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Not a Recreational Drug
Citation:   anarchyannie. "Not a Recreational Drug: An Experience with Peyote (exp69231)". Feb 17, 2018.

  oral Peyote (tea)
    smoked Cacti - Mescaline-containing (dried)
In high school, I was a human garbage can. I took anything illict I could get my hands on. So, when a wandering Hippie type approached a girlfriend and me in our small town to trade some weed for some peyote buttons, we jumped at the chance. Our town was like that, a lot of art galleries, resident Hippies, and the Rainbow Gathering would pass thru often. We chilled with him that afternoon, smoking his peace pipe, and asking him how to use the peyote.

I had seen many drugs by then, like I said I made it a point to try everything…at least twice, in case the first time was bunk, I had to do it twice to get a real feel for it. The peyote looked like small round cactus, but smooth rather than covered in spines like a prickly pear. Since it was her weed we traded, she was going to hold on to the peyote (knowing I would likely kester some for myself for later).

He explained to her that the easiest way was to make tea, and gave her the instructions while I sat angrily ignoring the conversation in protest since I couldn’t ‘play’ with the new ‘toy’, though I overheard enough to realize this was going to be a process, rather than like psilocybin where all you have to do is chew. We got out to the woods, since he recommended being in a relaxed place with no distractions, especially not interfering parents or others wanting to steal some of our high.

She removed the soft insides and we allowed that to dry, then using a tea ball, placed the dried innards of the buttons in a tea, and soaked it for about 20 minutes. It was not incredibly bad tasting, though I can't be the best judge, I like the way psilocybin, salvia, and peyote taste. It is to me a natural organic earthy taste, and I like it, though she did add honey to her tea. We invited 2 of our good friends to partake since they often shared new things with us too.

I can say that within 15 minutes I realized I was hallucinating. I know this because of the tingling sensation and nausea I experienced, like I also do with psilocybin. However, when I began to vomit, I felt as if I was turning inside out. I felt as I my vomit was my insides, coming out and that I would soon be hollow. This agony continued for hours, and I did not have a good trip.
I did not have a good trip.
2 of my friends said they felt a floating/out of body experience, and one of our other friends also said the body high was unpleasant.

Years later, a friend of mine invited her to go on the hill with her. She said it would involve a journey, which I knew hinted that peyote use would be involved. Like I said, I like to try each substance at least twice, to get a well-rounded basis of its effects to form a valid opinion. I accepted and we went, a shaman administered peyote that we smoked. I didn’t not see how it was prepared; he had the peace pipe ready for us.

In a religious setting, the high was completely different.
In a religious setting, the high was completely different.
I think peyote was not made for recreation, because when the shaman talked us through the breathing and the path, and vision, it was very enjoyable. I immediately began to see vivid hallucinations, in which all the world was a neon horizon, the ground being a bright green, and the sky a vivid purple … the space between the two planes blended from green to purple. It was absolutely beautiful. I remember looking to my friend, to see if she saw the colors, the hues!, too, but she was not there. I am Native Central American, so I was able to see my Spirit Animal, as the shaman said I would. When I turned to my friend, instead my Spirit Animal was there. I will not, for religious purposes, divulge the Spirits form. However, the Spirit spoke to me in my native tongue, and I understood every word! It was a real trip because I have never heard my native tongue, I am Tarahumara, and I have no idea how it sounds, but when the Spirit spoke to me, I realized that it was my native tongue, and my eyes watered, it was beautiful, and I understood it.

It was a wonderful experience compared to the first time I used peyote, and not a recreational drug, its purpose is spiritual, and it is truly a holy gift form our ancestors, our people, which should not be used outside of a religious or ceremonial setting.

Exp Year: 1999ExpID: 69231
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 17, 2018Views: 4,679
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