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A Car Ride That Took Me to a Terrifying World
Citation:   John L.. "A Car Ride That Took Me to a Terrifying World: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp76118)". Oct 13, 2019.

3.5 g oral Mushrooms
Background Information: I have been smoking pot daily for about 5-6 months now. I did an 1/8 of mushrooms about a month back and had a great experience with them. Only other drugs besides weed and mushrooms I have tried are dxm and dph. There is also the occasional drinking also.

Mindset: Neither good nor bad. Though I did take them with a lot of confidence rather than the first time I was a little nervous.

The Report: I picked up the mushrooms around 3:30 outside some apartments from my dealer. It was pretty cold outside and I ate the entire 1/8 on the way to Taco Bell to meet up with my friends. I also picked up a bottle of orange juice on the way and drank it with the mushrooms since I hear that it helps some how.

I arrived at Taco Bell about 10 minutes after consumption of the mushrooms. I only told one friend I took an 1/8 of shrooms in which he responded with 'Are you crazy dude? You know we're going to the mall with a bunch of people later right?' I thought nothing of it but he found this very funny. I was very confident I could keep my cool...Boy was I wrong.

About 20 minutes later they started to kick in. The first thing I noticed was that I was a bit more giggly towards everything which was expected. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. When I stared into my eyes it appeared to me that my face was dying. I knew I was fine but it looked so interesting. It sort of looked like my face was aging very, very fast but when I looked away then looked back it went back to normal.

I went back to my seat and looked at the floor. All the tiles started moving. They would pick themselves up, re-arrange themselves, then return to normal. This was pretty cool to watch as well. I then looked at the table while listening to my friend's conversations. The green table appeared to me that I could put my hand right through it. Of course when I put my hand on it there was a hard surface, but I still felt that I could put anything in there and it would fall through. By this time I was touching everything and giggling way more than normally so my friends that I hadn't told I was tripping began to notice something was up. I was on mushrooms with them the first time so they didn't really care and just carried on with the conversation.

I suddenly got the urge to leave and be somewhere more comfortable like one my friends room's or something. I didn't say anything but after about 5 minutes a few of my other friends pulled up in a car to take us to the mall. We didn't have enough room so one of my friends decided to lay in the trunk which was pretty stupid, but we didn't have much of a choice. I was in the middle of the back seats and I looked at all the lit up dials and buttons and watched as they started dancing around. I must admit being in a car on shrooms is pretty exhilarating.

We got to the mall and it was all down hill from there. I was very quiet but no one who was at Taco Bell with me previously noticed anything. The friend I told first even whispered in my ear,'You're doing pretty good, no one's saying anything' which my response was a nod. We were sitting in McDonald's when as we were leaving I saw a girl that I sometimes talked to but don't live by. I really didn't want her to see me in this condition so I didn't bother to say hi and just left with everyone. We were just sitting on a bench when all the sudden I felt very hot. I started sweating and felt like I was dying from the heat.

All I remember after that was heading towards the exit. I looked at peoples faces and they started morphing around in a very scary way. Next thing I know, 4 people are trying to shove into the back seats so they don't have to ride in the trunk. I thought this was a dream so I just played along. I ended up in the middle of the back just like on the the way there and the same person was in the trunk. I looked around at all my friends and their faces and arms starting looking very messed up. Kind of like the people from 'The Hills Have Eyes'. They weren't speaking English to me, but just some gibberish alien language. I realized I was in a different world. A world where people talk gibberish to each other and have no plan for anything...But just to talk and do random things. This is very hard to explain but to me it was fucking terrifying. I looked at my phone and it said I had 7 voicemails which wasn't true, but freaked me out because I thought my parents were on to me for some reason. I felt trapped in this twilight zone-like world and got very scared.

I was freaking out in my head, but remaining calm externally. No one knew what was up but I was terrified of this place. Next thing I knew I was saying 'I have to go the bathroom soo bad! Please pull over!' It took all my energy to hold it in, but for some reason I felt wet as if I had actually pissed my pants. When I was let outside I took a pee an found out I hadn't pissed my pants which was a huge relief because I would have had to face complete embarrassment. I ended up stumbling around for 5 minutes before returning to the car. It all seemed so dream like I didn't realize I was probably pissing people off.

Next thing I knew, we were outside my friends house. I watched as my one friend who was in the trunk started throwing up. I still thought I was dreaming so I thought nothing of it. We went in his room for a bit an it started wearing off. I was so happy it was all passing I felt like crying. Though things were still a little bit weird I just thought to myself 'This will all pass...just give it time.' We walked to my other friend's house which was about 2 blocks away an they asked me a couple questions which I don't remember what my response was. We got in his basement and at one point when I sat down I noticed it almost completely wore off. It was around 9:45 pm now. I started thinking to myself,'How the fuck did I get here? Was today the day we went to the mall?' My friend informed me that it was which freaked me out because it felt like a distant memory. He also said he did throw up which surprised me, because I thought that was all part of a dream.

To sum it all up, that world I was in was completely terrifying. There is no way to explain it, but it defiantly was. I'm not exactly sure as to why this trip turne bad. It could have been the mall, the girl, the oj, or just the fact that they were different shrooms than the first time and were possibly more potent. Although this was a terrible experience it's not like I'm never doing shrooms again. I know for a fact I will, but I'll just try to be a little more prepared next time and stay away from social places like the mall. Overall scary experience... hopefully next time will be better.

Thanks for reading.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 76118
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 13, 2019Views: 509
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