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Let It All Drop
2C-I & Cannabis
by Colto Llano
Citation:   Colto Llano. "Let It All Drop: An Experience with 2C-I & Cannabis (exp69942)". Mar 11, 2021.

  repeated oral Alcohol (liquid)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    oral Tea (liquid)
  13-16 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)


I've taken a lot of acid and mushrooms in my 19 years of life, but never 2C-I until a couple nights ago. It was a good trip; a very fun experience, and made out for one hell of a story. Here goes...

It all started about six days ago when an old friend of mine showed up on my doorstep after hitching a ride to the capital city from my old home town six hours away. He said his ride would be picking him up in five days, and he needed to crash at my place till then. I didn't mind, knowing we were about to have four incredible days of getting so fucked up we would reach the point of euphoric insanity.

In his possessions was an ounce of Purple Cat Piss (bud), a couple grams of some powdery yet still in rock form cocaine, 40mg of 2C-I, and $300. Put our two minds in the mix of all that and you've got a reason to pray.

The first day we got loaked out. Nothing new, though it was still pretty fun. Went downtown, drank a lot, then crashed hard that night.

The next two days consisted of going out to the Greenbelt (a network of rivers that runs through the city I live in) and smoking ourselves silly off that ounce of bud and drinking four cases of Loan Star (shitty beer) and Coors Light. The bud was great, and being shithoused out in the river and swinging off rope swings was a blast. We made a huge bonfire the thrid night at the river and invited a lot of friends to join and get trashed.

His fourth day and final night in town he had already run out of money so we spent most of the day running around town smoking and trying to find an open Western Union to get the $40 his girlfriend had wired him so we could buy more beer. Oh, that all happened after I met my P.O. haha but anyway we finally got the money then went to a buddies house to smoke and drink. There we remembered we had the 2C-I and decided it would be alright to take it and see what it was really about.

I took it orally with some green tea. It didn't alter the taste of the tea at all. About 30 mins after taking it I felt my stomach start to drop and something in the back of my throat. Almost an hour and a half after taking it I started to see all the specs on the ceiling move in patterns and trails behind moving objects. I felt very comfortable and happy, like I was on a shit ton of codeine and ecstasy. I ended up taking off my shirt to be in just my undershirt and shorts, and never felt like standing up to walk around. Laying down in the Lazyboy was the best. Music was incredible. We listened to a live Grateful Dead sesh, this band called MGMT, and my friend play like he was Jimi Hendrix on LSD in '68. We were bringing up very old memories that would make us laugh till we almost cried, which was incredible. Every hit of weed was like a new breath of life. After peeking the strong visual effects started coming in waves, though there was a deffinate presence of paranormal physical and physiological effects taking place among us. The marijuana helped keep it going, too. There was never a dull moment, although uncertainty was not shy. The whole time WE WERE SO HAPPY and IN LOVE WITH LIFE! I couldn't wipe a smile from my face. It was like being on acid, shrooms, and X all at once, though I didn't feel like a retard and was able to talk normally.

We took the 2C-I at around 11pm and stayed up that entire night. My friend's ride back home picked him up at noon that next day, and I haven't spoken to him since. The next time I do will probably be when randomly show up at his place six hours away for a weekend with a backpack full of drugs and money.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 69942
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 11, 2021Views: 332
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2C-I (172), Cannabis (1) : First Times (2), Combinations (3), Glowing Experiences (4), Music Discussion (22), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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