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An Excellent, All-Natural Relaxation Mixture
Cannabis, Tobacco, Valerian & Black Tea
Citation:   Admiral Jackson. "An Excellent, All-Natural Relaxation Mixture: An Experience with Cannabis, Tobacco, Valerian & Black Tea (exp73318)". May 29, 2020.

  oral Valerian (extract)
  1 bowl smoked Cannabis  
  1 cup oral Tea  
  1 cig. smoked Tobacco  
NOTE: I am not entirely sure about the Valerian dosage. The Valerian I use comes from a country other than my own, therefore the potency of it may be different than the potency of this country's Valerian.

After searching for quite some time for a mixture that's safe, easy to obtain, and doesn't make me feel like shit the next morning, I've developed an excellent mix of all-natural chemicals that are quite easy (mostly) to find in my grocery store. I enjoy this after a day of hard work and I'll feel like a king.

The Valerian Root extract tablets were taken at approximately 10:32 pm. For about 10 minutes, I had to do some stuff which is of no significance, except for brewing my tea. I put my rolling tobacco, papers, and roller into my pocket, got my cannabis and bowl, and went outside to sit on my deck.

At this time the effect of the Valerian kicked in, which generally manifests itself as a soft, warm sensation in the extremities. I believe my fast metabolism played a role in the fast action of the Valerian, or it could be its own chemical nature.

I smoked my bowl and got a few good hits off of it. Normally, I just smoke a couple of pinchies, but I felt like smoking the bowl that I had just cleaned. I took several sips of tea.

Then the relaxation hit me like a wave. The effects of the Valerian seemed to amplify the high while creating an excellent body buzz. I reached for my cigarette roller but found that it took too much effort to reach for the god damn thing. I thought, 'damn, I need to act straight right now.' So with some perseverance, I rolled a cigarette. As I began to light it, my lighter died. (By the way, throughout this whole experience, I had a smile on my face).

'Oh no!' thought I, as my favorite lighter died. I went back inside for another one but found that I was stumbling slightly. However, the stumbling seemed comical, funny, and enjoyable.

When I got back out and smoked my cigarette, I was hit by a very strong nicotine buzz. It amplified the effects of the other chemicals in me to a point where objects in my field of vision began to vibrate. This vibration was very pleasant to look at. I drank my hot cup of tea and felt just warm all around. It was now approximately 11 pm. Walking to my room felt as though I was floating along the floor. I laid on my bed and read a good book. It was an excellent finish to the day.

I have used this relaxation mixture with various dosage tweaking to great success for several months.
I have used this relaxation mixture with various dosage tweaking to great success for several months.
It's great about an hour before bed. Find something relaxing and enjoy a very chill time and a great night's sleep.

Some variations I have tried:

60mg valerian, cigarette, tea: Strong relaxation. Makes sitting still very appealing.

80mg valerian, cigarette, tea: This is a dose where at least to me, Valerian becomes mildly psychoactive. Relaxation is intense with very noticeable variations on objects that I focus on. Walking is hard.

80mg valerian, bowl after bowl after bowl, several cigarettes, 2 cups of hot tea: I wanted to see what would happen if I took the mixture to the next level. I found out that's not where the mixture should be taken in the wrong mindset. All I could do was walk to my bed and lie down with my eyes closed. After that, I felt like I was riding a roller coaster that was giving me motion sickness. The high came on ridiculously fast and made me very paranoid. I had to dip out of my house and walk around the block twice to calm down. Don't OD on the mixture, it's not fun and will make you less productive in the morning.

The first two mixtures are readily made if I don't have weed and will still give me a calming effect. I would not go above 100 mg of Valerian, as that would probably just make me pass out. I have developed tolerance to Valerian as I have taken it since childhood, as is common in my native country.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 73318
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 29, 2020Views: 2,061
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