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One Consciousness, Every Individual
2C-E & Mushrooms
Citation:   dilated_pupils. "One Consciousness, Every Individual: An Experience with 2C-E & Mushrooms (exp68355)". Sep 22, 2008.

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T+ 0:00
22 mg oral 2C-E (capsule)
  T+ 0:00 1 repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 0:00 1 repeated oral Alcohol  
  T+ 5:00 0.125 oz oral Mushrooms  
Experienced with just about every drug, a lot of psychedelics, along with just about anything you can name.

Also I'd like to note I still have wellbutrin in my system, which I think potentiated my experience in the beginning a lot. This is the most unbelievable experience I have ever had yet in my life, and I am still young. I'd also like to add this is my third +4 experience, and I could not be happier.

This all began much earlier than actually taking the drugs, it begins back when I was invited to a party at West Chester University by a guy I don't really hang out much, but know pretty well through some business deals *cough*, let's call him S.

Friday night rolls around, and I'm actually excited to go to this party, I used to go to WCU a lot but haven't since I had a near death experience really, my fault drank too much. But this time I went down with a guy from my neighborhood (which I met the day I moved here more than 11 years ago), and another person who moved from my neighborhood (which I've also known for about 11 years), and a kid I never have really hung out with before, only once with S.

I take my 2c-e (I say approx. 22mg's as I bought it already capped, but was told 22mgs) at 9pm, the time we are leaving to go to the party. We start listening to music, smoking weed, and the trip comes on fast, I was skeptical about taking the 2c-e before a party that I really hadn't seen anyone for a while, but I knew it would be okay, 2c-e to me is like ecstasy and shrooms for mixed together for the most part, so I'm happy, content, and can't wait to get to this party!

Right when I walk in I see 5 girls I graduated high school with, surprising me a little, but not completely as I knew some of them would be there, the rest are people I either know through the people I came with, or have done some business with or something (sorry no detail). However, a few of them I have hung out with used to play cards with etc, so I didn't feel unwelcome, and then I see my friend whose birthday it is. He has known me for about 10 years as well, and I have to keep stressing that I have done business with him and people around him, and the people he knows, etc, just remember that I said this.

His younger brother, which graduated with me, was also there, I've obviously known him just as long, and it was good seeing my friends that I went to with to high school. So now I'm tripping, I know I shouldn't be but I'm downing beers like it's my job, while smoking weed throughout the night here and there, while remember I had taken my last dose of wellbutrin earlier that day, which may be the reason the 2c-e was more potent to me, because I gave it to 3 other people there, they all had a little bit of problems in the beginning, but ended up having fun, I talked to them made them understand more about the drug and my personal feelings/experiences with tripping.

Now, for the beginning of my extreme journey (oh, yea it's just about to begin NOW).
The door opens; I'm standing behind the kitchen counter, which directly faces the front door, in walks a fellow who I've known for a long time now too (maybe close to 2 years? maybe a little less), who I had talked to on AIM earlier saying I'd be in WCU for a party (he lives and goes to school there) and said I'll see if he can come but probably not because it wasn't my party. Well it comes to be he knows the guy whose birthday it is, whom I have known for 10 years, who he's known for a long ass time. We will call the guy T, and T literally walked in the apartment, saw me and walked out, he was so freaked out.

T explains to me on his way (walked to the apartment) he ran into other people, other coincidences (just like I was beginning to have) before he had even arrived, for example seeing someone he went to Italy with in a college town that he explained to me this person would be very odd to run into, but he did. Then it was me, and then he happens to know a lot of people I do from back home, I'm ecstatic, I pull out some of my nug and grab my friend whose birthday it is, and T, and a couple people in the bedroom already and we start smoking. The doors closed so I have no idea whatís going on outside.

We start reminiscing slowly about the past, and how we all know each other, it was so odd. Then we open the door which leads to the kitchen, and thatís when it continues... 'Hey Andy (that's my name), 'Hey T'!

