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Useless to Great
Poppies (seed pods)
by Noddlish
Citation:   Noddlish. "Useless to Great: An Experience with Poppies (seed pods) (exp75437)". Feb 18, 2011.

  oral Poppies - Opium (tea)


There is a ton of conflicting information floating around the web about poppy tea, seeds and pods. Based on my many personnel experiments poppy seeds do not work. Poppy seeds bought in the US are nearly always washed, reducing the already minimal levels of alkaloids. I have tried boiling, grinding, with hot water, cold water, lemon juice, vitamin C -- the method doesn't matter; it won't work.

Poppy pods are a different story. I obtained some pods from an online retailer. I avoided Tasmainian poppy pods, reading that they have been bred to contain less morphine and more thebaine which would make for less 'high' and more nausea.

I punched small holes in 10-15 pods with a pen and shook the seeds out, then cut them up with a large kitchen knife, soaked them in hot water for about 30 minutes and drank. (You can add sugar, honey, or lemon, but I don't think it's worth it. There is no way to make this taste less than terrible.) About an hour later I began to feel quite affected. I didn't believe that this high would last 20+ hours, but trust me it does. It also causes pretty extreme constipation. It's a good, very body oriented high. but beware of the length and don't plan on pooping; this is essentially opium, so be careful, it is addictive. Have fun and safe travels.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 75437
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 18, 2011Views: 3,991
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Poppies - Opium (43) : Unknown Context (20), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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