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Replaced My Morning Coffee Routine
Opium Poppy Pods & Seeds
Citation:   Green Hammer. "Replaced My Morning Coffee Routine: An Experience with Opium Poppy Pods & Seeds (exp69430)". Aug 7, 2016.

  oral Poppies - Opium (tea)
Habitual Poppy Seed Tea & Dried Poppy Pods

So, after an awkward session with the tooth Doc, I had my wisdom teeth out and was given 2 weeks worth of Percocet pills. I had never had any opiates before and after some hesitation, I popped one 25mg pill and whoosh…that’s when I realized the power of opiates and their amazing ability to wash away ALL pain, be it physical, mental, emotional…just all gone to be replaced with a sense of glowing contentment. It’s essentially mother nature’s pharmaceutical lullaby, telling me everything will be alright even if everything else in the world tells me otherwise. My brain’s over analysis function shut down and a happy, fun, in the moment vibe sprang up to play.

Then came the ending day of my supply and naturally I wanted more. Unfortunately, the only way you’re going to get them from a doctor is through some well crafted lies of say, “I hurt my neck/back on a rollercoaster this summer”….. or maybe you get in a car accident and ‘live it up’ with various pain which they will willingly give you opiates for, or so I’ve read. For the rest of us, the 2 best options are either dried poppy pods, or poppy seeds from just about any retail source.

My first solution was to buy a large order (200+) dried poppy pods online. They were Arizona purples and once received, I got a mechanical ice crusher for $8 bucks and this worked nicely to grind up the very large pods. Next I took the crushed pile and further ground them up into a fine mesh with a coffee grinder and thoroughly mixed all of the content together in one big bag in the hopes of equally distributing the opiate content so each brew would be as consistent as possible.

After reading up on suggested preparation methods, I wanted a container of cold to warm water, NOT HOT or BOILING because I’ll loose opiates this way. So I warmed up some water and placed it into a large pitcher, then added some lemon juice making it acidic to help with extraction. Next, I placed about 3 tablespoons into some teabags I had for a total of about 8 bags worth into the brew. Let sit for 25min and drank.

This turned out to be way too much and within 30min or less, I was feeling like a zombie, losing consciousness every few minutes regardless of how hard I would try not to and later would spent the rest of the night with a full bladder and completely unable to piss it out. At the time, I had no idea, but apparently loss of bladder function can happen with opiates. It took the better of 12 hours before I was able to pee and the only positive was that I felt no pain, however please note, I wasn’t in a euphoric state of mind as expected, just dopey, half conscious, and heavily sedated.
I wasn’t in a euphoric state of mind as expected, just dopey, half conscious, and heavily sedated.

After waiting 3 days from the first attempt, I tried just 2 teabags with about 3 tablespoons in it and got a light sedation, a heavy feeling like I would be content to just sit at the computer and go about my business, and a general dumbing down of my brain, like I just lost 10 IQ points. Also, I noticed each time I used them, my body temperature would go hot, I got a dry mouth and could tell my body’s water supply was getting used up fast. I quickly found out over several more uses that this particular pod I had bought was useful for taking away pain and for a deep sleep that would put me under for 10 or more hours, but no euphoria, so for my use, this was a complete waste of time and money.

Next, I determined to try the poppy seed method. I went to a local large budget store that had 1.5lb bottles of poppy seeds for only $2----SCORE! I brought 15 of them up to the counter with some other spices and miscellaneous items to not make it completely obvious what I was doing only to be asked with a raised eyebrow from the cashier why I was buying the poppies. This clearly being a rhetorical question, I said, ‘For consumption’ and she continued to give me a dirty look as the order was rung up and I quickly left not wanting to repeat this experience ever again.

So I get home, and used .5 lb to test this method out with teabags and some lemon juice. After drinking only HALF of the mixture over a 10min period, I could already begin to feel my mind slipping into a care free state, the latches of life and all worries I harbored suddenly shifted gears noticeably into the euphoria I had been searching for. Since the effect was so strong and learning from my previous overdose experience, I decided on holding off from the rest of my drink until later that night which nicely continued the buzz going without over doing it. I never lost consciousness or felt like I would, it was a definite shift in mindset where I felt completely happy for no reason what-so-ever and I had complete functionality of my body, no heavy sedation and no body temperature problems at all.

