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My Cosy Night In
Opium & Cannabis
Citation:   Green Fingered Rebel. "My Cosy Night In: An Experience with Opium & Cannabis (exp72260)". Oct 18, 2022.

T+ 0:00
2.92 g smoked Poppies - Opium (tar / resin)
  T+ 5:00 1 cig. smoked Cannabis (flowers)
A year ago I was eyeing up a part of the car park at work where someone had attempted to do a bit of ďlandscapingĒ. This consisted of a huge heap of rubble that had weeds all over it. I gazed from my window and to my delight I could see a couple of rather large opium poppies amongst all the weeds. I had been reading up on poppies for awhile as I had been experimenting with OTC opiates and was interested in cultivating some P somniferums.

I decided I would slice the pods and get me some raw opium! I waited until the petals had fallen maybe seven days or so and then wandered over with a sharp craft knife blade. I sliced a few pods and my learning curve began. I was instantly hit by the incredible smell. I remember as a child when I had cut down poppies to make dens and such the smell made me feel sick or gave me a headache, this time however the strength of the smell just seemed to encourage me. I probably only got half a gram this first timeĖ thinking back I could have got more if I hadnít been in such a rush and scored the pods more than once. Basically all I got from this experience was a chance to taste the smoke. I hot knifed some, bonged some and put a fair bit in a joint. The taste was fantastic. The medicine taste was over whelming and really very pleasant. I felt like I could stare for hours but that was about it.

A year later I got a load of seeds off the net and threw them all over my poppy mound at work. I had some Persian whites, some Turkish ones and a mixed packet. There is now hundreds of poppy plants (seriously the size of a small field). They have transformed the somewhat dismal grotty heap of weeds into a sea of colour. I could hardly contain myself these past few weeks, watching their pods slowly stand to attention from their cabbage like vegetation. Yesterday morning I grabbed a blade and went to score as many pods as I could before people at work noticed I was missing. I have perfected my scoring since last year I like to do two horizontal lines on one side of the pod and then another 2 on the other side the following day so I can get as much milk as I can from each pod.

I left the pods to ooze away during the day and came back at about 5 in the evening to collect my now brown sticky latex. After about one hour of careful scraping I had a whole blade's worth of raw opium. When I got home mixed it up and smeared it over a piece of glass so the opium had a nice big surface area then pointed my desk fan at it so that it could dry. Hours later it was firm and a dark brown colour. I rolled it into a ball and popped it on my scales and was delighted with my 4.92 grams of raw Opium. I knew it had impurities but I couldnít be arsed to cook it up and clean it.

I started to smoke at around 7 pm. I got my bong and filled it with nice clean cold water. My favourite way to smoke Opium this way is to smear it around the inside walls of the bowl so that I can still see the hole in the bottom. I smoked about 20 or so hits until I had consumed just over one gram. Every now and again I would scrape out the crunchy sharp ash and mix it with some more opium and burn it up again to get the very most out of what I had. I began to feel a fantastic welling sensation behind the skin in my face and a warm glow in the centre of my head similar to what I would feel off a 60-90 mg codeine dose, my arms felt very floaty and when I stood up it felt like I was wearing a very heavy hat.

I sat back down and continued to smoke away. My fingers were stained black by now and I really felt like it added to the experience, in my mind I conjured up images of dark opium dens and dragons tails.
My fingers were stained black by now and I really felt like it added to the experience, in my mind I conjured up images of dark opium dens and dragons tails.
I decided I would smoke down to 2 grams so that I still had some left to let some of my friends have a try when I next see them. 70 bongs or so later I had consumed 2.92 nearly 3 grams of raw opium. It was 11 o clock and my head was heavy my eyelids were heavy all my limbs felt as if they were connected by little bendy straws and were just floating around my torso. Moving around made me feel sick.

I lay down on my sofa watching some crap on the telly about knife crime and drifted off. I was not asleep as such just kind of stuck between awake and asleep in a hazy dream state. I felt really nice. Really contented with euphoric over tones sweeping through me in waves. Standing up and moving around made me feel very sick, I had read somewhere that lying down stops the sickness and so I spent most of the time on my back. I rolled a joint of strong bud (which took forever because I didnít want to move at all) the weed was very nice to smoke it added to the effects of the opium, it made my eyes red but did not make my eyes feel stoned like I get from bud from sober. After smoking the joint I decided to turn in. I got into bed and felt so comfy, almost the sort of comfy I get when I get into bed after a night on MDMA.

I woke up a few times in the night, I didnít sleep solidly like I thought I would, it was patchy. It was a hot night and this didnít help. I woke up the next day feeling like I hadnít really slept I had to be up for work at 7. Iím now at work and its 9:50 am I feel slightly hung over, dizzy when I stand up but on the whole I feel very stoned. Feels like I have been smoking dope all morning. Opium was on the whole very enjoyable.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 72260
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 18, 2022Views: 1,259
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