, shrank, melted and morphed for me and I thought it was the spirits' method of drawing my attention to important details. I would memorize an address number that seemed to wave and dance more than the others, and I'd keep repeating that number out loud until I saw another one of the same signifigance.

There was one white house with a particularly bright porch light that drew us all toward it like moths. We wanted to go knock on the door and meet the people who lived there because we 'knew' it was an important house, but once again our common sense barely caught up with us as I took my first step onto the porch. We returned to the road. We passed a house where a lady was outside putting things in her car, obviously getting ready to go to work early in the morning. We were whispering to each other very conspicuously, and we were laughing hard at the fact that she probably knew we were on drugs. I felt her slight fear of our mental instability when she glanced at us and returned to her business as we passed by. When she was out of sight, we burst into intense laughter.

T+05:00ish - We reached W's house after many hours of distracted walking. We looked at the clock and couldn't believe it was only 4:00am. We had figured it must have been near sunrise! We settled down in the living room, tired from much physical activity. W put on a cd, Overnight Sensation by Frank Zappa, which somehow didn't impress me much more than it does when I'm sober. I found I was able to tune out the cd and play a guitar beautifully, even though the guitar was bending and twisting and my fingers were growing and shrinking. Somehow I managed to pluck the strings accurately and my mind was able to produce music of an unusually structured nature. The other guys weren't paying attention, as they were busy spacing out on other things in the same manner.

We conversed about countless concepts and ideas, and we found it impossibly amazing that so many things could happen in twenty minutes. From 4:00 to 4:20 we perceived at least an hour of time dilation. After 4:20 the flow of time seemed to speed back up a bit--still not normal, but closer to it. At 4:20 we agreed that it might have been better if we had weed to smoke, but all the money was spent on the mushrooms.

We ended up in the bathroom, all three of us looking in the mirror and studying our faces. My pupils appeared to be growing and shrinking freely, without any relation to each other. The end of my nose grew longer, then swelled like it was being inflated, then returned back to normal. All three of us thought we looked incredibly filthy, though in reality we looked normal. W lay in his bathtub and I looked at the various toiletries in the pantry with fascination until R kicked us out. It was now his turn to take a shroom shit, but at least the lucky bastard was able to crap in the comfort of a bathroom and wipe with toilet paper.

We kept turning the lights on and off every now and then, and when someone would do so, I wouldn't notice until maybe a minute later, when suddenly the light would fade in or out slowly. This brought on revelation about my total change of perception, and utterly amazed me.

We came down slowly over a few hours. Just before the sun began to rise and we were sane enough to communicate with non-shroomers, W's dad walked in the door. He had spent most of the night out and went to bed for a half hour to attempt to sleep off his drunkenness before leaving for work. He had no idea what had taken place in his absence, much to our relief. W stayed at his house and slept the day away, and my brother and I walked home after W's dad left for work. It was now about 7:00am (T+08:00), the sun was shining beautifully in the mountains, and the birds sang to us while we slowly enjoyed the walk home.

That mushroom trip was the best experience of my life. I must have built up tolerances to mushrooms, because we tried again two more times in that month but I never felt anything even close to that powerful night. Never in my life have I felt another psychic and spiritual connection with other people like what we felt that night. Next time I want to eat an eighth and see what happens. I think if everybody could handle a mushroom trip and tried it, the world would be a better place.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 63355
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 12, 2008Views: 12,728
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