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Don't Do Mushrooms With Skinny People
Mushrooms & Cannabis
by Christmas
Citation:   Christmas. "Don't Do Mushrooms With Skinny People: An Experience with Mushrooms & Cannabis (exp72162)". Apr 29, 2010.

2 g oral Mushrooms (tea)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)


Myself and several friends, amongst them my sister (J), two girls (T and K) and two other guys (A and R) had planned a day earlier or so to make some mushroom tea and watch Across the Universe while doing so. The original plan was for the others to come to the house I was renting with my sister. However, these plans quickly changed (that in retrospect being a good thing), as our friend R wanted to go back to his place, which he had to himself for the weekend.

So we brewed the tea, using about 8 grams or so to brew 4 cups. These were for myself, J, K and R. We drank the tea, which we began to feel the effects of quite quickly, perhaps fifteen minutes or so after ingesting it. We passed around a joint or two before driving over to R's place, about a ten minute drive or so away.

We arrived at the house, all of us beginning to trip. I was amazed at how the house was set up, with a very large, spacious main room on the top floor. This was adjoined to a large kitchen, and a further hall led to the bathroom. Another led to the master bedroom and another bathroom. The floor, brightly lit, was very huge looking, and I was busy exploring it alone for about twenty minutes or so while everyone else was in the basement. That room, containing R's room, some storage rooms, and a bathroom, was also fascinating to me. It had a very large main room which contained R's room in the middle, surrounded by his myriad electronics. The other rooms, storage spaces, had no doors, and I explored them as well. It was quite dark, and I felt slightly uneasy, wanting to walk around constantly and not feeling up to watching a full movie.

Everyone had situated themselves on a couch or on R's bed in front of his wide screen TV, and had proceeded to start the movie. I could barely focus on it, and was pre-occupied with my own thoughts and what the strange room looked like. I was also thinking that everyone was watching me (a common thought while on drugs, I've noticed).

After about a half hour or so, I went upstairs to refill my water. R accompanied me. When we were in the kitchen, I noticed that his face was red, his eyes manic looking, and somewhat teared as well. I asked him what was wrong, and he started to explain that he thought he was being an asshole, almost apologetic and very self deprecating, seemingly for no reason. I started to reassure him, telling him he was fine, and that he had no reason to think that. As I had just finished peaking myself, and feeling quite good in spite of my somewhat strange and unhappy thoughts, I didn't think much of it. However, after having a brief discussion and heading back downstairs, R suddenly asked me why he was going to die. I stopped, a bit jarred at the question, and asked him why he thought that. He said that there were people after him that were going to kill him, and that they were probably on their way right now.

At this point, I recognized that he might be on the verge of a freakout. Having encountered a similar situation before while on mushrooms with another friend of mine, I was not actually very worried, nor did his manic and scared attitude concern me very much. I told him that nobody was coming, it was only a drug he was on, and that everything would be fine. I thought that he seemed a little better, and went back downstairs. I mentioned his comments to the others, but they either didn't notice or were too engrossed in the movie to really care. I sat back down, and continued to watch the movie for about another fifteen minutes. At some point during that time R returned, and started to apolgize to everyone for his behaviour. Nobody really knew what he meant, and he sat back down and continued to watch the film.

It had gotten to a part featuring Mr. Kite's circus, a rather bizarre scene accompanied with an extended version of 'For the Benefit of Mr. Kite'. Suddenly, R asked the television 'You want me to throw it?' Everyone looked at him, while he stared at the screen and began talking to it, ignoring us. He was asking about the Bus (the movie's parody of the Merry Pranksters' bus Further), and how he could get on it. He continued asking the TV questions, suddenly crouching down in front of it and turning the volume excruciatingly high. He then picked up a large speaker, asking the TV if it wanted it. 'You want me to throw it?' he was asking. A and I had to wrestle it out of his hands, eventually talking him out of it.

At this point, everyone else had finally begun to take concern with his behaviour. He turned off the film, saying that he could no longer watch it. He was also apologizing to everyone, and started to ramble on about evidence he had on his video camera. He kept asking for someone to get his camera. My sister obliged him, although I missed what he said about it at the time.