We both look at each other, T and I, and are like holy shit no way. A guy from back home (my home) that I used to umm do business with, who knows the guy where all the product comes from, which is one of my best friends, which also gives product to the guy whose birthday it was, is standing there, we'll call him Z.

Z and I haven't seen each other for many many months; I'd say at least 8 if not more. And somehow T knows him too, at this point I don't know how, but I know he did (we are still trying to put together what we both saw/heard/experienced together). I also forgot to mention T is not tripping, he is on some opiates and maybe a bit drunk.

ALTERED STATES OF MIND, that is the key to everything, every answer, understanding, communication, maybe even Pandoraís box for all I know, I haven't finished my quest this is just another chapter in it.

Okay so now, I'm still tripping very hard, sorry no times as I really never looked the clock, I was too awestruck. I randomly talk to basically everyone at the party, and they could tell something spiritual was going on, as they all felt it too, it was amazing.

T and I are talking and go outside for cig, he runs into other people he knows, it was one coincidence after another, however I'm not freaking out, just amazingly happy.

T tells me that the guy next door will be home soon and has shrooms, and I quickly say I want them to continue my trip and figure out more about what is going on, so now we're waiting for T's friend to get back, which he does around 2am, and I end up eating an eighth of shrooms on top of the 2c-e and alcohol (yes I know not too safe but I knew this was right, I don't know how). And too add to this, T runs into more people at the apartment who he was just at the bar with for a few hours, and I know them as well, very odd.

After I eat the shrooms T has to return home to his girlfriend, plus he was freaking out so much because of everything that happened. I wish he would have stayed during the rest of my trip because together with our knowledge I knew we could have figured out more.

So next I start catching up more with everyone at the party, explaining everything that has been happening to me all night (everyone knows I'm tripping so hard and yet they seem to believe me and understand me which made me feel great).

The best example I can give is my friend S who was there with his girlfriend, but I could just sense problems between them, seeing him drinking and getting out of hand. We talk throughout the night he explains basically his whole life to me, and it all relates and is almost exactly the same as me, which was odd as well. I already knew it all though, somehow. Our consciousness' are one and branch off each other I figured out, it's just the choices we make that decide what path we take and I spent the night helping people and realizing their paths and a lot of them (if not all of them) were paths I had thought about but didn't take.

A guy shows up at the party next, who I don't know at all, but he swears he knows me but we don't know each other at all. He does the 'cops tests for a DUI on me in the kitchen, and remember I'm not on 2c-e, mushrooms, weed, and lots of alcohol, and yet I pass each test with flying colors (no one else could), he knew how to do these test since he was in the army. He explains to me that if my eyes weren't dilated I'd had passed the tests and been fine if I had been caught by the cops.

We start talking, we'll call him C. I look at him and he tells me he was in the army, went to Iraq etc. and I immediately say to him, 'You chose to go to the army because you were running away from your problems and didn't want to deal with them, he explains I'm exactly right. And he keeps swearing we know each other, but we don't (odd things to add, he looks just like a guy I'll call J, who lives in my neighborhood whom I'm known for 11 years).

We then get into a conversation about guns, since I like target shooting, I knew he probably did too, and tell him my favorite gun, the AR-15, he quickly responds, 'Thatís my favorite gun! Do you have the extendable shoulder piece, and I said yes, which I knew was not more then coincidence, it was something spiritual, me knowing all of this information without ever meeting him. The rest of the night, I saw him thinking about everything we spoke about, I knew he'd never forget this night, and I told him that too.

Next I see another friend of mine I've known for a very long time, getting sick outside from drinking too much, so I stay with him and see how he's doing. He's in a confusing somewhat relationship (I saw somewhat because I don't really know whatís going on), but we start talking about it and even though he's drunk I seem to get through to him. He apologizes for previous years when we were kids of how he treated me (he was very immature) and it was very sincere and it meant a lot, so I give him advice on his girl situation, and the next thing you know they're in the bathroom doing whatever, I didnít watch so I couldn't tell you, but it ended in the hallway. So now I'm at the point that I have touched everyone in/at the party, it was an amazing elation which I still feel now.

