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I Created the Universe
Mushrooms - P. cubensis, Opium & Cannabis
by The Creator
Citation:   The Creator . "I Created the Universe: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis, Opium & Cannabis (exp76547)". Jul 20, 2010.

2 tablets oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)
  3.5 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (dried)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    repeated smoked Opium (tar / resin)


The experience I had with mushrooms was abnormally strong in that I reached “level 5” after consuming only an eighth. I had a complete Out of Body Experience and therefore I believe this trip is worth reporting.

Let me begin by saying a little something about myself as I think this is always help in understanding someone else’s entheogenic experiences. At the time this experience occurred I was 16 years old with my birth day the following day. In the year leading up to this experience I had had several strong LSD sessions as well as several insignificant ones. Aside from this my previous experience with psychoactive substances included Cannabis, Cocaine (what a waste), Alcohol, LSA, Hydrocodone, Salvia Extract, and DMT. I have since this experience had the pleasure of taking mescaline which I would highly recommend. I have also begun experiments with MDMA and N20 which I believe will be very fruitful.

Ever since my first LSD experience, which I entered into without knowing anything about the substance (other than I might get to be in a yellow submarine), I have always considered the Psychedelic Experience to be one of the most spiritual experiences anyone can have besides Death (although technically every waking moment is a psychedelic experience if you want to be picky…). My interest in Entheogens has led to my discontinuation of any substance use that does not have spiritual purpose and potential. My LSD experiences have also led me to begin meditative practice and the adoption of Buddhist practices. I believe that using drugs to get fucked up is wrong (for me) but who am I to wave my finger and therefore I believe that everyone must choose for themselves which place (if any) psychoactive substances should have in their life. Now on to the report!

Due to the extraordinarily strong effects of the substances I consumed I cannot guarantee that the chronological order of the events that follow is correct.

This particular experience took place at an annual music festival and was the first music (drug) festival I had ever attended before. The person that I was attending the festival with is my best friend and has also become a sort of guru to me in that he and I have taken so many trips together and spent so much time discussing universal concepts. He is the person who introduced me to LSD, Buddha, and Myself. We had spent much of our time before the festival planning out how our three days would be spent there and which substances we would ingest. We had decided that the first night we would try mushrooms unless we found mescaline (we didn’t). Our goals for the weekend were simply to see where our trip(s) would take us and apply no extra meaning to them. I also had the random desire to try Opium just to see what it was like. We just want to experience Being. I had never taken mushrooms before and my companion had only ever taken a few grams on top of LSD and DMT and therefore didn’t consider himself to have ever really taken mushrooms in earnest.

The first thing we did after arriving at the festival and finding a good parking/camping/tripping was take two Dramamine each in order to reduce any upset stomach that the mushrooms might bring on. After that we set out to find some bud. We had not walked more than five minutes when someone called out that they had blueberry. Intrigued and more than a little skeptical we walked up to inspect the product. The buds were very long and fluffy, still very fresh and smelled overwhelmingly of blueberries. We didn’t hesitate to buy an eighth and then set out buy a pipe and hopefully mushrooms. Within 30 minutes of arriving we both ate 1/8 of mushrooms each in the most mind altering PB and J I have ever had the joy of consuming. We both bought our mushrooms from the same person although the effects I experienced were significantly stronger than my companion. This was probably around 4:00.

After taking our mushrooms we wandered off to go see the Led Zeppelin tribute band playing at the main stage. On the way there I happened upon someone selling Opium for 10 a gram which I was more than happy to pay. We sat watching the band for no more than 20 min. smoking the pot and the opium while waiting for the mushrooms to begin. We walked around some more and looked at the various tents and things for sale but began heading back to the car when started to get the apprehensive feeling of “coming up” I also began to feel like I had a growing “rock” in my stomach. When we got back to the car we laid out a blanket, put on some music, and began smoking more in order to come up faster as well as alleviate the stomach cramps.

