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Trippin Party Leads to Escaping the Universe
by JENNuine
Citation:   JENNuine. "Trippin Party Leads to Escaping the Universe: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp66596)". Jan 26, 2019.

3.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)

Let me start off by saying my first experience with shrooms was an amazing experience, kind of like being reborn and whatnot. The second and last time I did them it was like time stopped and I was completely stuck in that horrible mindset with no escape.

It had only been a week and a day since my first experience with shrooms. I loved them so much I decided to do them again soon. It ended up becoming a shroom party of 8. We had a house to go to in the country, plenty of O.J., and expectations high.

The actual eating of these became completely daunting. I sat and concentrated on eating them. I finally got them down and sat back to wait for the effects.

Soon, naseau hit me. The visuals began shortly as well. The carpet began to look like trees sprouting from the ground and the wallpaper began shifting and moving. It was amazing but it all became a bit too much and I went outside. I sat with one of my friends and we noticed the grass the same way, a strange kind of neon squiggle. He went away for some reason and I continued to sit outside.

This is when the trip started going bad. Suddenly, the grass looked like snakes everywhere and I got scared. My brother helped me get back inside the house. The patterns everywhere were making me feel insane. I stepped outside and threw up a lot.

This made me feel better but spike faster. I came into the room where most people were sitting. Everyone was kind of doing their own thing, most were pretty chill, either staring at the ceiling, laying down, or upstairs listening to music. However, my ex boyfriend who I still love dearly was having a horrible trip battling his own demons. I lay on the floor and began staring at things and thinking.

I didn't think I was too stressed before taking them.
I didn't think I was too stressed before taking them.
But I began to think about my life and this summer and all of a sudden I felt completely overwhelmed by sadness. My whole July I spent away from my friends, staying with my mom who I barely knew. It just hit me how much I despised all the things my mother had done to me and it felt like a horrible, horrible pressure building and all of a sudden my eyes filled with tears.

Once I started crying I couldn't stop. All I kept thinking about was something I'd found out this summer that completely devastated me - my mother had told my stepfather that I was dead when I was little because she wanted the attention and she didn't want to be forced to support me or visit me.

Thinking of this, I was suddenly battling the universe. I stole a pen and wrote on my arm 'I can't see where I am and how to come back to space and time'. It was a complete existential meltdown in front of a bunch of other tripping people. Everyone else was in their own world and I couldn't be pulled out of my trip.

Things get even stranger. I end up sitting on the couch by my best friend and my ex boyfriend. I began writing things down in his notebook. This helped me quite a bit express what was going on with me.
I began writing things down in his notebook. This helped me quite a bit express what was going on with me.
But soon two of the boys I was tripping with began to get rowdy. They began jumping around and crashed into a chandelier.

The house we were at didn't belong to any of us, but to two friends of friends who weren't tripping but said it was ok that we went there. Apparently, the two rowdy boys had already damaged something earlier. Once the chandelier crashed and the lights went out, it was a gigantic 'What the fuck?'

Soon, people started fighting and a mass of wrestling, confused, pissed off boys fell on top of me on the couch and I got pulled out of there. The whole time I was completely unaware of what was going on and why everyone was freaking out.

We got to the car and I realized I'd been in the bad part of my trip for over an hour. Walking around and getting fresh air helped me to come down a lot faster. Once my friend started playing some light relaxing music, I knew that I was going to be okay.

Even though I had a bad trip, I didn't mind. I learned a lot about myself from it, and I'm still planning to do them again soon. [In a week, in fact.] What I love is the fact that since so many people were tripping and so many different things happened, everyone has a different perspective and story to tell. That's how you need to look at bad trips though - as lessons learned, and not just as bad trips.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 66596
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 26, 2019Views: 1,705
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Mushrooms (39) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Bad Trips (6), Difficult Experiences (5), General (1)

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