Out of This World, Fucking Epic Trip
by Keezy
Citation:   Keezy. "Out of This World, Fucking Epic Trip: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp72296)". Erowid.org. Mar 4, 2010. erowid.org/exp/72296

T+ 0:00
2.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 4:45 1 glass oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)


The Night I Tripped Fucking Balls
Dose 2.5 g of dank shrooms


When I first did shrooms, I learned what an altered state of consciousness really is (weed is a joke comparatively). When I did morning glory, I learned the meaning of disappointment (kidding but seriously they are lame and I did like 12 grams) When I later did acid I learned the word psychedelic, and it gave me new meaning to the 60s and what they were about.

Now I know the meaning of the word trip. It takes me to another world. No, another dimension.

10:15 PM
I took 2 and a half grams of shrooms with pop tarts on a full stomach right after dinner. Immediately something felt off. I assumed it was just the psychological anticipation, said good night to my parents and headed upstairs. Within 10 minutes the feeling amplified, and suddenly I realized I wasn’t just thinking too hard about it, this shit was just hitting incredibly fast which is bizarre (on a very full stomach???). In my past experience with shrooms it took a good hour before I even started tripping.

This feeling is best described as an anxiety which kept growing and growing to uncontrollable and extremely uncomfortable proportions. I could feel a violent trip coming on. Things started to look really funny and I felt like throwing up but I wasn’t actually nauseous which doesn’t make sense but that’s how it was. I think psychologically I realized my last chance to bail was chucking. I knew I needed to calm myself fast. It was weird because I felt in control and I am good at handling trips (never had a bad one and relatively experienced) but this was too intense so it was a battle for a while. I put on Sublime to ease my mind and focused deep on the music. Soon I lost myself to strange thoughts bouncing back and forth. The room started to feel, the lighting was changing everywhere.


With the anxiety at its peak even music didn’t make me feel good. I felt like screaming and I knew that I was on the verge of a bad trip so I made a quick decision. I picked up my guitar and started playing. At this point my guitar barely looked like a guitar. The strings were bright neon green and blue. And everything about it seemed sharp, distinct, and beautiful. I found I could still play, although as long as I thought about the music I wanted to hear and not about the actual physical act. I started with some blues solos and the room reacted accordingly (colors would change with the rhythm). When I played the room became bright, it lit up with white. So bright and vivid that I thought about closing my eyes for fear of becoming blind, but the grandeur of the entire scene kept me wanting more.

I soon started churning out right hand tapping solos and all the sudden the orchestra started. Insane, passionate, orgasmic. Think Nightwish (symphonic metal) on steroids. Everything I played amplified around the room bouncing off the walls. When I played darker tones the room changed to everything in red, black and white. Let me be more specific, think black ink mixed with blood mixed with lightning. And when I got to the high notes the whiteness everywhere started again, my own personal heaven. There must have been a 100 instruments playing with me. Eventually it became too much. The music felt too powerful and ominous and my playing ability lessened as the shrooms took on full effect.


My thoughts were wild. I was sitting on the chair not knowing what to do. I had made a “to do” list earlier of things to do on shrooms (watch visualizations on computer; listen to music like Infected Mushroom etc.). Suddenly I started laughing hysterically “to do???” I asked myself, “All there is, is to be”. What could be more awesome than just sitting and tripping my ass off? And tripping I was. Everything was fluid and organic. The walls melted, objects blurred together and patterns emerged from nowhere. But it was too much. I was thinking too fast, and I couldn’t control anything. My thoughts would go places I didn’t want to take them. If I thought of something dark the whole room would go black and purple, a living nightmare. Think of a powerful neon trip light with these colors shooting out ominous electricity. The purple was not quite purple; it was what I imagine bee purple would be. It was like the color of some dark yet bright lightning oozing acid, pulsing and morphing. I would take the look of a crazy person. My facial muscles contorted to what must have looked like a rabid dog.

But I kept coming back to good things. It was constantly going back and forth. I would suddenly smile and giggle, and feel liquid tingling through my body, everything turned to warm colors, oranges and yellows, and reds and I would beam with a smile. I ceased to be aware of reality at this point. My room was no longer my room. I was in a dream world. My pupils fully enlarged taking everything in, more vivid than the living day, everything was so enticing and interesting to look at, I couldn’t focus on one thing at a time. I wanted to take it all in at once. Crazy philosophical ideas came into my head, I only wish I could remember them but it was if I knew all the answers, everything, and nothing at the same time, which was very enjoyable for someone who is as inquisitive as myself.

Time lapsed. I would look at the clock and it would be the same time twice in a row when it seemed hours had past, although perhaps I hallucinated that it was the same time, or imagined I saw the same time twice… my vision was incredibly messed up and the computer screen made no sense. It was just a blurring of letters and words, swimming through a sea of liquid. The trails were insane; my mouse would be everywhere at once and then just disappear.


I now entered the darkest part of the trip. I became extremely numb and afraid; I stripped down naked and dived into my bed bracing myself in the fetal position. I tried to sleep but if I closed my eyes I saw exactly what I was seeing while they were open. My eyes could be as closed as they wanted but my brain was open. I couldn’t get away from it. In fact the visuals were only more bizarre with my eyes closed. I saw geometric shapes that I didn’t think could exist (they weren’t exactly shapes…?), along with colors I knew I’d never seen before. All the same slowly I felt much safer. I knew I was protected as long as I remained still in bed, observing the new dimension unfolding before me.

