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Saving Him
by victim of 1987
Citation:   victim of 1987. "Saving Him: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp66966)". Sep 21, 2020.

T+ 0:00
  oral Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 0:00   oral Vitamin C (liquid)
  T+ 0:10 1 cig. smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  


It wasn't a good experience, but it wasn't a bad one. It was just an experience. I have taken mushrooms before this time. But I guess the dose wasn't as heavy as this one. I realized a long time ago that it doesn't matter what the experience was, you learn something in the end and that mushrooms are always beneficial. I haven't done mushrooms in a long while before this, and I was very excited to hear that my boss got them. I ordered somewhere around half an ounce which had cost me a hundred bucks. It didn't seem like there were too much in there, it seems like I have taken more before, but after this trip I'm not too sure anymore.

It was Monday, and I had just gotten off of work. I brought my girlfriend (let's call her B), along with me to work that Monday and she had drank enough to puke on. After work, she was starting to sober up. As we drove back to the apartment I decided to get some Funions (which make eating them a lot more stand-able), and also bought some orange juice (which I heard heightens the trip). When we got back to the apartment, we decided to wait for G, one of my good friends. G was into the whole hippy-communism thing. G had also done his fair share of hallucinogens, his favorite was acid I think. B had never done any hallucinogens before and was a little iffy about the whole thing, but I said I would protect her from anything bad.

G got home.

G was the big guy so he had 2 big pieces (stem and cap), 3 medium pieces, and 3 small pieces. I am medium sized (5'10 about 145 LBS) so I had 2 big pieces, 2 medium, and 2 small. B got the smallest, 1 big piece, 2 medium, 2 small and some crumbs.
I knew just how to set the mood, it has worked for me every-time. Turn off the lights and leave a blue/green/purple lighting linger in the room, put on Ulver's Lyckantropen themes, and lay around, (don't mean to be capitalistic but you have to buy that CD). The apartment is actually 2 rooms and is very small, cluttered, and cramped. I do not recommend this setting because there is no room to move around and if anything happends, you might hurt yourself. Night-time rolls around. Time to ingest.

(T+ 0:00) - We ate the mushrooms with the Funions and chased them down with orange juice. While we ate them, we took pictures to lighten the mood for B.

(T+ 0:10) - A familiar body high rushed over me. B laid on the floor with her favorite blanket and she stared off at the ceiling... the plain, dull, white ceiling. We hadn't but on Ulver yet. G and I decided to go smoke outside and let her be in her own little world for a short time. Once my cigarette was lit I saw the bright aura of the cigarette cherry which made me happy to have familiar surroundings after such a long time. G said he feels it and that made me so glad. I worried before that he wouldn't which is the reason I gave him the 'high dose'. I went to the end of the porch and looked up at the sky. The stars were very bright and there seemed to be more of them out (I knew this was apart of the visions because the shadows of the stars were close together). I then saw a shooting star, which was incredible. We went back inside to see how B was doing. G being G, made fun of B. She laughed and I told her it was the 'giggle stage' which made her laugh more, which made me laugh.

(T+ 0:30) - We all decided it was chill time. G told me that it's good to watch Connan O'Brien while tripping, which I ignored so I could cuddle with B and watch over her. I turned on Ulver and laid down with her. G put Connan on mute. B stared at the amazing ceiling. It was no longer a dull colorless ceiling. It was now a pink/blue ceiling with figures carved into it that seemed to dance with the music. I shut my eyes and got this vibrant kaleidoscope pattern with the center piece moving and the sides swirling. I thought to myself 'I have never tripped this hard.' The visions in my head made me joyful. Trying to hold in my laugh was impossible. When I started laughing, B started to. G would shut us down by saying 'shut up! Can't you guys just chill and enjoy the ride?' We both looked at him laying high in his bed staring at Connan on mute.

