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Effects Vary
Citation:   A Kat. "Effects Vary: An Experience with Datura (exp7743)". Jun 30, 2001.

3 leaves oral Datura (tea)
  3 flowers oral Datura (tea)

Me: I have no experience with Tropanes, but have done quite a bit of research on them.

N: A young man, 18 years old. He has had a bit of experience with tropanes. This isn't his first datura encounter. He's also an experienced psychonaught, and helped me prepare the tea.

J: 17 year old man who has had a bit of drug experience, but not to much psychedelic experience. He's never tried Datura before, but he has used Diphenydramine.

B: Another person. He doesen't have much to do with the experience, he just kept us company during the trip.

Setting: It was about 1:30 A.M. when I was asked to prepare a datura tea. 4 people came to my house, and woke me up. After I got dressed, I picked two very large leaves. I cut them up into 1/4 inch by 1 inch strips. I left out the large vein running the length of the leave.

I let ~3 cups of water heat up, with the datura foilage, on a rather low heat, for about 1 hour. I then pressed the material, allowing the juices to flow out. I then put it back in the water.

N and I went out to my front yard, and picked a few more pieces for the tea. We picked 1 more large leaf, a good, growing bell, and two dead bells. We also pruned some of the smaller leaves. He chewed on a small leaf or two as we did it.

We added the extra foliage to the tea, and heated it up so it'd simmer. It simmered for about an hour, then I brought it to a good boil and allowed it to steep. Neither N nor I was sure if it would destroy the alkaloids, but we were willing to take that chance.

J ingested about 1 cup of the tea, which was a light brown tea. He added a bit of sugar and honey into it, and it actually tasted pretty good. N drank his cup of tea, and we were left with about another cup. (I believe N added more water when I was in the shower, though I'm not sure). I only had a few drinks of some tea, about 3 tablespoons full. I was already feeling the drug from when we picked the Datura.

We set off. J and N finished the excess tea, and J was obviously starting to become very intoxicated. We were all on foot, on the way to a nice, secluded park. By the time we got there, J collapsed on the ground. We sat about, and discussed who was going to buy a few things. N, and I were set off to go, as we were the least intoxicated. B was sober, so he was assigned to watch J. Before we left, J started to purge. It was only tea, with no blood, and very little or no stomach acid in it. He was still smiling as he did it.

N and I returned from the store, with a bottle of water, two bottles of gatorade, a bottle of fruitopia, and a pack of cigarettes. We all sat around, and we helped J get some Gatorade and water into his body. J then layed down in the grass. N and I discussed tropanes, and what the normal effects should be. I wasn't sure about J's puring, as it didn't seem normal. It did seem quite natural, though.

B, I, and N were all smoking a cigarette, laying back in the grass. J stood up, to go urinate. We watched him on the way to the bathrooms, and he would sway off of his path and sway back. He made it though, and had no urinary retention. He came back, and B offered him a lit cigarette. J purged again when he looked at it.

J then had a very strong desire to go home. N, B, and I were all conviced he should stay in the park, but I figured that whatever makes him most comfortable is what is best. N was having a little psychoactive effect, and I was having a bit of a physical effect (my legs were a bit tired, I felt rather heavy.. etc.) We made it to J's house, and J only ran into one parked car. We kept him from being hit by a vehicle, and tried to keep him out of the road.

Walking downtown was an obvious mistake at this point, but we live in a very small city so after only 5 or 10 minutes of walking we arrived at J's house. He layed down, as did N, and B and I sat around talking. I then put in some Dr. Alex Patterson to help with a peaceful trip. J layed on his bed, with his head buried into pillows, and put a very large blanket over him. It was also the middle of June when he did it, and very, very hot outside. I told him he probably shouldn't, but at this point he was delerious and mumbled something to me, which I don't quite remember. N layed back on the floor, and we all listend to the music. I made J drink a bit of water every now and then, but N was doing fine. He could communicate if he tried, but he wasn't very interested in anything but laying down with his eyes closed. B left shortly afterwards, and N was still very concious. He was able to take care of J, and J was doing quite a bit better. J drifted in and out of sleep.

At J's house, he didn't unplug the phone. His brother called him, and J hung up on him. His brother called 2 more times, and each time J would sit on the phone, mumble for a few seconds, then hang it up. Finally, his brother gave up.

I started off on a walk. N was still very capable of taking care of J, and B was to arrive within a few minutes. In retrospect, I shouldn't have left until B did arrive, but N was just relaxed, not delerius. Before I left J's house, I was starting to have a few small visuals. A quick, 20 minute walk helped me a bit. I arrived at home, desperate for something to drink. My throat ached horribly, as did my tounge. J was the only other person to experience bad drymouth.

All in all, the trip was very introspective. N had the highest dose, but J had the highest amount of effects. I had the lowest dose, and not too many effects. I'd relate my experience to taking 4 dramamine, but without any severe bodyload. J obviously experienced quite a bit of bodyload.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 7743
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 30, 2001Views: 12,794
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Datura (15) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Preparation / Recipes (30), General (1)

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