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No Effects at All
Calea zacatechichi
by Greenlake
Citation:   Greenlake. "No Effects at All: An Experience with Calea zacatechichi (exp79149)". Sep 13, 2014.

4.5 g   Calea zacatechichi (tea)


My goal is to experience a full blown level 4 lucid dream. My father has expereienced this once in his life and shared the experience with me. Since then I have been on a quest to achieve it. So on my quest to achieve a lucid dream I stumbled upon this 'dream herb' called Calea zacatechichi. After reading plenty of positive results from users all over the world, I decided to purchase some to do some experimentation myself. I ordered 30 grams to initally start off with from [website]. Suprisenly, it was not expensive at all. Roughly $15 dollars for all 30 grams.

My main goal with it was to experience a lucid dream with help from the herb. Or at least have it influence some type of effect that would of been worth it's while. Unfortunetly, it did not. Read on...

Upon recieving the package a few days later in the mail I noticed it had a fairly pleasant smell. Almost like a great smelling incense of some sort. The packages did not come with instructions on dosege I had to rely on forums off the internet and good old

My plan was to make it into a tea, allow 45 minutes, then get into bed and drift off to sleep. I recall at least 1-4 dreams per night and have for the past couple years or so. I keep a 'dream journal' which is an important step to lucidity. Knowing how Calea Z can increase the recall of dreams...I was very excited and anxious to so what happens. I've read numerous stories online on how nasty the tea is with its bitter taste and even worse nasty leftover taste. After smelling the leafs, I honestly thought to myself 'how bad can be'...'it smells great'

Roughly around 10pm I started the night. As per the instructions from another user. I measured out about 4-5 grams of the leafs (minus the twigs/sticks) and set them aside. I heated up 2 cups of water till it started simmering. I added the Calea Z leafs and swirled them around inside the pot. I thought to myself what I could do to help the taste if it is bad. So I through some brown sugar in (heft amount), cinnamon, and two bags of 'chai vanilla' tea bags. I let the whole concoction simmer for about 15 minutes.

I strained out the leafs and poured the hot tea into a cup. I remember as I was pouring I spilt a small amount onto the stove. Not wanting to waste ANY of it, I ran my finger along the stove and tried to get as much in my mouth as possible. THIS is when I realized the other comments about the taste were accurate. Truely a BITTER taste. I headed upstairs with my cup of tea and sat at my computer to read on about Calea Z for 45 minutes before I hit the bed.

Drinking this tea down had to be the worst drink I ever had. I realize others have said this. But honestly from my point of was. I'm a pretty big guy who can normally drink just about anything. And I can drink it FAST. I decided rather than sipping this horrible tea...I should take bigger gulps and get it over as quick as possible. So I did...with the help of holding my nose shut to drown out the taste as much as I could. The cinnamon, brown sugar, chai vanilla tea...had NO effects on the taste. I could not taste any of the 'extras' that I put in. I truely thought the cinnamon would of helped with the taste. But no-sir-re-bob. The bitter taste from the herb empowers over all other tastes.

After finishing the drink around 10 minutes later I quickly ran to the restroom and brushed my teeth. I brushed my teeth numerous times and used mouthwash numerous times. Almost gagging at one point cause I could still taste the tea.

After my bathroom break everything seemed to be okay. The taste was subsiding and I was feeling a sense of accomplishment as now I was done and all I had to do was head off to bed.

I turned off all my lights, computer, and telephones in order to have no distractions while I was asleep. I laid in bed and started on my back which is my favorite sleep position. As the minutes clicked away I noticed an uneasy/anxious energy in me. Probably was just from not knowing how the night was going to pan out. But it took me a good hour to hour and a half before I was able to drift off to sleep. I was tossing and turning for quite some time before finally drifting off to sleep.

I woke at 8:15 am. Woke up feeling slightly hazey. I sat up in bed, grabbed my dream journal and was about to start writing. Unfortunately...I could not recall any dreams...not I sat there puzzled for about 10 minutes trying to just harness one image or thought fragment from any dream I might of had that would start a chain reaction to the whole dream and then I would remember one. But no luck. I recalled 0 dreams that night. A first in almost 26 months!

I had to say I was upset and disappointed with the whole situation. Not all from how it didn't work but because I had to drink that tea down and still no effects. I felt violated...haha

I decided to wait a week and try again...maybe crushing to leaves up and putting them into capsules. During the next week I recalled at least one dream a night if not more.

The next tuesday was exactly a week. That tuesday I crushed up about the same amount as in the tea. I put it all into capsules which made about 12 capsules (yikes!) Much easier to get down. Just took a glass of water and away they went. My plan was to repeat what I did last week with the tea. Take the Calea Z, wait 45 minutes, then drift off to sleep. And so I did...

This time having much more ease in falling asleep. No tossing and turning...and I was off to sleep 20 minutes later.

I woke at 9:15. Sat up in bed and recalled 1 dream. Nothing to special about the dream. It was not extrememly 'vivid' or amazing more than my normal dreams.

In conclusion, Calea Z might have some effects on others but it didn't seem to for me. It could just be my body chemistry or perhaps the dosage I took...or the method(s) I used. Unfortunately, I have decided to cease my use with this herb. I find I personally have better dream recall and amazing dreams without this substance. And there's no need to drink any tea in order to obtain it!!! WOOHOO

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 79149
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 13, 2014Views: 9,593
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