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Just Hit Me...
Mushrooms - P. cubensis & Oxycodone
Citation:   RTKKG. "Just Hit Me...: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis & Oxycodone (exp65594)". Jul 31, 2018.

T+ 0:00
10 mg oral Oxycodone (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:25 5 mg oral Oxycodone (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:40   oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (dried)
  T+ 1:25   smoked Cannabis (plant material)


Earlier today I discovered how great psychoactives are.

T+0:00 - 2 5mg oxycodone tablets ingested

+0:10 - I started to feel the oxy. Me and D went to McDonalds shortly after ingestion where I had a small fry.

+0:25 - Ingested another oxy. We saw a couple people we knew walking and picked them up. We went to go sit in some chairs. The first 2 oxycodone tablets were taking affect, but not as strong as they normally were, most likely due to the fact I ate fries right after taking them.

+0:30 - Ingested yet another oxycodone. Drove by my house an picked up my guitar and procceded to a local park.

+0:40 - Upon arriving, I wondered why the oxycodone wasnt taking full affect, as the most I've take previous is 10mg doses and felt nowhere near expected. Ate 3 P. Cubensis mushrooms. I throughly chewed them becuase I couldn't taste anything, so the taste wasn't a problem. I tried to play my guitar but failed miserably as I was preoccupied at the visual similarities of the grass and the water. Haha, now I realize how stupid that sounds

+1:00 - Started to feel the mushrooms, but still no intense oxycodone euphoria that I anxiously awaited. Decided to go by my house and get some good marijuana.

+1:25 - We decided to go to a different park and smoke a couple chillum/bat bowls. We ended up doing 5.

1:30 - This is where it got fucked up. After smoking some good weed, I felt the oxycodone and mushrooms hit me out of nowhere. I couldnt feel my body whatsoever and was having closed-eyed visuals and when I was looking at people, it looked like a weird 2-dimensional anamations.

1:50 - Arrived back at school just to hear the bell ring. The whole time I kept think that something bad was going to happen because I felt that I only had limited control of my body.

2:20 - Arrived home. I felt weird so I decided to take a nap. Felt very drowsy

2:50 - Awoke. I had almost completly come down. I was now just feeling the residual effects of what I assume to be the Oxycodone

Overall, I found this whole experience postive. I might actually try it all as a combination again.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 65594
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 31, 2018Views: 1,315
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Oxycodone (176), Mushrooms - P. cubensis (66) : General (1), Combinations (3), Various (28)

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