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Way Too Far Into Mushroom World!
Mushrooms - P. cubensis
by SoccerMommy
Citation:   SoccerMommy. "Way Too Far Into Mushroom World!: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis (exp74446)". Feb 20, 2021.

  oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (dried)


Recently I found someone selling cubensis for 100 bones for 15 grams(they were supposed to be really good). I figured it was a good deal considering they usually go for 35 and eigth where I live if you can even find them. to give you an idea of my drug experience I have done many herbal blends from spice world, weed, salvia, cocaine, lsd, shrooms, ketamine, bufotenine, 5meodmt, xanax, ambien, oxycontin, trichocereus cacti, dozens of anti depressants adhd and ocd medications, nos, and ecstasy.

I give my friend Al 2.5 grams all stems and I was a retard and decided to take 1 stem about 2 inches long, one cap approx. the size of a silver dollar, and 7 aborts. We wanted to trip hard so we used lemon tech( soaked our shrooms in lemonade with an extra shot of lemon). This totaled to 3.3 grams and aborts are really strong. This breaks down the psilocybin into pscylocin and results in a much stronger but shorter trip. I would say it probably doubles the effects. After we down the stuff we go outside to my street and start walking towards the forest. It was a really dark night with no moon.

After about 10 minutes of walking I decide that I need to sit down. I look at the trees and they look weird but no visuals. All of a sudden I feel like a 104 degree fever and feel like throwing up my guts. I start walking back home when they hit me like a brick. Everything was coated with swirls of every color you can imagine. By this time Al is wondering what was going on because he thought that I took the same dose as him and he wasn’t feeling anything yet.

We get back to my room and I lay down and instantly felt better. I had very intense bliss and was saying how I love everything and how things are so beautiful. Around 10 minutes later the mushies turned on me. I wanted to go to the hospital and get that hit out of my body NOW. However I was past the point of being able to talk or move so I just lay there trying to wait it off.

By now Al says he is going outside without me and I watch him leave. Minutes later I got up and went to my back yard to be with him but he wasn’t there. I freak out cuz I thought I lost him. Everything started morphing into him. Pillars ,bushes, trees, pool nets and everything looked identical to him. There were around 100 Al clones just silently staring at me. I go inside to call him and manage to tell him to come back.

I watched my alarm clock patiently. The clock stopped. I just lay there watching multicolored swastikas cover my whole field of vision. I look at a plant in my room and it turned into a boa that just gazed at me while flicking his tung. I was scared.

I figured that I had at least killed an hour so I check the time only to discover only 2 minutes had passed. I was scared. Soon after I feel completely normal. I was wondering how this could be because I had only ingested the mushrooms an hour ago.

Finally Al came back. This is when it gets really weird. I started to get the most intense visuals of the night. I looked at my body only to see hundreds of squid like arms. The I went under my blanket and looked at pictures on my ipod of my family. I reaized how important the were to me. Their faces began to stretch and a horn grew from my moms head like a unicorn. A palm tree in the background gave birth to a slimy teradactle( for some unknown reason I always see teradactles and snake when I trip). Then there was a pic of my trip to Lithuania, Europe. My sister was standing in a coastal forest next to the Baltic sea when she turned into a devilish troll.

In summation, I would never recommend this big a dose to anyone my size. ( I'm only 5 foot and 90 pounds). However the next weekend I took 2.8 grams plain and had a strong trip but not scary.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 74446
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 20, 2021Views: 392
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