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Who is God, A Journey Through Music
Mushrooms & Cannabis
by Peej
Citation:   Peej. "Who is God, A Journey Through Music: An Experience with Mushrooms & Cannabis (exp74768)". Oct 7, 2017.

  repeated smoked Cannabis
  4 g oral Mushrooms
    oral Alcohol
I come to you with this story from just a night ago. I had never tried mushrooms before this point. I had many many experiences with LSD tho. Which were all highly successful trips, spent in jam sessions. I'm very into Jimi Hendrix and much of our world's previous drug culture. (note: I stay away from the popular music of this era, another story in itself tho). Anyways, I purchased about a oz of shrooms from a buddy and off to the night's jam session.

We got all our equipment set up and sat down to converse where we were going to go and get any thoughts out about musical ideals and such. I opened the bag of shrooms, weighed out 4gs for each of us. We chewed them all down in about 10 minutes. (there was 2 others, drummer and bassist) Each of us had our own joints. (approx 1.5g in each) of extremely high quality cannabis. I turned on some tunes and we smoked and discussed where we wanted to go with our trips while we waited for the trip to come on. We decided on doing some covers to warm up and off into our own material, which we all enjoyed so much.

Beginning to play, fairly stoned from our holy herb. Greatly enhanced musical perception, ideas flow perfectly. The typical stoning for a jam. Some of our experiences on LSD created a sense of oneness between the 3 of us, and this is exactly what we were trying to attain from the mushrooms. As I played along I could hear how the other 2 were beginning to come up on their trips as the cannabis effects merged with the psilocybin.

The feeling I experienced at this point was like a full intense body buzz standing up. Almost as if someone was pushing down on my head. I could feel this pleasurable energy coming through the floor into my body and flowing out again. Noticing this I looked up at the other 2, I think we were doing Hear My Train Commin by Jimi Hendrix, I couldn't help smiling, I couldn't not smile. They were too, and they got the idea. So we shifted our jam into psychedelic improvization.

Soon the effects took on more and more effects. I would go into these phases of liquidy like states. The only way I can explain this is when I hear a sound slowed down. It was like coming in and out of it, while everything around me breathed. My guitar would elongate and swirl around as I played, giving me these intense shocks of euphoria that are indescribable.

The trip kept getting stronger and stronger with every thought my mind created. I began to see the sounds I was creating on my guitar, as if were a entity beside me, a friend, but it was me.
I began to see the sounds I was creating on my guitar, as if were a entity beside me, a friend, but it was me.
This realization made me feel extremely powerful. The colors around me were making patterns almost as they were colors that could dance?

Again I was blasted into this crazy realm I experienced on LSD. The sounds we were creating turned into the reality, I could not see my guitar anymore or anything for that matter. I could feel and talk to the other instruments as if they were people. This went on for what seemed like hours and hours, until it happened again.

Everything melted away and it was the sounds of me and space. I was travelling through space and time, from what I believed was happening. The thought of ever returning to the real reality was the most insane thought I've ever experienced, I was so high and I knew I could go higher. The music was so intense and the feeling was just not something I can put into words.

I was in this world and didn't want to go back kinda thing, but I did want to at the same time. I wasn't worried, it was more of a wonderous thought. Before I even knew it, I was floating in Jupiter's orbit. NOTHING has ever been as groovy as this. I could hear the extraordinary music we were creating and experiencing the most profound alteration of ego and self identity. I was music, I was inside it I knew exactly what I was and I didn't have a clue at the same time. The stars around me the colors the matter, were so beautiful they even talked to me. I couldn't help believe some thing, some entity, had created all these different sensations. The overwhelming feeling of knowing of a divine power existed brought me to understand nothingness. How god is just an idea of my imagination, an idea. Understanding God is entirely impossible.

As I came down from this enlightenment, I came to realize I was falling. The feeling of free falling, and the world appeared before me. I was falling through the sky, the clouds. One of my craziest comedowns. (I could tell I was.) All the way back down to where I was standing.

I re-entered my body but I had no control over myself. My hands were still playing and I just couldnt understand what was going on. Soon after, I was relieved as I could start to feel my body's buzz and my hands. The more mild effects stayed for another 3 hours or so, breathing and crisp sense of sound. We soon ended our jam out of curiosity to talk about what happened.

My other 2 buddies, had similar trips. They both talked about the areas of their mind they explored, and how that they felt they had more 'space of mind'. Of course I described mine best as possible while I could still get my message out. After a good hour of this, we smoked some more cannabis and listened to what we had recorded. It truly served to be the most creative and emotional piece of music I've ever heard, and we all agreed on that. Afterwards we felt good enough to go out for a night of drinking, which was a great way to end a mushroom trip.

Anyways, I could write more about this journey but I don't got 5 hours to explain everything. Sober state or altered, it's the greatest way to prove I am more than just human, but a cosmic being, a member of this vast universe(s) and will always be.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 74768
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 7, 2017Views: 2,554
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