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Connecting with Gaia
by Stumbles
Citation:   Stumbles. "Connecting with Gaia: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp74856)". May 1, 2020.

3.5 oz oral Mushrooms


I had this experience about six months ago and have recently felt compelled to write about it. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

I had been wanting to try Mushrooms for awhile but couldn't find them in any local pastures. I decided to grow my own. This was not hard. My female friend J heard about this and was interested. One Saturday, I called her up and she was excited about trying them so I went to her apartment complex. We live in a major college university city in florida so there were many young people out and about around her place. I went up to her third floor apartment and after hanging out for awhile we decided to begin our journey.

I had 3.5 grams of dried mushrooms for me and maybe 2.0 grams for her. We chopped them up and mixed them with orange juice. The flavour was quite unpleasant but bearable. We went out on the balcony which had a beautiful view. The weather was very sunny and partly cloudy. We talked for awhile and after 15-20 minutes the uneasiness set in. Very slight nasuea mixed with a mild nervousness. I had read up on mushrooms and was expecting these effects. I remained calm and reminded myself I was embarking upon an incredible journey I wanted to experience. The negative effect passed quickly, within 5-10 minutes.

An overwhelming calmness and happiness began to grow inside me.
An overwhelming calmness and happiness began to grow inside me.
I became completely content sitting and watching clouds, absolutely amazed by what I was witnessing. I was acutely aware of the trees and animals. I could not stop smiling and felt like I could not control myself.

J's roommate, a girl, came home with a male friend of hers and informed us they were going to a latin festival nearby and invited us. This sounded like a great idea and the girls got ready while the other guy and I talked in the kitchen. He seemed to notice my peculiar behavior so I informed him J and I were on shrooms and he laughed, having experienced them himself. It was never spoken but he seemed to fill the role of sitter that day.

When the girls were ready we left and the new sitter volunteered to drive. This was great because his car had a beautiful leather interior that was fully appreciated that day. On the ride there we talked about drugs a lot, amongst other things. It was a joyous ride and the two sober people laughed at how we marvelled at the trees. I remember having an amazing sense of awareness of how I could influence the things around me, especially our conversation.

When we got to the festival there were many people dressed in cultural garb and so many colors. There were balloons everywhere, places to try cultural foods, and a few people singing; though the singing was not quite my taste I still enjoyed it. Though nothing stands out in my memory I recall having an extremely difficult time reading. I could not understand the words. My friend J had to read the description of a couple items I found interesting.

Everything I've described so far had a sense of wonder about but can not compare to the presence and closeness to the earth I felt. I stood in awe of towering long leaf pines and was floored by the breathing and geometric patterns that resonated from them. J saw them as well but not intensely as I did. At one point I wandered off to a more solitary place, a clearing not far away from the bustle. The sunlight hit my skin and its warmth penetrated me like I've never felt before. I could feel the power and energy and in that moment, understood how it powered all life on the surface of the Earth. This was a feeling I will never forget.

Shortly thereafter my compatriots found me and we decided to leave. This is when I started to come down. The rest of the day is mostly unremarkable. When we got back to the apartment I was sweating and uncomfortable. I really wanted to sleep. Some more people came over and I remember thinking how weird some people's faces looked, loud noises and flamboyant actions annoyed me. I chugged some orange juice, said goodbye to J and went home in a hurry. My room felt much smaller than usual. I felt like I lived in a wooden box. I got in bed and caught a part of a movie.

The next day I felt fine and somewhat renewed. Something happened that day I will never forget and has permanently, and positively affected me.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 74856
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 1, 2020Views: 425
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