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The Mushroom Saints
Citation:   Seeker. "The Mushroom Saints: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp78572)". Erowid.org. Jun 22, 2021. erowid.org/exp/78572

  oral Mushrooms (tea)
For the last few years I have been on a shamanic journey, experiencing plant sacrements like Ayahuasca, Peyote, Iboga and spending time with various indigenous groups and Shamans. For some reason until recently, I avoided Psilocybin.

A group of six of us headed out to an ancient Celtic site, and a close friend of mine who is an expert and experienced traveller had picked some mushrooms from a hill nearby, they had been dried, we proceeded to prepare the Psilocybin tea.

We ground down the mushrooms in a pestle and mortar, then added some fennel seeds, and brewed a tea. I have no idea how many mushrooms there were or the weight. Roughly speaking it came to about two handfuls. The tea was prepared then we did a prayer to the Timeless One and asked the mushrooms to grace us with a safe journey.

We shared the tea amongst us all, and took our seats around a log fire that was so inviting in the cold star lit night. It is important to describe my state of mind here, I can only describe it as neutrality, or witnessing. I felt happy to receive whatever the Psilocybin wished to show me, good or bad.

As we sat many conversations took place, for some reason I just couldn't keep track of any of the stories, or jokes. I felt something pulling me deeper and deeper into myself. Speech become very difficult. I remember one friend laughing and laughing! It was child like laughter, so innocent, and it was infecting everybody but me.

I closed my eyes and looked inside, I felt a slightly uneasy feeling in my stomach, and debated if I needed to relieve myself, or even be sick. One part of me wanted to get up, but my mind being neutral, allowed this feeling to quickly fade.

I started to feel something very sweet, in my mind and body. Very feminine, very pure, literally oozing in and out of me. I opened my eyes and perceived this to be everywhere also, interconnected, in all and beyond. It was as if life was inside of it, and it was inside life.

As I closed my eyes the most beautiful patterns began, fractals. Infinitely complex, forever changing, breaking off like drops, and forming others. They were in infinite colours and tones. I looked at this inside myself and said, 'You are such a beautiful pattern.' As this moment the light blue fractal infront of me morphed into a light blue face and smiled at me, it filled my whole being with such peace, that it is hard to describe.

As I became completely hypnotised by this dance of light, that became more and more ecstatic, it start to change to fractals that were green like vegetation. As I looked at this fractal, it smudged into two hills, with some trees, with a darker shade on one edge, like a valley.

We walked outside, and looked at the stars, they shined so brightly, and geometric patterns streamed down from them into us. We then went inside and started to listen to a meditation CD. This was beyond description. It was ecstasy and bliss, and beyond..........

As I perceived this, I said to this unfolding mystery 'you are life', it replied back 'live'.......it was almost like some kind of telepathic communication.

In can no way describe into words how beautiful, innocent, ecstatic this experience is. The next day we made a Cannabis lassi, drank it up and went for a walk. We came to a hill, we climbed it and sat down at the peak. As I looked at the scene, it was just like what I had seen in the fractals. I turned to my experienced mushroom traveling friend.....he pointed to the hill and with his finger moved it in a direction down and to the right. He said 'looked how its smudged..............'.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 78572
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 22, 2021Views: 735
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Mushrooms (39) : First Times (2), Mystical Experiences (9), Nature / Outdoors (23), Personal Preparation (45), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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