Greater than the Sum of its Components
Opium Poppy Pods & Seeds
Citation:   Horse Doc. "Greater than the Sum of its Components: An Experience with Opium Poppy Pods & Seeds (exp69414)". Nov 18, 2019.

5 - 14 pods oral Poppies - Opium (tea)
Ever since I first tried opiates prescribed for a broken bone back in high school, I've been quite keen on opiates. In the past 2.5 decades since, I've kept my eyes open for opportunities to obtain and use opiates.

Almost ten years ago, I discovered poppy pod tea; and with all due respect to fentanyl, morphine, codeine etc..., I prefer pod tea to them all.

I have training in pharmacology, and it comes as no surprise that the combination of chemicals in the opium poppy work synergistically and preferably to the isolated alkaloids and their synthetic counterparts. One difference I have noticed between the effects of poppy pod tea and the isolated alkaloids (morphine, or codeine) is that I have the ability & desire to be productive and to get work accomplished.
I have the ability & desire to be productive and to get work accomplished.
Under the influence of only morphine, I am 95% more likely to remain sedentary--watching TV.

The use of poppy pod tea has been very beneficial for me. In addition to the stimulating properties it has, it also has (of course) some amount of morphine & codeine. These pain relievers blend so well with the stimulant properties of Thebaine and other, lesser-known alkaloids, that the little aches and pains of life (and age) can be ignored. This also helps me to get things done. I am talking about the boring, mundane tasks that HAVE TO get done, but finding the motivation to do so is often difficult.

Other reasons I prefer drinking pod tea to other forms of opiate use is that the effects last longer. Having a cup of tea in the morning before work lasts me well into the late afternoon/ early evening. If needed, or desired, I can use the left-over material from the morning to make an evening tea.

I will not delude you, or myself, this substance is addictive. If I use it and am increasing the number of pods & frequency of dosing, I will be asking for trouble--either in the form of withdrawals, when my supply runs out, or medical: constipation & hemorrhoids.

There is also the danger of obtaining a new batch of especially potent poppy pods. It is best to use a low number of pods when starting with a new batch--just to ensure I avoid OD-ing. Oftentimes the color and 'harshness of taste' of the tea are indicative of the potency--but not always.

Depending on the size of the pods that I have bought over the years, my dose ranges from:
7-14 Smaller pods (1 inch diameter),
5-9 Large pods (2-3 inches in diameter).

I will usually brew the crushed pods, and their seeds twice. The first extraction is naturally the strongest, but the second dose is worth the extra effort as well.

In a pinch, the poppy pods' stems can be used for extraction as well. I usually use just the upper-most 3-4 inches. I will use scissors to cut the stems, in cross-section, into small circles. I will use about the same volume of stem material as I would the crushed pods. This does work--especially if I'm Jonesing for something to bind to my Mu-receptors.

I've been using poppy-pod tea, on and off for the past decade.
I've been using poppy-pod tea, on and off for the past decade.
I respect the plant & its constituent alkaloids, and they have not disappointed. I feel that the effects of pod tea are FAR superior to morphine, or codeine alone.

I will say that using this tea has helped me in so many ways--dealing with the stupid minutia of work, increasing my ability to do work for extended periods of time and even keeping my mind on an even keel.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 69414
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 18, 2019Views: 4,541
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