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A Gradual Warmth
Poppies - Opium (seed tea)
Citation:   An Inconceivable Sun. "A Gradual Warmth: An Experience with Poppies - Opium (seed tea) (exp81958)". Oct 27, 2022.

3 oz seeds oral Poppies - Opium (tea)

MINDSET: Skeptical and incredulous; nervous about impending withdrawals. I was slightly hopeful nonetheless.

SETTING: Home sweet home!

DOSAGE: 8 oz. of Organic Poppy Seeds + 1 pack of additional gardening poppy seed, prepared in a mixer with about 8 fluid ounces of organic lemon juice and tap water (lemon juice to water ratio = 5:1).

RECIPE (4:40 PM): Placed the 9 oz of dry organic poppy seeds into a $5 hand mixer (non-electric - contents are churned by hand, Amish-style), then poured in the combined total amount of lemon juice and water and churned it for a while. Intervals of churning and allowing the preparation to rest continued for approximately 30 minutes.

FINAL TOUCHES (5:15 pm): After 30 minutes of unenthusiastic churning, I took an unused sock and somehow managed to stretch it over the top of the mixer. Slowly but steadily, I allowed the dingy-yellowish product to ooze out into a fairly cheap looking plastic cup. The substance looked vile (and, as I would soon discover, this would also be an apt description of its flavor) - on the top, an oily substance emerged. There was a vague prismatic sheen to the splotchy bits of oil that forced me to briefly ponder the toxicity level of the substance - though my eagerness to drink it was in question, I decided that Id suck it up and do it anyway.

INTAKE (5:25 PM): After mixing in a generous amount of sugar, I closed my eyes and took a large gulp of the incredibly bitter concoction. I came to the immediate conclusion that Id used way too much lemon juice. My face became contorted with a fixed grimace. No amount of sugar would change this. By my estimation, the cup contained about 6 fluid ounces of the potent brew - over the course of the next 10 minutes, I managed to consume about 1/3 of the almost mystically vile lemonade. If the poppy seeds contributed any flavor to it, I was unable to detect it - the potency of the lemon owned all.

PHASE I [Disappointment] (5:35 to 6:00 pm): Having consumed a third of poppy lemonade, I was unable to muster the enthusiasm to drink any more of it. Disappointed and mad at myself, I briefly flirted with the idea of just throwing the nightmarishly lemon substance down the drain (I even pondered its efficacy as a drain cleaner) but decided to instead place the remainder into the fridge (just in case). I immediately felt as though Id wasted both my time and money, and I was fairly convinced that Id not consumed nearly enough to obtain the morphine-like high that I desired. Resigned and frustrated, and feeling the slightest tinge of opiate withdrawal (I've had a mild addiction to morphine and percs for about the last year and a half). I began to frantically assess my options - my dealer was out of stock for the week and to be honest, it was out of sheer desperation that Id turned to the concept of brewing a poppy tea as a means of relieving or least marginalizing the unavoidable pain of withdrawal. It was while in the midst of this mindset that I chalked my experiment up as an utter failure. I was convinced that nothing would come of it, with the possible exception of severe heartburn.

PHASE II [Hmmmm Placebo Effects?] (6:00-6:15 pm): It was at this point in time that a curious thing happened. My ears felt very warm to the touch. I looked in the mirror and indeed, they were red. My pupils were also much smaller than Id anticipated. This set off a chain of mild effects that had gone previously unnoticed - effects that I knew were quite similar to the come up on 30 mgs of morphine. A gradual warmth began to emanate from my stomach - this was especially surprising, considering the audacious acidity of the brew. Having already convinced myself that the experiment had been a failure, my first inclination was to believe that these sensations were simply the result of some sort of placebo effect and I went back to lounging in my room. That said, my mood was elevated now and I was definitely feeling decent.

PHASE III [Real Effects] (6:15-7:00 pm): It didnt take me much longer to realize that my poppy seed lemonade - while absolutely vile - was hardly a failure. As time began to unfold, the pleasant sensations (which were identical to 30-45 mgs of morphine) snowballed and before long, I was feeling a soft warmth over the entirety of my body. Pain slowly faded to the background and my mood shifted from that of negativity to a calm, blissful euphoria. The symptoms of withdrawal disappeared and I was feeling great!
I was feeling a soft warmth over the entirety of my body. Pain slowly faded to the background and my mood shifted from that of negativity to a calm, blissful euphoria. The symptoms of withdrawal disappeared and I was feeling great!
I couldnt believe it - a $5 bag of poppy seeds, used for baking, was giving me a quality pharmaceutical-like high. I was proud of myself, and moreover, I was impressed that it only took a 1/3 of the nasty stuff to bring about these effects. Seeing as how I regularly use 30 mgs of morphine (not a huge amount by any means, I prefer using rather than abusing), I am able to tell you now, confidently, that (at least this preparation of) poppy seed tea works.

AFTERGLOW (7:00-10:00 pm): After about two hours, the effects of the lemonade began to slowly taper off and I went to bed feeling contented. I slept well and woke up feeling refreshed. In retrospect - though, as previously stated, nearly identical to morphine - some of these feelings were unique. I felt a slightly more than subtle degree of euphoria from the poppy seed brew than Id usually associate with straight, pharmaceutically produced morphine.

CONCLUSION: Though it is probably safe to assume that the amount of lemon juice I used in the preparation could be best described as a gross misjudgment, Im know thoroughly that this maximized the opiate/alkaloid content of the brew and thus maximized its effects. As a follow-up, I drank another 1/3 of the concoction the following day and felt the same effects. Overall, I guess Im surprised that this actually works. The method I used might be a bit extreme, but it worked for me and Ill probably try it this way again the next time I make it. Poppy Seed Lemonade is a cheap and effective alternative to morphine - highly recommended!

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 81958
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Oct 27, 2022Views: 2,901
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