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Spiraling Out
by Midori
Citation:   Midori. "Spiraling Out: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp67712)". Sep 2, 2021.

4 g oral Mushrooms (dried)


This is my first trip report but I have tripped on mushrooms like 5 times but this was by far the most intense and memorable experience.

Last night I went with my friends to a TOOL concert. A few days before I had picked up some chocolate mushrooms for my friends and decided to get some for myself for the concert. I got four grams cuz the last few times I tripped I always took 3.5 or 4 grams and had only mild effects but I always spaced out the time between ingestion so that I did not take them all at once to gauge how I was feeling.
I always spaced out the time between ingestion so that I did not take them all at once to gauge how I was feeling.
While we were waiting in line for the concert I had to take all four grams at once because I had no place to hide them and security inspection was pretty tight. I probably could have hid them but I didn't think 4 grams would be that intense but then again I never took that much all at once.

Every time I trip on shrooms I always get this weird sensation in my teeth that tell me that they are working and after 30 minutes of ingestion I felt those sensations. Before we got our seats I ran to the bathroom to piss and when I was washing my hands I saw my gigantic pupils in the mirror and laughed. I was wondering how this trip would be and if it would affect me at all.

We got our seats and my friends took their edible weed treats while I watched people cuz that is one of my favorite things to do while tripping. First I didn't get any visuals and was getting disappointed thinking that I was broken. I have read about how people lose effects of mushrooms after taking them a few times. But I was way wrong. I noticed visual effects like everyone's face was morphing and people looked like their cheeks were really fat. People then started to look like creepy monsters with their faces sunken in. This didn't really scare me cuz I knew I was tripping and I enjoyed it. We were sitting in the balcony section and I was watching the standing crowd below and they moved around and looked like little bacteria this really amused me.

Then things just kept getting more and more intense. I looked at my jeans and the patterns in them were swirling around and my chair looked all bulgy and weird. Then I looked at my hands and they grew bigger and smaller and looked all deformed. Also the section we were sitting in started to sway and rock like a boat and that was crazy. I was impressed cuz I never seen visuals quite like this and was excited cuz I knew I wasn't broken. Then I noticed these vibrating sensations in my hands and arms which kind of annoyed me cuz it was uncomfortable. I ignored the sensations but I could not stop shaking but I wasn't scared, yet.

Then the opening act Trans am came on and I thought they were interesting their music was trippy and went well with my experience. I noticed how much I was tripping because even the performers were pulsing and morphing and I couldn't believe my eyes. I looked at the people around me and saw how everything was tripped out. I looked at a woman sitting in front of me and saw her hair move and dance with the music and I was like wow. Then I saw patterns swirling around in a bald guy's head in front of me. I played connect the dots on his head.

I never had experienced anything so intense on mushrooms. Everywhere I looked things would morph and move and change color and I couldn't believe how potent the shrooms I took were. They I started seeing tiny star like swirls of rainbows when I moved my head upward. Then the sensations in my arms moved to my head and face and I didn't like that at all. I would close my eyes and see the most intense colorful red and blue patterns moving towards me like I was rushing through a psychedelic tunnel.

Then things kept getting more and more intense. I kept thinking the peak had already passed but that didn't happen yet. I started to feel discombobulated and drunk like. Then TOOL came on and the crowd went super crazy loud of course. I stood up to watch TOOL but I felt an intense rush in my head and couldn't stand up anymore. I sat back down and tried to piece myself back together but the body sensations and drunk like uncoordinated state wouldn't go away. I took off the layers of shirts I was wearing to try and cool off but it didn't help. I was sweating so much and I began to think that my drunk like state was caused by being dehydrated but now I think that was all in my head as I began to panic. Then my vision was fading similar to when I drink too much alcohol and I black out. I hate when this happens and I began to think that this was it and I was a stupid tripping fool who took more shrooms than I could handle. I thought I was gonna die.

