Insightful and in the End, Joyful
Peyote & Cannabis
by Tuna
Citation:   Tuna. "Insightful and in the End, Joyful: An Experience with Peyote & Cannabis (exp73855)". Feb 16, 2018.

T+ 0:00
  oral Peyote (tea)
  T+ 2:30   repeated smoked Cannabis  
Backstory: Iím a week from my 18th birthday and my friend is almost 19. My friend and I have never done any drugs, I had done weed just a few days earlier and he had been high on poppy tea for three days straight. Thatís it. No hallucinogens. Nothing really bad. We decided to do peyote because it was natural and we wanted to experience other realms of existence.

Boiled the plant (double dose) for two hours in 24 ounces of clean water. We continued to add water in order to keep the substance boiling. We tried to keep it from boiling too much and only one of us got sick so I donít know if that has anything to do with it. It was fairly thick by the end. Strained out the cactus and the major sediment (left anything smaller than 3 mm or so). I swallowed about two spoonfuls of wet mushy cactus just to see what would happen, no effects for me (except constipation) and only a little swirliness for my friend. Poured the tea into two full sized thermoses and let them set for two days (this was not necessary however we didnít have time to actually do the peyote right then).

Day of 3:00 PM: We drink the tea. Weíre really excited to see hallucinations and feel the effects. We both almost puked on the end sediment (I would definitely try to strain all of this out if possible). We drank some water and were fine. We walked for the next hour and half to get to our park for the actual trip. Felt nothing.

4:30 set up camp in a big park in our neighborhood. We ate a bag of nacho cheese chips and instantly our nausea felt better. Drank a few bottles of water. Both of us were trying to see things so the tracers were really exciting for us. Started to feel really happy and excited for what was to come and also some dread for sundown when Iíd have to go home.

5:30 Still not actually tripping yet, though a little. Smoke about three or four hits of decent weed. Get up and go to the forest. The peyote hit me really hard and out of nowhere (could have been the weed additive) began to feel myself lift out of myself. My body seemed like three steps ahead of me and my whole body was numb. It was as if I were being trailed behind myself like a kite. I couldnít feel anything. I sat in a lawn chair and felt that I couldnít stand.

6:00 Started to feel really sorry for myself, like I was such a failure for doing drugs. The fact that I was smoking weed while on peyote destroyed my sense of understanding about how my life was supposed to go and I got really depressed. I could lift myself out pretty easily but I was also getting really paranoid (definitely from the weed) I thought the sun was going to set and I would be stuck miles from home high and without a car. I started checking my phone fearing that my parents would wonder where I was. I started to feel really shitty and couldnít move. I just wanted to lay down and sleep off my high until I felt normal again. I wanted to feel everything as I always had. I felt really scared that I would never return to normal and I would be like this my whole life.

7:00 Feeling better now. Left the forest and went to the grass fields outside. Felt elated and was thinking more clearly. I started to calm down and relax. The weed was obviously wearing off. Laid down on a sidewalk and almost fell asleep. Saw triangles moving in and out of each other and tessellations building and destroying themselves. I saw flies making perfectly efficient movements in the sky. I really really thought this was real until I sat up and saw them everywhere. We walked away as the sun set.

8:30 definitely a peak for me. Felt really insightful and interesting. I understood why life was precious and why we all should enjoy the life weíre given and not worry about it. I was able to draw parallels between my earlier paranoia and my fear that I wouldnít succeed or become something when I grew up. I understood that no matter why weíre here we all just have to enjoy our lives. I was going to trip whether I liked it or not and so I might as well enjoy the time I had. Definitely understood more about myself and who I was as a human. I accepted my flaws as beautiful parts of my self.

1:29 AM Writing this now while I still remember most of it. Still feel a little heady, like my feeling is 2 inches behind my face. But Iím definitely sober. Was still really feeling it until about three hours ago.

End Result: Definitely a joyful experience and a complete head trip. I wouldnít mix the mescaline with the weed again just because I got so paranoid and it destroyed the rise of my high. Also, I would make sure to have a space all to myself where I donít have to worry about people coming home or my having to leave, where I can just walk around freely without need for fear. Also, at least nine hours before I need to be presentable. We could drive about five hours after consumption.

It was some heavy shit and definitely mixed up the sediment at the bottom of my calm pool. I thought about things I havenít thought about in years and understand myself better in the process. I loved it, will do again but definitely under better more safe circumstances. Probably could only handle it three or four times a year.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 73855
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Feb 16, 2018Views: 2,818
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