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Crazy Trip, Really Crazy
by unknownunknown
Citation:   unknownunknown. "Crazy Trip, Really Crazy: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp70977)". Mar 11, 2018.

3 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  3 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)


I have tried boomers before so I knew what I was expecting. Previously a while back I tried 1.5 grams the experience was eye opening and euphoric. Again I bought some and held on to them for about a week. My parents was going to stop by and visit me on the weekend so I wanted to get rid of them (eat them) before they came because I just would feel really bad with them around while I had the stuff.

I picked a Friday to consume them after work while my friends were going to do a bar-b-que and go see a movie. I ate them just after I got off work. I did the math and figured id come down around 1 am. My friends don’t do this type of stuff so I keep it them from them. Big mistake, Ok ill get to the good stuff because I know that what you want to read but ill make one more quick note: I was told that these were super weak and I though I was mostly going to experience body highs. Wrongo! After just 45 mins I was tripping balls, I was tripping so hard I wasn’t expecting it to be so strong so I started to slip into a bad trip.

I started to feel uneasy and paranoid because I was supposed to go to a movie and eat barb-b-que. I cant be all fucked up around my friends I thought, they will defiantly know I'm high on shrooms, so I tried to hide from them in my room. While I was on my way back to my room, I started to take in all effects. The whole world got really freaky and almost too dream like for what I was wanting. I laid on my bed and listened to some shins to snap me out of what was becoming my first bad trip. I experienced color disproportion like I had never experienced before (or ever with my other friends who were really big shroom heads and take more than I ever had 4-5 grams) I saw an gorgeous arrangement of swirling visuals that not only were there when I closed my eyes but when I opened them too. It was there all the time. But in the middle I was seeing faces that smiled at me, then frowned then started to laugh. Around me the everything had the capability of forming into messed up evil faces. I thought god damn it I'm having a really bad trip.

Colors looked like something out of a blacklight poster and had incredible vibrancy. Then fear and paranoia took over. I started to get panicky and I tried really hard to relax cause I knew that only I could beat the bad trip. I walked around the apartment and a huge MU tiger that was on the wall started to pop out like it was a hologram and started to bite at me like Pac Man as I walked by it. One friend came in and talked to me and I told him what I was on. He laughed and told me to come back to the other apartment so everyone knew why I was acting weird.

This is where things for me got really effed up.

I walked in and the whole apartment seemed to be made up of pastel colors, I shit you not. Everyone’s faces looked different and what ever emotional impression I had of them, it seemed to manifest into some visuals form.
Everyone’s faces looked different and what ever emotional impression I had of them, it seemed to manifest into some visuals form.
One was always emo and sad and her skin had a teal like hue to it. And she looked even sadder then usual One looked like a troll and her skin had a orange hue to it. One after finding out I was high, his skin turned red and his eyes lowered and he looked meaner than anything I had ever seen, he just didn’t want me to act like an ass in public when we went out. The one who thought is was funny and didn’t care looked like a wacky troll when he laughed and looked pretty funny actually. I was starting to relax since they knew now and the trip got nicer for me. Stuff on tv got a nice color boost with my visuals and the room looked a lot longer. We all ate and went to the movies and saw Harold and Kumar 2 which isn’t to bad on shrooms. I came down and had a few beers around 12:30.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 70977
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 11, 2018Views: 624
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Mushrooms (39) : General (1), Bad Trips (6), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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