At this point the mushrooms kicked in and the world suddenly became magnificently bright and cartoonish. Cartoonish is the best word I can come up with but it doesn’t seem to do justice to the actual change in perception I experienced. Everything was covered in rainbows and seemed “round” if that makes sense. We continued to smoke bowl after bowl of pot and opium and the world became more and more transformed. I distinctly remember my friend was putting a CD in car player so that we could hear the music from our blanket just outside of the car when I got caught up on the word opium. Often on LSD I get stuck on words that seem strange silly or absurd but the whole situation just seemed so absurd. I distinctly remember asking “Do you want some more Opium?” As the words passed through my lips they felt so silly and funny. The fact that we were sitting in a big field committing felonious acts and no one cared struck me as hilarious. I then proceeded to burst into tears of laughter and continued repeating the word “opium” as I was fascinated by the way my lips felt when I formed the word. My laughter was infectious and soon my companion was laughing along with me.

Important Note: The album that my friend put in on my request was Piper at the Gates of Dawn by Pink Floyd. This is one of my all time favorite albums (especially on LSD) but this particular night it would lead me somewhere I could never imagine.

Our “neighbor” came over and introduced herself and talked with us for a while. I think we probably smoked with her and maybe her friends. The mushrooms were still growing in intensity although at that point I was so high that I couldn’t put together sentences all that well without laughing uncontrollably. She told us to have fun and said she would see us later. After smoking some more we lay down on the blanket and let the mushrooms take hold. We continued to smoke periodically throughout the night but I don’t really know when we did.

As soon as we laid down I began to lose the ability to distinguish between my body and the ground. Everything felt like jelly in that the air, the ground, and my body all felt equally squishy like mixing three flavors of slurpee together. I remember being able to repeat only the words “What is Happening?” to my friend which he responded to with typical Zen answers which I could not hear/understand.

And then it really started. I remember seeing/thinking about my family and all the people who love me and then became horribly distraught by what they would think if they saw me zonked out on mushrooms laying in a field. I felt awful about using drugs and wished that I didn’t need to (I don’t NEED to and do not have an addictive personality but for whatever reason I was convinced that I was a junkie). I became more and more upset and worried. Periodically I would touch my face and whenever I did I had the question “What is Happening?” occur to me which I would then roll over and ask my friend the reply to which I never heard. I believe I kept asking him this because typically on LSD we talk about our trip as we are having it. We spend much time philosophizing and contemplating what it all means. His inability to explain to me what was happening scared me even more although he obviously had no way of knowing what I was going through.

I rolled back the other way and began to listen to the psychedelic masterpiece of Piper at the Gates when I got back on the horrible awful “I’m a fucked up junkie” trip. This escalated into “I AM GOING INSANE” I remember hearing Syd’s voice and thinking “uh oh I took too much” all too familiar with the story of Syd Barrett (R.I.P.). One final time I rolled over and then I remember feeling everything melt away gaining momentum with each passing second.

Suddenly I was alone. COMPLETELY ALONE. All of my senses ceased to function and I had absolutely no perception of my body. If I had wanted to I could not have moved my body even an inch. All I can sense was “self” I could sense myself as a little white dot in the void of eternal nothingness. While I could no longer hear the music, I was still thinking about Syd. Then I thought “Oh fuck! I did it, I am totally insane. This is just what my parents told me would happen if I ever to psychedelics. Fuck!!! They were right!” then I remember the simple thought that “I am just like Syd.”

I have never felt so terrified in my entire life. I truly believed that I would be totally detached from “reality” for the rest of my life. Then I contemplated myself. All that was, was me. Not the familiar feeling of ego loss that LSD brings where all things that I see feel like part of me but a feeling that the only thing that existed was my singular thought process (I now know that this is the same feeling just taken to a further degree). I WAS THE SINGULARITY (quantum physicists you can stop looking!).

Suddenly I realized that EVERYTHING that ever happened since the beginning of material existence was a product of my thoughts. Simultaneously I experienced everything that has ever happened to anything or anyone ever. As I was experiencing this I was also creating the things that I was experiencing. I was both the creator and the created and I was completely free of time experiencing everything at once.


I can still recall the feeling of flying through time along the “timeline” of human history watching how each “inconsequential” action was a direct result of something I did. Some shepherd in the mountains 4000 years ago sneezing had a direct and infinitely important effect on the universe and yet was controlled by me regardless of the apparent discrepancy of the fact that it was now 2008 (which means nothing… time is the silliest of all of our illusions!).

