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Horribly Enlightening
Mushrooms & Fluoxetine
by Andrew C.
Citation:   Andrew C.. "Horribly Enlightening: An Experience with Mushrooms & Fluoxetine (exp74557)". Feb 23, 2021.

T+ 0:00
10 mg oral Pharms - Fluoxetine (daily)
  T+ 60:00 3 g oral Mushrooms (tea)
  T+ 60:00   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 60:00 3 hits smoked Cannabis  


10 Fluoxotine mg is the amount I had been taking each morning, but not since Thursday, and this trip, happened on a Saturday night.

My buddy Ry's b-day was on Saturday October 23, and I had been cordially invited to come over. I knew prior to the party that I would have a chance to dose mushrooms, and being a friend of fungi I felt like this was a great night to trip. The party went pretty smooth with a few friends and family at my friend's home, but we did nothing of the sort except a 40 oz of Cobra my friend had gotten for his birthday, but by the night it had pretty much worn off.

A friend was invited to trip with us but declined at the last minute. Everyone else had left, except for my friend and I, and his family. The time was about 11:30 pm Saturday, and he asked if I were ready, after harvesting his mushroom layer and collecting a small jar of dried mushrooms that were saved, we feasted upon a cup of tea apiece, and proceeded to enter his living quarters, where he played the music of phish. I remember having a chat about how Reba has such a great jam in the later parts of the song, and I started noticing a few things not normal in a sober sense, such as a few geometric shapes and a very vivid sound coming from the computer, but nothing too major.

We walked out to his back porch and gazed at the stars for a moment. We smoked a bowl and feeling pretty good we sat and talked for a couple minutes, enjoying the cold but fairest weather late October could offer, and mentioning how neither had a religious experience during a trip, or something to that effect.. What follows is blurry but is a true recollection of thoughts that I have recalled.

After walking into his house we ventured down into his living room, both of us feeling a great trip unfolding. We continued listening to Phish, playing balloon game, hitting them back and forth while trying to dance to the music. I was tripping pretty hard, and it was starting to get messy, but having a wonderful time.

After listening for a while, I remember sitting down, just hearing Run like an antelope. I sat and wondered what I should do next, and walked upstairs to get a glass of water, stumbling heavily along the way, but made it back down after I had drank it... I don't remember much after that, until I heard Bitches Brew by Miles Davis playing on Ry's computer. I told him it scared me and he decided to change the song, Pink Floyd was the next band of choice, which was great, but I was spacing, just staring at the ceiling, looking at a lava lamp with my mouth wide open I laughed, and then started to loose touch with reality.

I must've sat there for 20 minutes or so, until I remember Ry asking about my well-being and tellin him I was losing my mind, which was a bad thing to say, because it threw him in a bad state of mind and he was worried about my safety. I remember peaking about now, but no recollection of thought, I was pondering a meditative state unlike any I've ever had before, thoughts appearing and melting, I visualized a place that I thought I trusted, and all of a sudden I focused on the music at hand, The piper at the gates of dawn, and thought about the tragic state that Syd Barrett had fallen into, and not thinking straight I deemed my own fate to have followed in his footsteps, being a guitarist and becoming more skillful, IT SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME. By this point, all I remember is Ry saying this is just a trip, but all I had known about drugs had become a myth. I suddenly felt I was traveling a worn path, one that needs to be eliminated. I felt my world I once knew open up into a road ends sign leading to disaster.

Note: I wanted to pursue a career in Health as a pediatrician. Now I was believing this was not the way to follow. I saw a whole new dimention, one filled with ruins of my past the good and ugly, and feeling that my head was expanding larger than my brain could handle. In the minutes I sat on my friends couch pondering all the challenges of recently becoming an adult, I had uncontrolable feelings of guilt I soon could not get rid of. I saw the world as many adults do, seen through my own eyes, run by health care specialists and wandering off, I remembered where I was, and my friend comforting my fears, reminding me that I was tripping and nothing bad is going to happen. I regained a stable thinking a communication, still tripping hard. I thought of past mistakes I and others I had made. I thought deeper about medical role in society and how one may view others of different studis and, soon after, Ry asked if we could go to sleep. I asked him to stay and about a half hour later I agreed it would be best to try to sleep. I layed on his futon, and thought about being like a child wrapped in a blanket, I imagined myself as a single cell, drifting into nothing, in isolation, and lay the rest of the night with the trip slowly going away. I was in fear that I was going to be arrested, but by day break those thoughts subsided. I got out of bed and went outside for a walk, feeling pretty good, soon after, Ry's parents came into the kitchen where I was, and we ate breakfast... Soon after his father drove me back to my house. I spoke with Ry soon after and he said he dad told him I looked terrible in the morning. I have felt great ever since that morning, I think its worth mentioning that I was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder, and being the following tuesday, I had felt great with nothing in that nature affecting my daily routine.

Although a bad trip, it could have been much worse, especially feeling like my head was increasing in size, it is worth noting that I felt very enlightened and would try cubs again, granted I have not taken fluoxetine in the last 2 or 3 weeks, being that it can stay in a person's system for days....

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 74557
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 23, 2021Views: 324
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