A Purgatory Afternoon
Citation:   FaithInMyself. "A Purgatory Afternoon: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp81227)". Erowid.org. Oct 3, 2019. erowid.org/exp/81227

  oral Mushrooms (tea)
I was a newlywed when I had my first experience on shrooms. My husband suggested that we do it together, saying that he has been waiting for this moment for so long.

We started the experiment at 1 pm, and unlike me, it wasn't his first time. We drank the substance, and after 15-20 I started laughing hysterically. I started to see different shades of colors, colors that I have never ever seen before. The room was changing in color, and it seemed that the sun rays were shifting, as if there was a solar eclipse.

I suddenly felt that I wanted to use the bathroom, so my husband took me to the bathroom. As I was sitting on the toilet seat, I felt that my arms were stretching, and that my legs were melting!! 'This is Karma! I'm a toilet seat now!', I said to my husband who laughed his ass off. We went to the roof, and we were all groovy and giddy. It was too hot on the roof, so we sat in the hall instead, laughing and pointing at each other. The ceiling looked like a scene from the movie 'The Matrix' with all the digital numbers and characters. I felt like we were in the 'Teletubbies' somehow, and that my husband was made of clay.

We went back to the room, where I started asking for water. I felt drained, and I totally felt like I was a tree, with my long stretched arms, not to mention my increased height. It seemed that I was too damn tall, and that I had some sort of claws too. That was just fucked up.

That day I had a henna design done, so when I closed my eyes I saw the design floating in the air everywhere. On the bed, my husband and I started making out. I moaned and moaned, although there was no penetration, but I had an orgasm somehow. When my husband was kissing me, I felt like I could hear music coming out from his mouth. We were listening to Pink Floyd.
'It's like.. We're ..', I said, 'One...', he completed my sentence. I truly felt connected to him, spiritually and sexually. While we were making out, I felt an urge to have an orgasm, and it was too powerful. When I let it out, I lost consciousness.
I felt an urge to have an orgasm, and it was too powerful. When I let it out, I lost consciousness.
Later on I'd find out that I peed on the bed.

Anyhow, it appears that after the blackout, my mind was active as I thought I was either dying or dead, while to my husband it simply seemed as I was sleeping. It was totally FUCKED UP, as I was trapped in a fucking loop. It'd start with him and I making love, then I'd push him away and try to get off the bed, but then he'd grab me from behind and do me doggie style, then I'd have an orgasm, yell, then the scene changes to my old room, and it seemed like I was floating around the room, I'd scream, then I'd find myself in another place. All this while I felt like I was being jerked around, like someone was slapping me and kicking me. At the second replay of the loop, I reached out for wires and started pulling them and throwing things about, thinking I was in my old room. I Wanted to go back to my husband, we've been through shit just to be together, so being away from him and in my old room totally fucked me over.

After around 4 replays, I gave in. As I let go and stopped breathing, I felt like the kicking has stopped. I closed my eyes, and the music stopped, moreover, I felt like I was being drowned. I totally felt the bubbles into my ears and mouth.

After a while, I heard a beep. I opened my eyes and I saw myself naked with my husband holding me from the back. 'I love you', I said. 'I love you too.', he said. Then I blacked out again. The beep. I opened my eyes. 'Baby...', I said, 'Yes baby?' he replied. I blacked out again. The beep. 'Baby, I love you.', I said. 'I love you too.', he said. I blacked out again. Somehow, I thought I was dying and that was the last chance to say goodbye.

When I opened my eyes again, I was on the floor covered in a beige towel. My husband was coming out and in the room, and didn't seem to look at me. I knew I was dead. He was walking by me and on me, it seemed. Whenever I open my eyes an item would go missing from the room. The bed had no sheets, pillows or blanket on it. I thought that what happens when you die. I thought I overdosed and my soul was just trapped in that room.

I opened my eyes again to see my husband next to me, lying on the floor. 'I'm sorry baby.', he said. I wanted to reply but I couldn't. I really thought I was dead. I couldn't breathe. I wanted to scream.
I really thought I was dead. I couldn't breathe. I wanted to scream.
'What was he sorry for? What? What's going on?', I freaked out more.

The solar eclipse was still taking place when I opened my eyes again. My husband was still lying on the floor with me. This time I could keep my eyes open, and not have them closed. I thought I was in purgatory, as I couldn't really move yet.

'Baby, I'm sorry.', I said.
'You need to stop beating yourself.', he said.
'Am I dead?', I asked. I heard screams coming in from the hall.
'No baby. You remember what you did this noon? You and I in the kitchen?', he asked.
'Yeah.', I replied.
'You're not dead, you're just tripping.', he said, caressing my body.
'But baby, I couldn't move or anything. I must be in Purgatory. What are you here for?', I asked.
'You and your big words. I remember when we used to chat online, I had to look up your words out of the dictionary.', he teased. I laughed.
'So baby, I'm not dead?', I asked. 'Maybe you love me too much to break it to me?'
'What the fuck baby? No you're not dead. Do you want to take a shower?', he asked.
'Yes.', I replied.

That was the longest shower in my life. I sat with him on the bathing tub, still feeling dead. He had his arms around me as he soaped me and washed my hair. 'You can use your arms you know, you're not dead.', he teased.

It took me a while till I really realized that I wasn't dead, and that I wasn't in purgatory, and those screams I was hearing were the screams of his brothers as they were playing games on xbox!!!! Once I realized I wasn't dead, I put on my fav dress and started singing and dancing. My husband and I went to the kitchen to cook a meal, and we went out walking later on. My husband however, was feeling pretty down, saying that it was his fault that he fucked me over and made me think that I was dead, but to me, he gave me the gift of life again. That day I enjoyed everything in the world, the breeze, the trees, even the ancient moon. Thank you baby, I love you. :)

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 81227
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Oct 3, 2019Views: 766
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