I now am tripping hard on the 2c-e and the shrooms (shrooms by the way are my favorite drug, always have revelations and learn helpful values I keep with me after tripping), and have time to start to think about everything that has just happened.

I start thinking, how can all this be possible? How can I connect all these people back down to me? This is more than coincidence, it's something spiritual for sure. I contemplate what will happen when this trip is over, maybe I'll self combust because I have figured out so much, I don't know I'm just accepting that I have broken the consciousness of life basically. Which brings me to what I figured out (or at least what I believe).All of us come from one consciousness (God, so to say, if that's what you wish to call him/it) and we all branch off from him/it, hence why everyone I talked to I could relate to, knew everything about without knowing them, and they took paths I decided not to take, they are different, but yet the same. I cannot believe this, I have figured out more about life, this just continued my last +4 trip in which I found 'God' except this time I had more understanding.

I stop drinking alcohol now, and start drinking mad water. One amazing thing I'd like to add is, I have very bad anxiety, and depression, but this all changed that. I usually can't piss in front of or near people, and sometimes have problems pissing even by myself (probably from opiate addiction in the past) but nonetheless I can piss near people, outside while people were outside, and yes think it's gross I don't care, but it's a big deal to me, it shows something is definitely going on.

My confidence is boosted A LOT and I am extremely happy, to the point the smile I have will not leave my face (wish I had a picture). I continue to have more 'coincidences' throughout the rest of the night, until I fall asleep (after taking some kpins (prescribed) and even wake up still feeling like I am noticing things, such as one person I just had met was from my hometown, lives there now, and I guarantee I could trace the 'branch' of consciousness back to him to where I know him, and/or people around him, since I literally started from when I was born to this current day and could branch it all together. It was amazing. There is a lot more detail I can add, but the night was so filled with incredible things that it's hard to remember it all, although once I collaborate with T and his report (which he is writing as well, he had a +4 without anything but opiates and some booze).

I know to some of you this may sound crazy, but it's all about having an open mind, an altered state of mind, and willing to jump into the world of unknown in yourself, and everyone around you and everyone period.

I hope this makes sense, and I'm not completely done with this trip report, but I had to get all this down before major things were forgotten or disbanded thinking it was just not right, but I truly believe something special happened this Friday night/Saturday morning.

The morning I woke up on the couch (don't even know how I got it, lucked out considering there were so many people there, feeling fine, a little wobbly still, and it was around 4pm (got to bed around 6:30am). We, my friend J, and the kid I didn't know too well we will call M, and the birthday guyís roommate we will call Ty (no thatís not his name but I already have someone labeled T) get some breakfast (yea I know at 4:30pm-5pm) smoke some weed and relax, watch some football, and at half time we head home and here I am now, after putting hours into this report trying to make it explainable, which I don't know if I did a good job or not yet, I need feedback, and need to re-do some of this after I am able to put more detail in.

I hope whoever reads this enjoys it and can understand that I truly believe all of this was real, and continue to even while sober, since even when I was on all those drugs/alcohol, I was clear headed, and able to walk/speak fine, all up until I had figured out what I needed to know, which was basically the end of the +4 experience, and toned down to a high +3 which I fell asleep while tripping hard still.

I'd also like to add, ever since this experience, and yes I know it's not even been a day, I've felt some sort of way of seeing into peoples consciousnessís, for example, seeing what they are thinking, knowing what they are going to say, what's going to happen next, it's all very odd and I really think something special happened to me and I will NEVER forget this experience, nor will anyone else that was there to see it all happen.

Also side on a side note, I am definitely sure now that pharmacology is the right thing for me, which I knew before, but I know it's my calling, my whole life I've survived many near death experiences (literally) and I think I am here for a reason, which makes me know I need to complete that calling. There is more to this, and I WILL figure it out, I promise you that.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 68355
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 22, 2008Views: 11,722
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Mushrooms (39), 2C-E (137) : Various (28), Relationships (44), Mystical Experiences (9), Combinations (3)

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