My visuals kept getting more intense and then I got all ADD like. My mind started racing a mile a minute and I couldn't focus on one thought. Time went to a standstill. I kept telling myself 'dude, stop freaking you're just tripping and you are missing TOOL, snap out of it!'. But I couldn't snap out of it. I couldn't concentrate my vision on anything and things were all blurry. I was so terrified. And the entire crowd was standing which left me sitting alone in the dark with my scary thoughts. I think if I talked to someone that would have grounded me but TOOL was playing and no one wanted to talk then which I completely understand. I wanted to leave because I heard that helps make a bad trip experience go away by changing the environment but I could not walk for the life of me. I missed most of the show. I would try to distract myself from freaking out by singing along to the lyrics but I was so ADD I couldnt remember very many even though I've listened to these songs millions of times before. The only song I tuned in for was Rosetta Stoned which is a song I love. It's a song about a guy who trips out on DMT and gets checked into a hospital thinking he's permanently insane. I basically related to this song so well and kind of laughed because I really felt the meaning of it. 'It was so real, Like I woke up in Wonderland. All sorta terrifying. I don't wanna be all alone While I tell this story. And can anyone tell me why Y'all sound like Peanuts parents? Will I ever be coming down? This is so real Finally, it's my lucky day See, my heart is racing 'Cause this shit never happens to me'. I felt like this 100%.

There was a point when I couldn't talk and people were asking me how I was and all I could do was thumbs up because I didn't wanna scare them and ruin their night. I really thought that I had become permanently insane and was so scared it was the only time that I ever said 'I don't wanna trip anymore. Please make this stop. God help me'. But I'm not even a very religious person. I was just so desperate to get my sanity back. I thought about my family and even contemplated calling my dad and telling him what I did and have him pick me up. That shows how out of it I was I didn't even care if he would be mad or not. But thank god I didn't because I realized I couldnt walk so I wouldnt be able to make it outside and I would have gotten in trouble and maybe like a family intervention or some shit.

I panicked enormously even though I know it was just the mushrooms and they are capable of doing that but I couldn't stop myself from dwelling in insanity. No matter how much I have read and researched mushrooms that didn't help me and when you're panicked you can't control your mind. I thought about death a lot and was so certain that I was about to die. Then I would realized 'you aren't dead yet, maybe you're not gonna die'. Then the laser show came on and that distracted me and I finally saw the light and left the tunnel. I started to feel so much better. The body tremors had left and my head didn't hurt. I was able to stand up and I tuned back into the concert. I was so happy I got my sanity back. Then Lateralus came on which is my favorite TOOL song. It was so awesome and I felt that I related to that song as well. 'Spiral out keep going'. I did spiral out and it was very scary I was in an unknown world but then TOOL saved me and even though I was still tripping hard I wasn't terrified anymore. Then my visuals settled down and I felt the way I normally do when I trip, euphoric. The light show was fucking awesome and I'm glad I didn't miss that. I got to see the last 45 minutes of the show and realized that I was in my bad trip state for only an hour but I swear to god it felt like an eternity and all I wanted was for it to end, I promised I would never trip again if I could be be normal, but I'll probably trip again just with more common sense.

Then the show ended and I was glad to go outside and get some fresh air. I noticed that my depth perception was messed up but that really wasn't bothering me. The sidewalk looked all slanted upward or downward even though it wasn't and I had a difficult time walking. Then we dropped off our friends and smoked some weed in the car. I smoked multiple hits but I wasn't getting high so I just stopped smoking. This was weird cuz I never have not gotten high when I smoke on shrooms but this was a unique experience so I didn't really question it. Then me and my boyfriend got to his house and I noticed my boyfriend's dog looked like a midget all disproportionate and it was comical to me. Then I saw patterns swirling around in the wall and carpet and these are the normal visuals I get when tripping on shrooms which aren't much so you can see how this trip was intense. Then I watched the simpsons and thought about my roller coaster ride. This really made me thankful to be sane and I will not doubt the power of mushrooms again. I felt like such a novice last night when I thought I was a somewhat experienced tripper. I was wrong but I learned from this. Of course don't take all your mushrooms at once, your tolerance might not be as high as you expected or the shrooms could be very potent. I'm just glad to be back to reality. I know I will trip again just with some caution.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67712
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 2, 2021Views: 165
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Mushrooms (39) : Festival / Lg. Crowd (24), Difficult Experiences (5), General (1)

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