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Mr. Awesome
Mushrooms & Kava
by Ferdinand
Citation:   Ferdinand. "Mr. Awesome: An Experience with Mushrooms & Kava (exp65646)". Sep 9, 2010.

2 cups oral Kava (tea)
  .8725 g oral Mushrooms (dried)


Foreword: I ingested ~.8725 g of psilocybe mushrooms 4 hours ago. I'm still feeling it a little bit. They were pretty strong mushrooms compared to what I had previously ingested.

Pre-mindset: Started college a couple months ago. I'm taking a couple pretty hard courses so it's a lot of work. Not more than I can handle but it has an effect on my social life and personal time. The past week especially has been rough. I have put in close to 50 hours in studying and homework this week alone. I wish that I had more time to focus on everything that I had before in high school (I took all honors classes, but still balanced my needs fine). I'm happy but not the extent that I used to be.

Prior entheogenic experiences: I have had 4 different examinations with some sacred cacti that I cultivate. A Peruvian torch, and a Juul's Giant (bridgesii of some hybrid sort) x SS01 (San Pedro hybrid). Those experiences taught me a lot. One of them I had with a friend who I will refer to as K. The experience is available in the Vault (The Cave of Knowledge). I have also had several close encounters of the LSD kind, MDMA, MDA and 2-cb. On an average day I consume a decent amount of yerba mate. I have tried a sleu of entheobotanicals (some of which I cultivate).

Group dynamic: There were three people who ingested mushrooms with me - K (trip buddy), A (K's roommate) and F (some random guy). K and I had previous experiences with mushrooms and other psychedelics and decided to be guides of some sort for A and F. We both split half an eighth (thatís where I get the four digit number). A consumed half an eighth a half an hour before everyone else, and K consumed an eighth. The trip was sort of unplanned. K and I had made plans to drink some kava kava (piper methysticum) and have a quiet relaxing evening. When I learned about the plans for the evening I decided to make more kava for everyone to share in on. In my humble opinion it smooths trips out quit a bit and pretty much kills paranoia at moderate doses.

Mushroom & Kava preparation: I chewed on my mushrooms for a while, then swallowed. No reason for this really. F made a peanut butter sandwich with his. For the kava I prepared 1 tablespoon (it was already broken up but not powderized) to every cup, with every cup being 1/3 milk and 2/3s water. The mixture was microwaved just a little bit so it was luke warm. I mixed the solution thoroughly, let it sit for twenty minutes, then strained using a frenchpress type coffee mug. The drinks were allowed to cool in the refrigerator. Everyone had two glasses after finishing the mushrooms.

The walk (t+0 start): After eating our goods we went to go have a conversation over a smoke. Everyone with me smoked some pot. I don't really like to smoke any until after an experience because it clouds my mental facilities. It has it's place, but on a separate special occasion. Following that we started to K and I decided we should take our group over to a grassy field.

(t+10 min) As we were walking everyone started to come up. F had taken an eighth of some strong mushrooms. It was obvious he was going to have a stronger experience than us. Having not seen him sober or not talking about psychoactives since I met him I assumed he would be able to handle his experience well. If the kava kava had not come into play I could see him being very paranoid and panicky. Instead he was just talkative and skindeep about what he was experiencing, never allowing himself to delve into his sensations. Which subsequently never allowed any of us to either. I don't know if he has only smoked a lot of pot and this was his first experience with anything else, or if he is just always like that. In any case it was kind of frustrating.

Once we arrived at the field (t+30 min) A, who has ingested his an hour ago, was starting to see open eye visuals. We started to talk about holographs, then F mentions something about colors. Only superficially delving into his thoughts and visuals. K and I being pretty seasoned trippers recollect people talking to us during our first strong experiences, and how it is like talking to a child. F was reduced to simple pleasures, and understanding of things. If he would have allowed himself to mature into his new surroundings he would have learned very much and had been a different person because of it, as K and I had. It's a sort of maturity with understanding and thought processes. Understanding how myself and my surroundings work is the key reasons why I take psychedelics. I have to admit at first I was mostly fascinated with the concept of a class of drugs that people around the world regularly took, but was not always fun, and involved hallucinations. I really didn't have any concept of the whole world that was always in front of my eyes that I had never chosen to see.

K and I talked about chemistry (hydronium ions and carboxyl affecting lipid solubility to be precise), calculus (graphing 3 dimensional concepts), geometry (patterns of the field in front of us and ways to make it 3 dimensionally look flat), life (how we have changed over time and why), and our usual abstract concepts and interpretations to things that most people would find mundane. We brought A into our world a little bit.

At this point (t+1hr) F started calling A Mr. Awesome. K and I found this hilarious. A was a little confused by this point. The lights on the field were interacting with my eyes (opened and closed) quite a bit. I could see the afterimages forming a couple really cool patterns while practising a breathing exercise in order to zone out, despite F chatting about the words How and When.

At about the 2 hour mark K and I peaked. At most colors were lightly looking like other colors. It was stronger than I was expecting but no where near the hyperspactial, ego dissolving that I had come to know and understand in the past. Still it would have been a nice dose in a quiet setting with a book or a cool trance album to meditate to.

By the 2 hour mark I felt more like a trip sitter than a trip participant. Water became a fixation for F. We talked about how important water is. I mentioned how ancient Chinese would accidentally eat psychedelic mushrooms with their mushrooms in their food. Then in order to cure the 'laughing sickness' they would drink water that has been filtered through dirt. K and I became more articulate, A became more articulate but more reserved, F was more talkative but not articulate (he isn't usually though).

We all went back to A, K and F's (lives close to A and F) apartment complex. Drank some water. (t+3hr) Talked about religion. How people decide religion. How much it would suck to be a traffic light (joke, you'd have to be there). Projecting yourself into other people's mind. After smoking a couple cigarettes with A and K I parted ways started the 3/4 mile trek to my apartment.

Observed a bunch of poor drunk drivers (Saturday in a college town, go figure). Saw a black man pulled over by a white officer who was searching his car. I thought the officer might have been stereotyping the situation. Perhaps the man was driving drunk. I didn't really know, but I wanted more details. I felt bad for the guy who was pulled over. Reminded me of when I was arrested for smoking pot when I was younger. I kept thinking about the situation until I walked by the library and saw 3 empty cop cars (and no cops in sight) and a bus with the driver out front smoking a cigarette. (t+3hr30min) I thought this story must be much more interesting.

With my home in sight, and still seeing minor color alterations I saw this really cool girl acquintance walking with a friend. Someone who lives in my apartment was trying to hook me up with her, but she's sort of pretensious. She's approachable, but doesn't make any eye contact. I talked about this with my friend who lives next to me, and he said that she was the same way to him for like a year. I thought about trying to think what she was, but it wasn't working. There was some z factor. In any case I decided that anyone not willing to really talk with someone beyond all the bullshit is not someone that I want to get to know. Made my way to my room, talked to my roommate for a few minutes. Then I proceeded to empty my pockets and write this story which you are reading right now.

After-mindset: I have been thinking of tripping since I got more acclimated to my surroundings here. Really reflect on my actions and where I am right now in my life. I didn't get much of that accomplished tonight, but I did get to understand some things better and make some new friends. I don't really like the trip-sitting night it turned into. I am uncomfortable with F's lifestyle and his abuse of a sacred substance. I wish he would stop trying to teach his teachers and just pay attention. All in all it was a fun and interesting night with some friends but not as spiritual of an experience as I would have wanted it to be. Next time I'll be pickier about who I invite for the journey.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 65646
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 9, 2010Views: 9,240
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