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A Magical and Terrifying Journey
Mushrooms & Alcohol
Citation:   Forest. "A Magical and Terrifying Journey: An Experience with Mushrooms & Alcohol (exp70886)". Mar 21, 2023.

5.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  350 ml oral Alcohol - Hard  
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
What I am writing to the readers of this article is an account of mushroom consumption with some friends and two 'sober sitter's'. The true journey occurs about a bit later in the meat of the story and is well worth reading but I wanted to provide great detail for the reader.

It began when I got off of work and was randomly called by a friend of mine. He asked if I wanted to do some mushrooms with him and another friend. I felt uneasy about it, but decided to buy about 40 dollars worth. Before I continue, let it be said that I have extensive experiences with all drugs in every classification, and I knew what I was in for and what I was doing.

After acquiring the mushroom, my friends and I headed up to a house in the forest, which for me is a perfect and comfortable setting. When we arrived there we cleaned the house, turned on the lights and consumed the mushrooms while we each drank large amounts of orange juice. We began to play guitar hero and the two sitter's began to get drunk.

At first I felt that the mushrooms were not 'hitting'. Beginning a trip with disappointment is bad. So I desired to get drunk. I began drinking and then my trip hit its first stages. My friends soon saw my impairment and did not want me to get drunk while on mushrooms. This angered and confused me. I went on to steal and drink about half a fifth of jager. I laid on the ground and the ceiling became wavy and wild. The ceiling fan grew and shrank with brilliant colors. I looked at my friend and everything appeared to be in wide angle views. Guitar hero exploded with brilliant colors.

I went to the bathroom to relieve the urine which had built up from the orange juice. When I was leaving I happened to look at myself in the mirror and after a glance my image exploded off the mirror with brilliant and astounding color and light. Then I glance at the cubby hole and the bathroom where one of my friendís ďMy faithful hoboĒ was curled up into a ball clutching a plunger. I tried to talk him down from his fear but gave up and went to the living room. The faithful hobo came out about 5 min later and walked outside. About 10 minutes later he came back in, but while he was gone I was building up some malice and hate towards my other friend. I felt he was refusing to enjoy his trip and he brought about massive bad vibes.

The hobo returned and he beckoned me to go outside with him and journey. I gladly obliged him, looking for adventure. We walked to the middle of the driveway and were blown away by the view. It is a long driveway with a couple trails and roads connecting to it. It was a wondrous site and I looked at these roads as different paths in life. I pondered what I really wanted to do with my life, and decided I want to buy a motorcycle and travel the country, but I also expressed a tremendous feeling of pressure from family and friends to succeed and do good in life. Meanwhile my faithful hobo stood barefoot in a puddle and was amazed at the feeling. We traveled farther up the road and turned around to see how far we had come and where we wanted to go. We saw a light atop a hill up in the woods and decided that was where we wanted to go. We tried to go back. This is where the craziness begins. But we had to sneak past a Korean death camp we had spotted.

We went back into the house to gather supplies for the journey, warm clothes and as many cigarettes as we could gather. Then we went behind the house to find how to get to the great light. We found a trail and follow it to the left. Then a road split off that to the right. My faithful hobo and I saw that the great light was up this road so we decided to follow it. We were both struck with a feeling of immediate terror upon spotting a shack. It brought me straight into the movie the hills have eyes, where the old man committed suicide. We ran from it further up the road. We came across a bunch of trailers and shacks which I believe was some sort of make shift meth production camp, which is common where I live. Dogs began to bark and fearing the inhabitants with guns we ran from there. The great light turned out to be someoneís house. We decided it would be against our best interest to enter it so we started to head back. We snuck around the meth camp, and past the shack of death.

I saw an old friend. The stump king, whom which I had met about a year earlier while on an intense salvia trip. He told the faithful hobo and I to continue on our journey and not go back home. So we departed, and then suddenly, as we were leaving I turned around to wave and the stump king was being brutally murdered by dwarves before my very eyes. Telling my friend what had happened, we ran to escape the terror of the dwarves. We journeyed forth, and I had gone into full digitech vision. My friend and I discussed life and all itís issues. I spotted only what I could see as a giant angry raccoon. At points the heavens would open up to me and reveal a glorious and omnipotent creator. At times the sky appeared ominous and evil, and I felt a strong bond with it. A bond with some sort of lord of chaos and destruction.
At points the heavens would open up to me and reveal a glorious and omnipotent creator. At times the sky appeared ominous and evil, and I felt a strong bond with it. A bond with some sort of lord of chaos and destruction.
We began to journey back after the stomach aches became more then we could bare. We felt like we had been traveling for weeks. We had also smoked all the cigarettes, which would upset our other companions, but we did not care at that moment.

Upon returning I found my other friend who I had been angry within an enlightened and happy state. This gave us all great joy and the three shroomers enjoyed a strong sense of comradery. After we talked about our experiences and I rediscovered the magnificent picture I had drawn, we all fell asleep. It had been a night of terror, joy, wonderment, excitement, colors, and mind expansion. One which I will never forget or regret.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 70886
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 21, 2023Views: 1,212
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Mushrooms (39), Alcohol - Hard (198) : Difficult Experiences (5), Glowing Experiences (4), Mystical Experiences (9), Nature / Outdoors (23), Entities / Beings (37), Guides / Sitters (39), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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