Soon I worked up the courage to call a friend. Everything got better from there. Before long we were laughing our asses off together. I concluding the meaning of life was three claps. Let me put that into context: big comfy chair, bad guy, possibly a fireplace, right when the hero enters the room and discovers a trap… yeah the sad thing was I actually believed it. The things we talked about came true before me. He would say something like the things in your room are having sex. And then all the suddenly my lamp would start violently raping my neon trip light. My room was one gigantic orgy.

I was completely out of my mind. I had barely any self awareness and at times I would forget my friend was on the phone but then other times it became clear to me he was the only thing real that existed, but I didn’t understand how he was talking to me (I know longer understood what a phone was but for some reason muscle memory kept it on my ear). I wondered if he did exist, and if maybe I thought I had called an imaginary friend (in fact I had called him in reality). Voices were super high and low pitched, and sometimes I wouldn’t even hear them, I would see them or feel them. The mood completely changed. Everything was funny and enjoyable. My brain was slowly getting used to its new altered condition.

12:20 AM

The trip took on a different turn, where as before everything I saw was at least based in reality (if extremely twisted), now I saw things that didn’t exist. Alien lizard looking creatures crawled up the walls. The walls alternated between a beehive (hexagons in particular brought this imagery to my head), human flesh, and liquid wax dripping and probably a combination of all three most of the time. Suddenly I was on another planet in a spaceship. What had been my desk, computer, and drum set, suddenly became intricate, advanced machinery teeming with life. It was machine and organic at the same time. It alternated between extremely complex beyond words and extremely simple beyond words. When simple everything smoothed over and became a living cartoon, a cell shaded like effect. The complexity is impossible to even begin to describe, think patterns within patterns with patterns. All this time I was sitting in bed, I tried to get up, and realized I couldn’t even walk; I swaggered and fell as if I was wasted beyond imagination. The problem wasn’t that I couldn’t move my muscles; it was that I didn’t know how to walk. The idea, the concept, the skill was lost.


I now needed to go to the bathroom. It was hard to know if I really needed to or not but I just accepted it, not wanting to piss myself. Completely delirious, I was unwilling to go downstairs lest I risk doing something crazy and waking my parents up so I pissed in a cup nearby. I made sure to get in it as close as I could, but I still felt like I was outside of it, and pissed all over myself and the floor and I watched it drip down my legs and seep onto the floor. I wasn’t sure if I was tripping harder or less hard than before, because I was in more control conscious wise, but the hallucinations kept getting stronger. Anyway I found out later I actually didn’t piss myself at all, I got it all perfectly in the cup. Regardless I was really mad at myself because I didn’t know this. So I got back in bed and tried to dry myself off feeling wet all over.


The next phase of the trip was the coolest part. I got up and started exploring. Everything was so Alice and Wonderland like. I went to the bathroom downstairs and it felt like it was an infinite space in itself and I was just a tiny person. I didn’t even think I could fit on the toilet. Then I looked in the mirror and I saw millions of my selves that all formed into one. I looked and it was me… but not quite. It was a bigger more improved version of myself. Rippling with muscle, I looked like the fucking Hulk. Suddenly I wanted to roar. I beat my chest and felt huge; the room was almost too tiny to contain me. In a highly egotistical moment, uncharacteristic of myself normally, I realized three things. I was the most powerful, most beautiful, and most intelligent thing in the universe.

Naturally the next conclusion was that I must be God. Suddenly the trip was in my hands, I never felt in so much control of everything in my life. Things would bend before my will. I puffed my chest out and strut around like I was the biggest beef on the planet. I walked downstairs to the kitchen. It was amazing looking, absolutely breath taking. The white light was back, like when I played guitar. I felt like I was walking around in a heaven of my own, overseeing my vast domain. Everything was so distorted and things seemed small and big at once. I looked at myself and now my body was extremely contorted, not even recognizable, but I still knew I was God. I knew I could do anything.

I grabbed my long board and headed outside. Nothing can describe how awesome it was. Cars were as small as dogs to me. I towered above everything and my long board was my war horse. I would speed up as fast as I could and I would feel as if I were going the speed of light. Everything around me was motion blurred, and I got a huge surge of adrenaline from the speed, it was like riding the most insane roller coaster except I was the roller coaster. As I headed back to my house, things started to slowly return to normal…. whatever that was.


I was still tripping hard but my room was now my room again. Everything was doing its own thing and living along with me but I was completely content and filled with an utter inner peace, a tranquility that I’ve never felt before. I spent the remaining hour of the trip pondering the meaning of life and reflecting upon what just had happened. I didn’t want to lose any of it.


Major after glow effects were still noticeable, but the trip was over. Cool little things would still happen every so often but at this point my brain was exhausted with tripping. I wished it to be over. I took two Tylenols and drank a beer and feel asleep as soon as I touched my bed.

A minor note that I wanted to mention; my most recent past shrooms trip couldn’t have been more different. I did an entire eighth first of all. It gave me an extreme body high, lights were crazy, the ground was melting (typical from what I’ve heard) and I was tripping but I felt relatively in control (strangely dissociate at times but not comparable) and I didn’t see anything unreal (new and not part of the environment). The previous trip was very fun but not as introspective. This trip was much the opposite, very much a mind high at times (and occasionally a total mind fuck), but no body high whatsoever and verging on insanity at every turn, much more intense, and just plain fucking epic.

To conclude, a life changing trip, overwhelmingly positive, and nothing like anything I had experienced before, even having being an experienced psychoactive user.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 72296
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 4, 2010Views: 23,883
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