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Night Gone BAD
by Wiser
Citation:   Wiser. "Night Gone BAD: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp6336)". Apr 19, 2001.

4.0 g oral Mushrooms (plant material)


Me and a friend of mine decided that after 2 unsuccesful experiences with shrooms (we didnt trip at all, probably fake), that we would give it another shot. After virtually NO preparation, and NO idea what was about to happen to us, we chomped them down raw. Everyone says these things are horrible tasting, but I was so eager to trip, i didnt even notice the taste.

Right after that, I decided to go chill in some of my friends suitemats rooms, while he went and showered. About 15 min. after ingestion, i started to feel the effects. It wasn't too different from what i had expected. The commmercial for SSX snowbaording came on, and everything started to look really really cool. Then i ventured into another room where there were a few guys sitting around listening to dave matthews with all the lights off and a couple black lights going. I was having the time of my life!

After staring into the mirror for a while, i realized that it was actually another dimension that i could never reach, and instead of pondering how to actually be a part of this world, i walked away from it. Then i realized my friend was still in the shower, so i wnet to check on him. I yelled out his name, with no response. The showers had low enough walls to glance over, so i went over there and peeked in. He looked at me and started pointing out all the faces he was seeing in the marble walls. I told him to hurry up so we could go experience this new world together.

After he got out of the shower, we spent about another 45 min. in the dorms just looking at everything, and playing with objects we found lying around the room. At this point we were both in a completely physical world without a care at all. Then we made the mistake of playing out the plans we had for the evening, which was venturing out to find a party, since we heard the night before that there was supposed to be a black light party. So off we went, with about 12 non-tripping people, only about 3 of which we were actually cool with. Things started to fall apart once we got to the street where the party was happening. By this time, I was convinced by two others that I was closer to god than anybody else on the street, which blew my mind.

My tripping friend and I had started to grow distant, not speaking to each other as much. Things really got nasty though when someone at the party yelled out that they were checking ID's at the door. For some reason, This became a life and death situation to they would spot me, come check my ID and notice the enormous size of my pupils. So i bitched and moaned until i got someone to take me back to the friend wanted to leave as well. We had to split up to get back, because we were freaking each other out, not making sense and going through intense mood swings.

So finally i got back to the dorms, and was cooling down, until some moron decided he knew how to handle someone on a bad trip. I dont remember much about the conversation, but the two people in the room with me became these entities that i can now only describe as what i saw as disciples of some highly powerful god. I was almost positive that their god was the christian god. One of them left to go check on my friend, who i didnt realize even existed was very hard for me to grasp the fact that he wasnt in the same building as me but i WOULD see him again.

Anyways, this is dragging out, so im going to pick up the pace. Another guy came down, one who i was actually good friends with, but didnt seem to know at the time. He and the other person (the diciple) began to argue about what i later found out was just a discussion about christianity. To me however, they were members of different religious sects, who were sent by thier respective gods to recruit me for purposes which i did not know.
Right in the middle of all this, the second 'disciple' came running back in to the room telling me that my friend (the tripping guy) was looking for me, and he was throwing up. We rushed upstairs and he was sitting in his room. After this, everyone began to argue about what was to be done. My friend was freaking out about dying and all that good stuff, and i was just trying to wait out my trip, which at this point was absolutely no fun anymore.

As i began to calm down, it felt as if i was descending into my own death, that at the end of this trip, i would cease to exist...but i wanted to wait it out until the bitter end. This hope was shattered when i got the notion that my friend was going to kill me. We both said the strangest things that night, which would make for a killer movie, but anyways, it only got scarier.

After the trip was FINALLY done, we began to speak again, and relive our experiences. We were apart for about 2 good hours, in which time we both had lots of strange revelations. Shrooms are good, but I have leared not to try and venture out again until im sure im ready.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 6336
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 19, 2001Views: 15,086
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Mushrooms (39) : Various (28), Bad Trips (6), First Times (2)

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