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Nice, Short, and Legal
Citation:   Replogle. "Nice, Short, and Legal: An Experience with Catnip (exp79515)". Erowid.org. Aug 27, 2018. erowid.org/exp/79515

3 hits smoked Catnip (dried)
Background: I was 16 when I tried catnip for the first time. I'm rather a beginner at doing and experiencing drugs. I've done weed a few times and loved it, I'll probably do that again, but I wanted something legal to smoke or eat that gave me a buzz I could enjoy but not worry about getting busted by parents. I was going on vacation the morning after this event, I was looking for a way to pass time and relax before departing. After a quick search on google I found that catnip or nutmeg is my best bet. I decided to try nutmeg later with a friend. I researched catnip's effects on humans and cats and decided to smoke it rather than making it into tea or snorting it. I was then off to find some nip.

T - 10 minutes, Preparation: I have a cat that loves the stuff so my house is covered with scratching posts with catnip sprinkled on them. I grabbed a few pinches and gathered what looked like a gram or two and put it in a dixie cup. I took a big wiff of it and felt a bit lightheaded off of that- Like I'd been holding my breath for a bit too long. It smelled fruity, which further ID'd the material as catnip. I then got a lighter, foil and an empty water bottle, made a quick gravity bong and set off to the garage to smoke some nip.

T - 0 minutes: It was about midday with 80 degree weather. I was alone in my garage and had the house to myself so I thought this would be a good time. I smoked it using the gravity bong. I took three good hits. The smoke seemed much much harsher than weed or anything else I've smoked (I'm your typical teen dumbass that has tried to smoke shit like pumpkin seed, paper, oak leaves, parsley etc.
I'm your typical teen dumbass that has tried to smoke shit like pumpkin seed, paper, oak leaves, parsley etc.
). My third hit was the worst, which had me coughing my lungs off and my eyes watering. I figured this was partially due to my lack of experience with smoking. This only lasted like 15 seconds so I decided I've smoked enough.

T + 3 minutes: I burped some shitty tasting smoke, swept up the few ashes, and headed up to my room to chill. I felt nothing.

T + 9 minutes: I listened to some music on my MP3 player, and felt slightly high. Music sounded cooler- crappy songs sounded good, good songs sounded awesome, Jimi Hendrix sounded amazing. I slowly noticed feeling more looping as the minutes passed.

T + 15 minutes: This was my peak. I could definitely tell I was high, even though I could also tell it was not an intense high. I had very minor trouble focusing my eyes while checking my facebook, which reminded me somewhat of being drunk in that aspect. Music kept playing and I kept bobbing my head to the beat. I still felt total control over my actions. My emotional state remained happy, much like a 6 year old being happy for no reason.

T + 20 minutes: I sat on my bed and felt completely relaxed for a minute or so while I started to come down. I then chose to ride my bike a bit before I was totally sober because I find joy in riding my bike while drunk and high.

T + 30 minutes: I still felt a bit high, but nothing exciting. My balance was not impaired while bike riding. The wind in my face felt more refreshing and better. My attention remained unimpaired. No cars 'snuck up on me' while riding like they often do while drunk and high.

T + 2 hours: I felt completely sober. However I remained in a happy mood for the rest of the day and night. I am not bipolar.

Retrospection: Catnip cured my boredom and put me in a happy mood for several hours. It was a good experience while the short, small, high lasted and was barely worth the harsh smoke. Listening to music and being active was a good idea to do while nip-tripin' although relaxing and doing nothing was also a good experience. I'm not sure if smoking more catnip initially would make the high longer lasting, more noticeable or any different but next time I plan on smoking more after 45 minutes once the nip starts to wear off. This was a decent, short and easy legal trip that I'm sure I will do again.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 79515
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Aug 27, 2018Views: 2,353
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Catnip (68) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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