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Revisiting an Old Friend
Citation:   Tired Soul. "Revisiting an Old Friend: An Experience with Peyote (exp64634)". Oct 21, 2018.

3 oz oral Ginger (roots)
    oral Peyote (plant material)
Very recently I had done a service for some friends who happen to be Indigenous American people. The details of this service are not so important as the fact that it involved some personal risk and not a small amount of sacrifice for myself. I was happy to help and the family was grateful beyond measure.

For my efforts and other reasons too personal to share here they presented me with a shallow wooden box containing 12 mature peyote plants in small clay pots.

I in turn was grateful beyond measure.

It had been a good many years since the sacred flesh had passed these lips of mine so I made preparations to partake as soon as possible. That turned out to be the following Saturday morning.

6 of the plants I elected to keep and care for, and 6 surrendered their lives to enrich my own. I began the process by cutting each plant from the rootstock approximately ¼” below the dirt line. The severed rootstocks were cleaned and placed in the compost pile along with the tiny bits of “fluff” from the tops of the plants. I’m not sure that this is a necessary step but it is one I practice.
I then washed the tops and began eating crystallized ginger root of which I ate approximately 3 ounces.

Given that these are living things that will give up their lives for me, I, as always in the past, chose to eat them whole and raw. My thinking is: A sacrifice for a sacrifice. The ginger did what it was supposed to do and I experienced no nausea at all. It took me about 20 min. to eat all 6 tops.

The experience was…extraordinary. I gather there has been something along the lines of Burbankian botanical wizardry at work because these were much more powerful than I remembered.

I can’t give you a timeline and somehow it doesn’t seem all that important. However I will say that it was about an hour and a half when I was sure that the cactus had merged with me. It was about 3 hours in when I understood how powerful the experience was going to be.

It would take many, many pages to properly delineate the experience but I will share the most salient event.

It was several hours into the day, I had been walking in the desert for quite some time and I realized I was thirsty. I was carrying a small pouch in which I had placed some bottled water, frybread, and jerky. I remember the bottle slipping from my fingers, fell to the ground and turning up a small cloud of dust. I bent to pick up the bottle, opened it and drank and a realization hit me like a bolt of lightning. The water I was drinking, before it passed through the packaging process, had passed through countless living things for millions of years. It had flown through the air around the world innumerable times. It had been deep in the ground and lost in the vast oceans. At some point many thousands of lives ago something like a man had dipped its hands into a clear stream and scooped out some part of what I was then drinking and quenched a thirst not unlike my own.

There was a good deal more to it that doesn’t translate well to spoken words. Suffice it to say that I now feel connected with you through the portion of the single great body of water we share.

More than peace, more than happiness,

I wish you understanding

Tired Soul

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 64634
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 21, 2018Views: 1,279
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Peyote (42) : General (1), Nature / Outdoors (23), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Unknown Context (20)

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