This amount and preparation became my standard use for the following months to come and replaced my morning coffee routine. Instead of feeling miserable about going to work, I was simply happy with the world and it showed. I always had many off and on days with getting along with coworkers, it’s not that I couldn’t had I wanted to, but often felt grouchy or annoyed and would simply not talk to anyone more than was required to do the job. Upon this new routine however, I suddenly became a fountain of words and just generally had a good natured feeling towards everyone I came across. My coworkers started to joke around with me more and seemed to actually be seeking out my attention more and customers no longer felt like an ‘IT’ that I HAD to serve, they became individual people in my mind whom I was actually happy to interact with and I didn’t mind if the conversation strayed outside of ‘work’ related subjects.

During this time, there was only 1 incident where I took too much, about 2lbs and found myself slurring my speech, dilated eyes and I would feel fully conscious one moment then just start to nod off the next without even realizing it only to come to my senses in about 2 more mins and remind myself not to do that again, not that I could stop it even when I tried. I also experienced the urge to throw up. Normally I get panic stricken and anxious when I feel like throwing up, but this time, I really didn’t care at all…. I was fully in euphoria land and the body’s reaction was no big deal to me….at the time I was at a movie theater (and no I didn’t drive) so I quickly got up and walked to the bathroom stalls and just stood there thinking, all right, out with it, are you going to throw up or what and then I’d nod out of consciousness and startle back to awareness every couple of mins. I didn’t actually throw up, just slightly in my mouth, it was more like a trigger was being pulled in the brain but wasn’t fully being set off. If I overdosed, I could easily pass out face up, throw up and suffocate, pretty nasty when you think about it.

Now for the bad comedown, I ran out of poppy seed and proceeded to have what amounted to a bad flu like symptom. Feeling hot & cold nonstop for 3days after 24hours of stopping, feeling achy all over and trouble falling asleep then waking up only to feel like I hadn’t slept a wink. I had trouble thinking clearly and would pace back and forth listening to my ipod to distract my mind. Tylenol helps with some of the symptoms but not completely and it takes about 4 days to fully feel normal again.

After my annoying run in with the cashier, I ordered several more times from different online stores and quickly found that each place is different. Some poppies I got gave me no effect whatsoever, I’m almost positive this batch was run through clay then washed because I could smell it on them. Hopefully this trend of clay washing won’t catch on. From another source, I got poppies that made me delirious and feeling sick as a dog. I felt like throwing up on these but it wasn’t the good kind, I totally did not want to throw up, felt no euphoria and my mind was in a weird hallucination/bad dream like state. Also, this batch tasted like shit! I’ve seen a lot of people post how bad poppies taste but I’ve only ever experience this on batches that made me sick and delirious so if they taste like shit, like this weird overpowering foul taste in my mouth that’s hard to get down, I’m positive I have the wrong type.

Even if I do get a ‘good’ batch of poppies, the amount of active opiates will vary from batch to batch so I test each one slowly with a small amount then work up from there. One last note, I’ve found the easiest preparation for larger batches is to use pantyhose. I can fill up to 4-5lb in one, place in a pitcher of warm water with lemon juice then turn them inside out to dump the seeds in the trash and wash ‘em off to reuse. People have mentioned socks but these are a pain in the ass to squeeze out all of the water they suck up, pantyhose is just a fine mesh of a net so I don’t have this problem. I don’t actually drink 4-5lbs in one sitting, just prepare it to drink over several days use. If I do become habituated and find myself needing more and more to get the same effect, I stop use for a week or two, waiting for Thursday to stop, withdrawal effects kicking in by Friday afternoon and my body returning to normal usually by Monday or Tuesday so as not to affect work too much. Then I resume use with a lower dose in a few weeks…keeps it economical to sustain use.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 69430
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 7, 2016Views: 5,740
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