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An Excellent Relaxation and Dreamscape
Damiana & Catnip
Citation:   the_bassist. "An Excellent Relaxation and Dreamscape: An Experience with Damiana & Catnip (exp71943)". Erowid.org. Aug 7, 2011. erowid.org/exp/71943

2 Tbsp oral Damiana (tea)
  2 Tbsp oral Catnip (tea)
I will start by saying that I have smoked pot very infrequently, only about 5 times previously. I am no expert on drugs, I just read a ton of information and have a stoner friend who is a wealth of info.

I heard from my friend and on the internet that Damiana and Catnip can induce an interesting 'legal high' which I was curious to look into. I went to my local health food store and sure enough, they have a huge section with big ziploc bags full of these herbs. I found the Damiana and Catnip and other herbs in bags of 50g for about $3.50 CAD a bag. What a deal!

I ran home and tried making some of the tea out of the damiana and I did not really feel anything. In fact the first two times I was playing around with the stuff I felt little effects.

However my last try yesterday was a completely different story. I think the first times I hadn't really used enough of the herbs to make the tea.

My parents have a small 1-cup iron teapot with a sieve piece that fits in the top and the leaves just soak through the sieve. It was a pretty large screen so I decided I would try 1 Tbsp of Damiana and mix it with 1 Tbsp of catnip. There is very limited information on the internet about the dosages of these two so I decided I would benchmark it here. This is a lot more than I used the first time. Also, I steeped this in rapid-boiling water for 10 entire minutes. I figured the longer it had to dissolve the actual medicinal properties from the leaves the more effective. I only steeped the tea for about 3 minutes the first time. I used 1 cup of boiling water in the tea.

After this I added just a bit of honey to the mix and drank it down relatively fast. It's not a bad-tasting combination, it's actually quite subtle. So I drank that down and my mom was in the living room so I decided just to fool around playing piano a little bit.

After about 15 minutes I stood up and I knew it had hit me. I was feeling slightly numb all over, my legs and arms were feeling heavier and I just felt generally relaxed. I went downstairs and tried listening to some tunes on the computer but it was the wrong setting so I went outside and sat on my deck. It was a beautiful, clear evening out, birds singing, all the good stuff. I was just completely relaxed.

Let me just clarify this is not an identical high to weed, it's not a psychadelic, you won't be inquisitive of shit and you won't be all giddy or anything. This is like just being calm and forgetting about all your stresses. I love it, I tend to stress easily at times (like exam time right now).

The whole peak lasted about 45 minutes. I had another mug with the same dosage afterwards just for kicks but it didn't seem as strong, probably because I was still feeling the effects of the last dosage. As I came down I became sleepy so I decided to call it an early night and went to bed about an hour earlier than normal. It took no time to sleep.

This is where the second part of the drink stands out.(I believe it's the Damiana in particular). This drink is a powerful dream enhancer. All night, I had vivid dreams, like little bits of big dreams. It was like flipping through the channels on TV and it was VERY entertaining. I woke up, and 30 minutes after waking up and typing this I can still remember a few of the dreams.

I would definitely reccommend this to someone who feels like relaxing or having a neat dreamscape all night. Obviously take things into moderation, look at my body weight and estimate that with the dosage I took. The best part is, this is all legal! My parents found the teas and I just said it's legal and it's better than pot. They couldn't argue so I even let them have some haha!

Here's the recipe I used if anyone is interested:

-1 Tbsp. Damiana leaves, dried.
-1 Tbsp. Catnip leaves, dried.
-1 cup boiling water

Place the leaves in a tea ball or similar. Make sure the tea leaves have room to float around a bit. I think a small teaball will not work as well. Steep 10 minutes and sweeten with liquid honey to taste.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 71943
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 7, 2011Views: 60,524
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