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Sparkling Cottonwoods Amidst Red Rock Towers
by Josh
Citation:   Josh. "Sparkling Cottonwoods Amidst Red Rock Towers: An Experience with Datura (exp65062)". Sep 3, 2008.

1 flower oral Datura (tea)
  1 leaf smoked Datura (leaves)
Just a few days ago, August 2nd, 2007, two friends and I first spotted and identified Sacred Datura, as the Navajo call it, in Canyon de Chelly. Our Navajo guide explained that 'it gets you high man'. So we decided to delve deeper into this mystical plant that blooms only at night. We left the canyon without the plant in hand, wondering if we'd ever find it again. Only days later as we entered Zion National Park we saw the plant growing in abundance there. There was so much that every day the shuttle bus driver would explain what it was, going on to say it was poisonous to touch or eat. Of course we knew better. That tuesday after hiking Angel's Landing we decided to take this plant as a tea and see what it was all about. At first the trip reports scared us, almost not into taking it. Still we embarked on our journey, steeping 1 large flower and 1 leaf in a concoction of lemon, ginger and orange for taste. The brew was surprisingly good and the three of us drank from it equally.

Not too long after I began felling a little strange. Not bad strange, but I could tell that the world around me seemed to take on new life. I became energized with a happy carefree mood, smiling often and simply enjoying the situation. my friend Ray soon began to feel similar effects, and we would share these same feelings throughout the trip. Our other psychonaut, Zach, had taken Brugmansia before, and for the large duration of the trip supposedly felt nothing more than a sore throat. The three of us experienced increasingly worse cotton mouth. It got to a point when our throats were sore, as if we were just getting over a cold. After about 35 minutes we were feeling the intensity of the trip building. We simply laid in the nice green grass, under the shade of the cottonwoods, in an ampitheater of red rock cliffs towering thousands of feet overhead.

Ray and I were feeling an intense head and body high, almost a feeling of carefree drunkeness, with a sort of weightless sensation. We laid in our spot beneath the trees and soon a group of about 5 girls and a guy sat near us. We talked about them for a while before talking with them. Eventually one of them asked about our drink, as we had begun making a stronger datura tea yet again, to bring back home. We explained it to them and they began asking if we were 'high'. So we explained to them about ganja and various other substances we have experimented with in the past. At this point we were at the peak of the experience, talking with what ended up to be a large amount of really hot New York chicks. Two of them came up to Ray and I and started talking chinese-gibberish-bullshit. This really tripped us out. We all remember it, but datura is a funny thing. It can make me see or hear things and think they are completely real. To this day we don't really know if this actually happened or if we were just tripping balls. We eventually had to say good by to our guests and simply laid there doing what we were before.

Time seemed to not even really exist anymore, or it was like we were separate from time, no longer connected to that strange idea. We felt independent from everything, and at the same time, so completely connected to every natural thing about the earth. We felt in tune with the earth and all its beings. Man made things took on a strange awe. The leaves above us began twinkling like diamonds. Every time the wind would blow I would get the chills. My body felt a little warmer than normal and even the warm Utah breeze felt cold. Our trip lasted a good few hours in its peak, and seemed to last all day. We just felt a little bit different all day long and even into the next few days. the datura seemed to effect us mostly in a spiritual way. Forever after we seemed to be able to connect with the earth and all its creatures more securely. We felt as if we were a part of some sort of universal family ever time we took a look around.

Just last night I smoked a thing called a beady. I guess this is datura wrapped in a beady leaf and looks something like a joint made out of a leaf. It had a surprisingly good taste and a great effect. This time Zach tripped out a bit. We had that same carefree feeling but also so unbelievebly happy. As we walked down the beach we just began screaming whatever came to mind. We were a little bit stoned as well, but the datura had obvious effects.

Overall I think datura was amazing, at least for me. I've heard numerous very scary reports and am happy to say that my experience was much on the contrary. I am very experienced and very spiritual and I think thats why it unlocked that aspect of my personality. Datura was used by the medicine men of the southwest to experience intense supernatural experiences which would give them wisdom to speak to the people. I experienced something of the like, and I think it is because I was prepared for it.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 65062
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 3, 2008Views: 22,822
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