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Five Nights of Heavy Dreaming
Calea zacatechichi
Citation:   Occupant. "Five Nights of Heavy Dreaming: An Experience with Calea zacatechichi (exp75970)". Mar 16, 2016.

500 mg oral Calea zacatechichi (capsule)
My intention was to gain spiritual and inner wisdom though dreaming. I have received a number of such dreams but they are often difficult to interpret. The amount of detail and the creativity of the storyline is often amazing and not identifiable as having originated in anything I have experienced or watched. To me this is a medium to converse with spirit (i.e God) and work on soul lessons that will enable me to progress on my waking path in the 3D world as well.

I had a period of such dreaming this summer but they were just too hard to interpret and I eventually stopped recording them and trying. Subsequently they stopped occurring with any regularity. I am a meditator but feel that I have a block or more growth to experience as of now in terms of getting this sort of information in meditation. Because of this Calea Z was very attractive to me when I heard of it through a lecture.

I was quite honestly a bit scared the first time I took it. I have never taken any drugs really. Sniffed some glue as a kid once or twice, took some good prescription cough syrup and pain killers, smoked cigarettes for several years and at one time could drink a 5th of scotch in a night and be looking for more. All in all nothing that created significant, lucid, hallucinogenic affects but rather turned me into a clown or polluted my body. When I took the first two Calea caps I had a shot of fear then decided that I did not want to manifest the experience in fear and asked spirit to work with me in the dreams for progress on my path. For those of you experienced in taking these I know this all sounds silly but I included it in case there are those who may be curious but fearful. The perception may be that those taking these sorts of aides are druggies. That needs to change.

The first night I could not recall the dreams but there was a big increase in activity.
The first night I could not recall the dreams but there was a big increase in activity.
I could recall that there were at least 3-5 distinct dreams or “scenes” I am calling it now but could not get the detail. It is sort of like I had some transparency slides of different scenes and instead of being able to see each in detail they are piled on top of each other. I see there are forms but I can't make out the individual details.

The next night the differentiation came. I was able to remember at least four distinct scenes. I believe there may be more I am loosing but what is interesting is how these are arranged in order to make a case or demonstrate an issue or behavior in my life.

The next three nights were the same. Each night a series of scenes which demonstrate and review an issue in my life related to making progress on my spiritual path. They are in no way direct and to the point but rather dripping in symbolism which is often clearly interpretable using dream interpretation resources such as good web sites. Colors, types of vehicles, types of people, locations etc are very significant and have been telling me a very definite message in regard to recognizing and processing issues like letting old beliefs programmed from childhood drive my beliefs and behavior or recognizing and exploring my dark side in order to balance it with the light.

Another interesting factor is that 3 of the mornings I have awoken thinking I can only remember the last scene and I have lost the rest but once I begin recording it the rest follow and the picture unfolds.
3 of the mornings I have awoken thinking I can only remember the last scene and I have lost the rest but once I begin recording it the rest follow and the picture unfolds.

I have not been lucid in these dreams yet but my intent is to receive these soul lessons now so perhaps being lucid would not play a significant role toward that goal at this point. That’s a guess.

I am getting more caps and will try the liquid extract and tea. I feel like I do not want to smoke anything whether Calea Z, tobacco, pot etc. I just feel like I don’t want any of smoke and particulates in my lungs.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 75970
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 16, 2016Views: 3,322
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Dreams (85), Calea zacatechichi (97) : First Times (2), General (1), Retrospective / Summary (11), Alone (16)

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