I had never been outside of the United States up till that night but I tell you the truth, I travelled around the entire world. I distinctly remember seeing the some building in ancient China and the country side around it. I also distinctly remember the beautiful white columns of ancient Greece and the contrast between the green fields and a white marble. I can picture perfectly a round structure like some kind of forum on top of a hill. It was a perfect circle. I was able to see this all with perfect clarity although it as if I was flying over the earth. I remember visiting Egypt although I do not recall what I saw there.

I also remember going to France during the French Revolution which I found entertaining because I was able to play the parts of all the people there while observing it from an “outside” perspective. I had read A Tale of Two Cities earlier in the year and found it remarkable that was able to experience firsthand what I had read about. I also found this interesting because when Owsley Stanley took a large dose of his own acid at one of the famous Acid Tests he was transported back to the French Revolution, although he was trapped there for the entirety of his trip which to him was nightmarish (according to Tom Wolfe in The Electri Kool Aide Acid Test). The fact that we both travelled there makes me feel like it validates my experience and makes me feel like I could relate to Stanley which to me is pretty neat.

The whole creation/journey through time part of the trip seemed to happen faster than the speed of light and due to the fact that I was out of body I have no idea how long it lasted.

Upon returning to the world of time and matter which I am most familiar with, I demanded that John Lennon Imagine be put in the CD player. This album always makes me feel so serene. I then recounted the events of my journey to my friend who had a much more normal trip for eating only an eighth. He told me that he had just focused his mind on “oneness” and had spent his trip in a total sense of “being.” I don’t know if the reader will be familiar with the video for “Imagine” but in it John is dressed all in black in a large empty room of all white. Listening to that album made me feel like everything was “clean and whitish” in a strange sense. Everything was “holy.” I had the common realization that “I am John Lennon.” (As cliché as it sounds, I always have this whenever I listen to him while tripping.)

I distinctly recall looking around and thinking about how all of my surroundings were created by me and that I was “in charge.” I compared to world to a giant playset that I had created and was now being allowed to play in it. I stood up and danced around with a big Buddha grin on my face. It had grown dark since I had left my body and the only light around us was a large bluish light on top of a telephone pole nearby where our campsite was. This created an interesting synergy with the blueberry pot we were smoking and as a result everything seemed “blue.” All of my senses were tinted blue. Everything smelled blue, tasted blue, looked blue, sounded blue, and felt blue. Very cool.

Sometime during the trip I remember looking up and seeing the trees around me and I sensed that they had the friendly faces of old men. Like the tree in Pocahontas. Since that trip I always get this powerful feeling whenever I walk under trees. Also I remember looking at the hills around me and feeling like I was on the top of the world… the Jefferson Airplane song Crown of Creation comes to mind.

After this we went to see the Pink Floyd Tribute who would be playing Dark Side from start to finish. However, I smoked too much opium and fell asleep on our blanket as soon as “Speak to Me” started and didn’t wake until “Brain Damage”… bummer.

This trip was the strongest I have ever had and due to the fact that I was not expecting such strong effects I think that it made me go further than I would have had I been aware of my apparent low tolerance to mushrooms. I learned that I was the only and the all, something that I already knew but was reaffirmed on a level unparalleled in my experiences. I also learned that because everything is my own creation and was nothing more than a giant playland I can look at all things as a fun game whenever I want to. I can’t really distinguish the effects that mushrooms have had on my spiritual path from my other experiences but I tend to look at all of my experiences as one cumulative trip that is leading along the path of understanding. Each experience simply adds another piece to the puzzle.

Although I was not very well versed in Buddhist terms or concepts when I took this trip I constantly draw new understanding and knowledge from my experience in ways I cannot explain. I consider it to be one of the most reassuring events in terms of validating my belief in the “psychedelic religion” or “One” whatever you want to call it.

I will definitely try mushrooms again and I hope that my tolerance remains so low (an eighth to travel through time? Yes please!) I hope this information was helpful and I wish you the best of journeys into the void space of your mind. Om.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 76547
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16 
Published: Jul 20, 2010Views: 11,668
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Mushrooms - P. cubensis (66) : Festival / Lg. Crowd (24), Combinations (3), General (1)

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