At this point, R had grabbed onto me suddenly, in fear of something. Bemused at this point and quite weirded out, I simply stood there, until he let go and went running upstairs, yelling about people coming after him again, and turning on all the lights in the house. Following him upstairs, we caught the tail end of him rushing outside, laughing and yelling, and running up the street. He came back, panicked and scared, then went rushing downstairs again. He started screaming at us to get out, repeatedly, which we obliged. Outside, my sister and I were debating about phoning the police, as we could hear him screaming inside, suddenly accompanied by loud crashing noises and a huge thud. My sister did phone the police, and while she did R suddenly came sprinting out of his house again yelling about 'Getting on the bus'.

T, thoroughly alarmed, had gotten into her car to leave. When she started the engine R was right against her window, yelling about getting in. She started to drive, and he jumped on the back of her car, grabbing onto the roof and antenna on the back. He stayed on for about a hundred feet or so before falling off. He then came sprinting back my way. I grabbed onto him for a second and he shrieked in my face to let him go, which I did, letting him run off the other way again.

K had called up a friend to leave, as she didn't want to stay around when the police arrived, and did not want to drive her own car in the state she was in. My sister, meanwhile, on the phone with a 911 dispatcher, was describing everything that was happening, and repeatedly asking if we would be in trouble for this. As I knew that the police would only be concerned with R, I was not worried about that prospect. I was trying to get his attention, as he was screaming in the street, and had started running through people's yards, at one point intending to smash windows in an effort to (as we found out later) stop people from a parallel universe from attacking him.

The police arrived at that point, a single squad car, which pulled up in front of the house and stopped for a few minutes. I stood beside them, intending to explain what was going on, when R came up to their window. He asked them if he could get in, and the male officer in the driver's seat responded, 'Yeah, come on in..' jerking his thumb to the backseat. R then climbed right into the window, his entire upper body on top of the officer, who started yelling at him to get the fuck off. The cruiser was revving very loudly, and I got the impression that R was pressing down on the officer's leg. The officer then managed to grab R and pin him up against the squad car. The other officer, a young woman, came out and started to ask me questions, such as what he was on, how long he'd been like this, and where his keys were.

Two other cruisers eventually showed up, and four officers stood around R, who was now struggling in the back of the first car, screaming and yelling while they told him to shutup. He eventually was reduced to pleading with them not to shoot him, and the police just shut the doors and left him in there. They seemed almost amused at his state, and were sarcastically asking how two grams of mushrooms had gotten him this fucked up.

The female officer talking to me had taken notice of a name tag I had on my chest, that said 'Bill's Bitch', something my sister had conjured up and I had since forgotten about. Asking if I had just gotten off of work, I responded in confusion that I did work, but not tonight. Realizing what she was talking about, I laughed and tried to explain, but she was conferring with her colleague at that point. I wondered what I looked like to her, with what were certainly very dilated eyes and probably confused, slurred sounding speech.

The police left shortly afterwards, with R in their cruiser, saying that he could contact us in the morning. And so J, A and I went back into the house to lock it. We looked down in R's room again to see what had made the noise, and saw that he had ended up lifting a very large speaker and hurled it across the room into a mirror. Remarkably, neither were damaged. We put them back, locked up the house and left, going back to J and I's house.

Arriving there, gladly hugging our dog, Bill, we recapped the night. A and I agreed that in the end it had been entertaining, nothing terrible had really happened. I took the dog out for a walk, and in the peace and quiet, watched the trees swaying around, looking like a painting to me. A large puddle on the street resembled a lake, and I marvelled at how wide it was. The walk, warm and blessedly free of screaming and police, was very enjoyable. Back at the house, a friend dropped by, and we passed the rest of the night smoking a few bowls and playing Guitar Hero.

The next morning, R showed up our house, and described what had happened. He was sent to a jail way up our Main St., which is a rough area. He was screaming at the police there, saying that he was God and that they were all going to die. His shoelaces, and eventually his clothing was confiscated from him. Upon awakening, '..surrounded by screaming Indians' as he put it, he was told that he had scared everyone around him. He was given some paper sandals and his clothes back, and went back to our place to apologize and get his keys. His fixation with smashing glass was that he thought he could see people from the film Across the Universe coming after him, and that by destroying windows or his mirror he was blocking their portals into our world. A most interesting perception, really.

Having now seen two people go crazy on mushrooms, with similarly slim builds, my advice is, don't do the things with skinny people.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 72162
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 29, 2010Views: 24,755
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