(T+ 1:00) - The music had stopped. I opened up my eyes and looked at G. We was zoned out. B was staring at the ceiling. It was up to me to fix the music problem. I got up and it turned out that the computer froze. Fuck. I turned on the light, and looked at G. He was still spaced out on Connan. I sat in the chair right next to the microwave and shut my eyes again. This time I got brighter visuals, it was mostly blue and white with small rainbow patterns in the distance. 'Shit!' G said, 'This is why people go to prison, do you guys see any blood?!' I got chills, 'What?' B replied. G gets up and turns off the TV and looks behind his bed. 'This is how people you read in the news paper get their dicks cut off!' B wasn't getting up, it appeared that this didn't disturb her as much as it disturbed me. I got up to help G look for blood. 'I taste blood,' G said while looking for the source. I didn't see anything, neither did anyone else. He falls back down to his bed with a sad looking face. His pillow is red, and it always has been. B asked him if he still tastes blood. 'No, we're already dead.' I've heard about ego death before but I didn't know or even think he was going through it. B goes into the bathroom and I sit back into the chair. This time when I shut my eyes the last vision became a bit creepier. It was a kaleidoscope vision of eyes and teeth with the same colors as the last one. I heard the shower turn on. B kept walking in and out of the bathroom saying the room was full of piss and dirt I shrugged it off, I was worried about G. He stares blankly at the ceiling trying to make sense of everything, repeating himself.

(T+ 1:30) - B seems to have been in the shower forever. Time has stopped, which means I was moving faster than the speed of light. Remembering my dedication to B, I went into the bathroom. She was wet and had only a towel on. I asked her if she was okay. She was fine, but she said that there was too much dirt and piss everywhere. I then heard a noise in the other room. G was flailing his arms wildly and then fell off the bed. This worried me, and I was thinking about what he said about the being crazy and ending up going to prison. It was now my mission to protect G. He stood up fast, walked towards me and stared at the ceiling again. His pupils were dilated to another size. 'Dude, I'm coming down from a gooooooood trippppppp.......' as soon as he expressed the word 'trip' he collapsed onto the floor. Now I was more afraid and more worried for G's and the rest of our lives, I thought we would all go crazy and try to fly off a building, just like the stories in the news paper. G kept repeating himself. His speech would loop as would my thoughts.

(T+ 2:15) - B finally came out of the bathroom. And laid next to me while I was laying next to G listening to him repeat himself. He was making a bunch of noise. He was yelling 'OH SHIT.... Wait, what the.... Son of a bitch..... Wait what..... Ooooh...... OH, OH SHIT!' and so on. I was convinced he had brain damage, and that it was all my fault. Somehow I got to the conclusion that I could read G's mind... or he could read mine. If I thought of B and wanting to connect her into my trip G would say 'awwww', this was weird, G was completely unconscious. Whenever I got mad at him he would say OH SHIT! Whenever I would come up with something new to think about such as me actually being able to stop time he said son of a bitch. These ideas rolled around in my head for what seemed like forever. All I know is that I had to keep G from running out the door (which when I thought of that he said OH SHIT!) That's how I could read his mind... or rather him read my mind. But then why could I read his mind? Because I was him, and he was me. This in combination with me being able to stop time meant something, it meant that we were going to be okay, because G and I was the being of god. We were god himself, and we had created everything.... 'SON of a BITCH!' I left him there, watching his every move, and worried about him still. B tried to get my attention 'Awwwww'. But I couldn't leave G. For all I was concerned, G needed me to save him and B could go off into her little bunny land. Though whenever she tapped me for attention eyes and teeth would come into my head and remind me that this was soon to be over.

(T+ 4:00) - Time... was moving. Very very slowly now. But it was moving. I then realized, that I really didn't have any control over it. But G was still in my head. The relieving part was that he was in my head less often. I stood up and realized G and I weren't really god. We were just two dudes tripping in a tiny apartment. G was still knocked out and repeating himself. I was the only one awake. B had fallen asleep.

(T+ 5:00) - G had fallen in and out of consciousness. Things were beginning to look up. He was out of my head completely. I could now let him into the outside world without killing himself, or anyone else.

After this, we all went to sleep.

At the beginning of this story, I said that all trips had its benefits, and that you learn something from everyone of them, no matter how good or bad it might be. I learned that you can protect an unconscious person from himself by laying next to him, or you could go out there and do your own thing and not let everything worry you soo much.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 66966
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 21, 2020Views: 299
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Mushrooms (39) : General (1), Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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