Most Intense Trip of My Life
Citation:   dilated_pupils. "Most Intense Trip of My Life: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp68361)". Dec 18, 2016.

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3.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
    smoked Cannabis  
    oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
Mushrooms - Intense - 2nd Time


Mushrooms - 1/8th all caps - 2nd time trying them

Before I even start, I have to say this was the most intense trip of my life, and yes I still am very new to psychedelics, however I love them so much.

Anyway on with the trip report...

I had had a really stressful day, but had also aquired an 8th of shrooms, all caps, maybe one or two little stems out of the whole bag. I don't mind the taste at all, but I was hungry so I threw them on a sandwich and started munching away. Directly as I take the last bite, my mother walks in the room, and decides she feels like talking to me, and this just builds up my stress, so I keep pushing away until she finally decides to leave (about 20 minutes later).

I go sit on my bed, only to realize they're already kicking in, my walls are a green hue, whereas in reality they are really a shade of blue. I then smile widely and start laughing uncontrollably. 'Oh man I am in for the trip of a lifetime.' is all I could think, and boy was I right.

I then proceeded down to the basement where I knew I'd have some privacy. I laid down on the bed in the basement and just watched the walls creeping closer to me, waving, and enjoying the tracers of every moving object. Infact, the tracers were one of my favorite effects of the whole night, simply because they were so strong the trail of my moving hand literally just seemed to float slowly behind.

I then go into a state in which I wouldn't call sleep, but almost nodding out, coming to every once in a while. At this point I'm having OEV's, seeing stars everywhere, especially on the carpet, and the closed eye visuals are just unexplainable at this point as well. I remember at one point 'waking up' only to find myself still in this nodded out state, which instead of freaking out, I just tried to enjoy and mess with the visuals I was creating/seeing. Eventually I came back to what you'd call reality, but it wasn't much of a reality to me at this point.

I shield my eyes from the light to create darkness and enjoy the rapid moving neon object, pictures, etc, that I am seeing. I slowly release my arm that is covering my eyes, while keeping my eye lids shut, and a picture of the devil capsizes my mind, and I start speaking words I am not controlling, I quickly think of God and give myself the power to overcome this. Surprisingly this doesn't scare me, and I am still in a very happy, laughy mood (odd thing was I think it was still 6.6.06 at this time).

I quickly return back to the nodding out state I was explaining about before. This time I don't even realize who I am. I am forgetting where I am, what's going on, and everything; my mind as a whole, is just a mess. I quickly look around 'in my head' and see my personality broken down in a few (I don't remember I think it was like 5) different people. They are all doing their own thing, and I am some how observing them all from 3rd person. This is incredible to me, because I still have this sobor personality, while watching these images and such in my head. This fasinates me for what seems like hours, but really was probably not much longer then 20-40 minutes.

I realize I have to piss and go upstairs to use the bathroom. I turn on the light and I see star patterning everywhere every bathroom ficture changing colors vibrently, and the walls are just heavily breathing. I look at the mirror and basically feel as if I'm in another dimension. The bathroom is not a bathroom anymore, it's a box and I have control. I can almost feel like I have the power to turn the whole 'box' and it's just an amazing experience. My face when looking in the mirror is morphing into uncontrollably and rediculously odd images, stretching into positions I've never thought possible to see on really any drug. I observe myself more in the mirror and notice that my reflection is doing things that I am not doing, as if it were another person, I enjoy this very much and find it amusing as well.

My friend calls me and explains he will be here soon, so I decide to go outside and enjoy the decently warm, yet a bit chilly, weather and smoke a cig. I'm sitting in the middle of my driveway as he arrives, and I'm in that uncontrollable laughing stage once again. He's completely sobor and realizes fast that I am tripping hard as anything. We go inside and go back to the basement. The next hour or so consists of extreme tracers, OEV's, seeing multiple people when looking at my friend, I'd see him in like waves of tracers, and at one point I was unable to even speak words, just mumble nonsense. At that time as well I couldn't even understand what he was saying to me.

I love the mindfuck of psychedelics, and try and relax and think about my problems and my mind just doesn't seem to care, I'm too happy to want to worry about anything, I want to just enjoy the time I am having. I have a couple ecstasy tablets left, tested, MDMA, no meth, and my friend wanted one so I thought what the hell, I'm already completely messed, why not see how much farther we can take this. Surprisingly I didn't get much from the ecstasy, other then a nice chill comedown from the shrooms.
Surprisingly I didn't get much from the ecstasy, other then a nice chill comedown from the shrooms.
We later rolled a joint, and that quickly brought back the tracers and things were floating once again. I remember at one point looking at the bed and watching it wave around (like a water bed) and lifting almost as if a magician was doing some sort of illusion.

My friend decides to go to bed, it's now like 5:30am, and I'm tired, but not quite ready to sleep. I head upstairs to my bedroom and can't figure out what to do. Whenever I do any drugs really I end up having a tough problem deciding between things. So I bring up pictures from when I was in Ireland. I quickly realize I can manipulate the pictures to do basically anything I want. For example, the castle I stayed in, I brought that picture up, I could make all the trees waves, the water in the fountain move, and people walk around and cars drive away. It was incredible. I finally decide it's time to go to bed, and quickly fall asleep. I awake the next morning after only a max of 5 hours of sleep, feeling fine, refreshed, and sobor.

Looking back at last night has made me realize a lot of things, I now am sticking to psychedelics, and for some reason, have even decided to quite smoking cigs, even though that didn't come up once during the whole trip, but somehow subconciously I just don't like them anymore.

Anyway, I'm sure there is much more I cannot remember, but I tried to do the best I could, there was definitely some high +3 occasions (such as the personality thing) during this trip, and I'd say the rest of the trip was a modest +3/+2. I absolutely enjoyed myself to the highest extent, and hope to soon repeat the experience.

Peace out, and be safe.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 68361
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 18, 2016Views: 2,085
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